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Magic Moments > 1992 > Glen's Departure Episode 1609

Written by Jason Daniel, Directed by Tony Osicka

Glen confides in Karen that he feels terrible for the way he’s breaking Gaby’s heart, and messing up Chrissie and Andrew’s lives by suing Paul. He says that he feels trapped by his family and thinks it would be better if he hadn’t survived the fall…

Karen tells Glen that she understands why he’s so bitter, given the circumstances, but he has to remember that he has a lot to be grateful for too. He doesn’t believe her, but she says that the Robinsons have stood by him, despite what he’s doing to Paul. Glen says that Jim and Helen are both losing their patience, and he isn’t sure that he can repair the damage now. Karen asks if there’s anything she can do, and he says that he just needs her to support him now.

. . .

At number 28, Dorothy calls by and Gaby tells her to come in. She asks if Pam and Doug are home, but Gaby explains that they’ve gone out and she isn’t sure when they’ll be back. Dorothy tells her that it’s about Toby – he’s upset that Joe and Melanie aren’t coming back yet, and she was hoping that Doug could have a little chat to the boy, as it always seems to do the trick. Dorothy leaves, with Gaby wishing her luck.

That evening, at number 30, Madge calls by and Dorothy says that Toby’s still refusing to come out of his room. Madge says that she wouldn’t be surprised if Nell Mangel is faking her illness to keep Joe there with her, but Dorothy thinks that’s unfair and hopes that Madge won’t say anything like that in front of Toby. Toby then comes out of his room and Dorothy tells him to keep his chin up, reminding him that it’s only a few more weeks to wait and they’ll fly by if he keeps busy. Madge suggests that Toby help her to paint the spare room, but Dorothy thinks that she can come up with a few more fun activities. Toby leaves to get a drink, and Madge tells Dorothy that Toby would rather paint than spend the evening at the opera, and an argument breaks out between the two women.

. . .

At number 26, Gaby calls in to see Jim, and find out if there’s been any news about Glen or Paul. Jim admits that there hasn’t and he’s running out of ideas for getting through to Glen. Gaby says that she was shocked by Paul’s breakdown, as he always seemed to be in control. Karen then comes in with baby Rose and says that Glen seemed to be in higher spirits as she left the hospital, and she needs to use his car for a while. Jim goes to get the keys, as Karen tells Gaby that Glen is very fond of her. Karen then goes to get Glen’s guitar from his room, as Gaby complains to Jim that she should be looking after him, not Karen.

The following morning, Madge and Brenda are walking down the driveway of number 24. Madge admits that it’s lovely to be free of Lou, now that he’s gone back to Queensland, but Brenda says that he’ll be back, “as long as there are chooks in the coop, the fox will come sniffing around.” Madge then spots Dorothy and Toby getting into the car, and goes over. She tells Dorothy that she was hoping to take Toby out later, but Dorothy says that they’re going to the museum. Madge thinks that sounds boring, and explains that she wanted to take Toby to the funpark after she’s been to church. As the two women argue, Brenda suggests asking Toby what he’d like to do and he admits he wants to go fishing. Dorothy says that she’ll take him yabbying, and Madge gets in the car, deciding to join them. As they drive off, Gaby comes outside and joins Brenda, as they’re both heading to Lassiter’s to do stocktaking. Brenda asks Gaby if she’s still got that dress at the boutique, and Gaby offers to drop it in at the Coffee Shop later, so Brenda can try it on.

. . .

In Queensland, Lucy is surprised when Guy arrives. He jokes that he came to rob the place, before admitting that he was in the area, visiting his mum, and agreed to drop in and give Lucy a cake, baked by Helen, who was afraid that the kids were only eating junk food. Guy asks Lucy what’s been happening, and her face drops, and she admits that she’s glad that he’s there…

Madge, Dorothy and Toby are sitting by the river, and he’s showing them how to bait the line. Madge admits that she remembers doing it in her childhood and Dorothy says that it’s quite exciting. Madge tells her that it’s not supposed to be exciting, it’s supposed to be restful, and Toby agrees. He says that, when he’s fishing with his dad, they talk about guy stuff. Just then, Dorothy gets a bite on her line, and slowly pulls in the yabby. As she picks it up, it bites her and she suddenly flings it at Madge, who screams, with Toby finding the whole thing very amusing.

. . .

Back in Queensland, Guy is surprised to hear that David broke into the house, then Lucy let him and his sister stay. Lucy says that David and Beth are nice people, but she gets the impression that they’re hiding something. Guy isn’t sure he likes the sound of it, but the conversation is interrupted by Beth. She suggests to Lucy that they go window shopping and goes to get ready. Guy says that Beth seems nice and Lucy admits that David seems special too, but it might just be her intuition playing tricks on her.

Outside the Coffee Shop, Jim runs into Gaby and she asks him if he’s been to visit Glen yet, but Jim says that he’ll only go when Glen’s prepared to be reasonable. He leaves and Gaby goes inside to see if Brenda likes the dress. Brenda admits that she can’t do the zipper up, and Gaby goes to help her, only to get her hair caught in it.

. . .

Dorothy is proudly putting her catch into the bucket, when it bites her again. Toby says that he doesn’t mind going home now, but Madge doesn’t want to, with Dorothy pointing out that she hasn’t even caught anything. As Madge goes to confront Dorothy, she falls back into the mud. Dorothy is highly amused, so Madge throws mud at her and, before long, the three of them are having a mud fight.

Back at the Coffee Shop, Brenda is trying to put oil on the zipper, with Gaby telling her to be careful, as it’s an expensive dress. Brenda says that the zip was obviously faulty, but Gaby thinks it’s more likely that Brenda broke it, trying to force the dress on. Just then, they hear Madge, Dorothy and Toby coming in. Brenda tries to peek out from the kitchen without them finding out what’s happened, then notices that they’re all covered in mud. Madge asks if they can use the washrooms, but they can’t find the keys. Brenda comes out of the kitchen to help them look and Dorothy says that they’ll have to unpick the zip, so offers to drive them home. Madge and Toby stay behind to get cleaned up and lock up the shop, before going to visit Glen.

. . .

At the hospital, Madge and Toby arrive to see Glen. Madge gives him some home-baked food, saying that she remembers Harold always complaining about hospital catering. Toby tells Glen that they’ve been yabbying, and that Joe and Melanie send their love, but they aren’t coming back from England just yet. Madge tells Glen that they’ve all been very worried about him and he says that he’s done a good job in making everyone unhappy. Madge says that it would mean a lot to Helen if he would let her help, and Glen says that he’s about to do something positive, which will hopefully make everyone happy.

At number 28, Dorothy is unpicking the zipper from the dress, whilst telling a bored Brenda and Gaby all about the problems with the school council. Gaby admits that it’s a lot of trouble to go to for a sale, but Brenda says that she won’t be buying the dress now, not after half the street’s seen her stuck in it like this. Dorothy finally gets them both free, but Gaby still has the zipper in her hair. Brenda suggests using a pair of pliers, while Dorothy says that she could always pass it off as a new fashion statement.

. . .

At number 26, Madge is telling Jim that Glen seemed a lot more positive today and said that he’d come up with a solution to everything. Jim is pleased with the news, and Gaby then arrives, as Madge and Toby leave. Gaby asks Jim if he has any pliers, as she can’t ask her dad or she’ll never hear the end of it. As Jim helps her, he tells her the news about Glen and says that he’s bound to want to see her now.

On the beach, David complains to Josh and Brad that he can’t enter the surf competition, as his board is trashed. Brad says that he could probably fix it, so David goes off to get it. Josh admits to Brad that David seems really determined to win the surf comp, and suggests that, if he or Brad win, they should split the cash between them.

. . .

At the hospital, Gaby and Jim find Glen’s bed empty and they ask a passing nurse if he’s gone to the rehabilitation centre. The nurse explains that Glen’s been moved, by ambulance, to another hospital, and she isn’t allowed to tell anyone where. Jim is stunned and says that he needs to speak to someone about this, but the nurse explains that the director of nursing authorised it, and she won’t be on duty until the next morning. Gaby asks Jim what’s going on, and he says that it looks like this was Glen’s solution to all of their problems – to just disappear…

Summary by Steve