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Magic Moments > 1992 > Lou's Return Episode 1592

Written by Unknown, Directed by Unknown

Todd and Helen are about to go and give Bob one last chance to turn himself in to the police, when they spot a police car pulling up outside the house and wonder what they’re going to do now.

Todd and Helen argue about what to do, and Todd pleads with Helen to stall the police as he runs out the back door to warn his dad. Helen has no time to argue, as Todd runs off and there’s a knock at the door. She lets in Sergeant Bowen and another officer, and she says that she knows why they’re there.

. . .

At number 32, Todd bursts in and warns his dad that the police have turned up. Bob starts to pack up his bag, as Todd begs him to just give himself up, do his time and make a fresh start of things, rather than spend his life on the run. Bob says that he can’t go back to prison and he finishes packing his bag and runs out the back.

At number 24, Madge advises Toby to go back to number 30 tonight, and he agrees, saying that all of his stuff is over there anyway. Madge points out that she and Brenda don’t mind having him there, but he says that Dorothy would be really sad if he moved out. He assures Madge that he’d like to live with her, but he doesn’t want to let anyone down. Brenda then complains that she might forget how to talk to a man and she told her old mate, Vicky, that she had stacks of men she could bring to the barbecue. There’s a knock at the door and Lou is standing there. Madge is shocked to see him again and tells him that he shouldn’t have followed her back to Erinsborough, as she’s not interested in a relationship. He explains that Max Morton has asked him to look after his used car business, while he’s away in Bangkok, so he’s going to be in town for a while and they’d better get used to it.

. . .

At number 32, Helen and the police officers are discussing what might have happened to Todd and Bob. Helen is worried that Todd will have gone off with his father, as he’ll listen to anything that man says, but she isn’t sure where they would have gone. Sergeant Bowen thanks her for returning the stolen money and says that he’ll stay at number 32 and continue searching the house, and will return the keys to Helen later on. He thanks her for her time and she hurriedly leaves.

At number 28, Doug is telling Faye that she’ll never get Nev to wear a formal suit for the wedding, but she says that she will – and they’ve got an appointment at 11am the next day. Doug says that Nev is going to be busy at work at 11am, but Faye tells him that this is the most important thing right now, with the wedding the following week. She then railroads Pam into coming along too, to help pick the train and her matron of honour outfit. Having succeeded there, she then tries to convince Doug to come along too.

. . .

Outside number 32, Todd and Bob watch as the police leave. Bob is glad that he managed to get rid of them just by staying put, and says that at 9.30 the next morning, his mate’s truck will be passing through and they’ll be free. Todd isn’t impressed and accuses his father of only ever thinking about himself and his own needs. Todd says that he’s sick of all of the lies and the unkept promises, and he walks away.

At number 26 the next morning, Todd is explaining to Helen that, despite everything, he just can’t bring himself to dob in his own father. Helen reminds him that he might be putting his future on the line, but Todd says that if he did, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself. Helen asks him not to tell her where Bob is, and he apologises for getting her so involved in the first place. Todd regrets ever inviting his father for Christmas and says that if he ever has children, he’s going to treat them properly.

. . .

At number 24, Lou arrives just as Brenda and Madge are finishing breakfast, and he asks if there’s anything left for him. Madge isn’t happy to see him and, when he complains about the prices at the hotel, she suggests that he just go back to Queensland. Brenda hands Lou a bowl of cereal and tells him to spend some time with Guy while he’s in Erinsborough, as he needs his father. She then leaves for work, as Madge reminds Lou that she isn’t going to get involved with him, so he can stop trying. He asks her why she won’t even consider it, as she has to get over Harold some time, and she says that it’s only been a few months and she could never do that to him anyway. Lou then asks her to come to dinner with him and Max Morton, as they need to discuss how he’s going to improve business in Erinsborough. He complains about the area and Madge tells him that although it’s not the Gold Coast, there’s a lot more to Erinsborough than meets the eye.

At the wedding dress shop, Faye is trying on every dress there is, as Pam follows her in and out of the changing rooms. Eventually, Faye finds dresses for both her and Pam, just as a frazzled Pam is about to give up hope.

. . .

At number 32, Bob is standing around nervously waiting for his mate to arrive.

Outside, the police return to talk to Todd, but Madge goes over to them and says that she was about to call. She explains that she spotted someone behind the curtains at the old Mangel house and wasn’t sure what to do. Sergeant Bowen realises who it is and thanks Madge for her help.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Doug is giving Lou some tips on finding the right car markets in Erinsborough, as Brenda comes out of the kitchen. She asks Doug to accompany her to the barbecue but he insists that he can’t, not even as friends, after what happened last time. Pam and Faye then come in with the wedding dresses, and Pam quickly rushes off, insisting that she has to go to work. As Faye shows Brenda the wedding ring, Doug explains to Lou that Faye is his sister, and she thinks she’s descended from royalty. Brenda isn’t very impressed with the engagement ring, or Faye going on and on about it.

At number 32, Bob is hiding as Sergeant Bowen comes in the front door and starts looking around. As Bowen goes into one of the bedrooms, Bob tries to make a getaway out of the back door, but comes face to face with another officer and is told that he’s under arrest.

. . .

Outside, Helen and Todd see Madge by the police car, and she explains that there’s an intruder at number 32. Todd races over there, just as his dad is being led out by the police officers. Bob starts laying into Todd about shopping him, but Todd keeps on insisting that it wasn’t him. Todd finally snaps and tells Bob that all he’s ever done is kick his loved ones in the teeth. Bob suddenly apologises and Todd accepts. They share a hug and Bob is then put into the police car and taken away.

That evening, at number 24, Toby isn’t happy to see Madge and Lou going out for dinner, and says that Harold hated Lou. Lou insists that he and Harold were mates, they just didn’t see eye-to-eye, but Toby calls him a liar and says that Harold hated his guts. Madge tells Toby to quieten down, but then admits that he’s right and decides not to go out with Lou. She and Toby go out to get fish and chips, and Lou asks Brenda if she’d like to come along. Brenda finally agrees when Lou points out that Max is rich and might like to go to a barbecue with her.

. . .

At number 26, Helen gets off the phone with the police, and she tells Todd that the police probably aren’t going to press charges against them for hiding Bob. Todd is still depressed about the whole situation, but Helen reminds him that Bob made his own decisions and Todd can’t hold himself responsible for them. He says that he’s lucky he didn’t turn out a criminal like his father, and Helen reminds him that he’s part of the Robinson family and they’re certainly not criminals. Todd thanks her for everything she’s done for him and promises to make a success of his life.

. . .

At number 28, Doug gets home to find Faye posing in her wedding dress. He tells her that she looks stunning, and it reminds him of when she was a kid and used to dress as a fairy princess. He asks her if she’s going to invite her children to the wedding, but she says that she won’t and asks him not to mention them again. Pam then appears from the bedroom, looking very annoyed about the dress Faye chose for her. She says that she’s going to get Gaby to make something else, but Faye convinces her to wear it, as it’s her special day and she wants everything to be perfect.

At the Waterhole, Lou tells Max that Brenda is looking for a date for her barbecue. Lou and Max then proceed to talk about Brenda like she’s a used car, saying that her body work is a little rusty and she has a few miles on the clock, but she’s not bad. Brenda gets upset about storms out of the pub, with Lou trying to tell her to calm down.

. . .

Outside, Brenda walks away from the pub and breaks down in tears.

Summary by Steve