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Magic Moments > 1992 > Lucy's Departure Episode 1719

Written by C.M. Covington, Directed by Chris Adshead

Brad takes Lucy outside during their joint farewell party and breaks the news to her that he can’t go to Singapore with her.

Brad explains that he can’t get out of the surf board deal and has to stay in Australia. Lucy asks why he didn’t even consult her about any of this, and he says that he’s under contract. Lucy suggests that he could design surfboards in Singapore and send the designs home, but he says that it wouldn’t work. He assures her that he tried, but Lucy says that he doesn’t seem too bothered. She storms off, and tells him to stay out of her way from now on.

. . .

At number 24, Lou is offended by the way Doug portrayed him at the party, as being rude and dishonest. Madge thinks that Doug was spot on, and says that used car salesman make it their business to bend the truth. Lou is offended, but Madge bets that he can’t go 48 hours without telling a lie. He agrees to the bet, and says that if he wins, they have to return to Verity Valley naturist resort. Madge agrees, stating that Lou will never win.

At number 32, Pam is worried about the ramifications of the Ramsay Street residents impersonating each other at the party, and is glad she only had to come dressed as Doug. Helen suspects that Madge and Dorothy were the ones who caused the most offence to each other. Brad then comes in, looking upset. He tells Pam and Helen that he just broke the news to Lucy about now being able to go to Singapore and she didn’t take it very well. Helen thinks that she’ll be fine once she’s calmed down a little bit. Brad isn’t so sure, but Pam says to sleep on it and talk to her again in the morning. In the lounge room, Cameron and Rick find a red wine stain on the carpet and quickly cover it up as Helen comes in to check that everything’s ok. They quickly send her back out to the kitchen, as Jim comes in and agrees not to say anything. Cameron thinks that they’ll have to replace the carpet. Meanwhile, Rick sits on the piece of paper with Jacqueline Summers’ number on it. The paper sticks to his jeans, before falling off in the hallway. It then sticks to Brad’s shoe as he leaves. Rick then remembers taking the call, but Cameron is furious when he can’t find the number anywhere.

. . .

At number 26, Beth is trying to comfort Lucy, when Brad arrives at the door and won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. He says that Lucy did the same thing as him last week when she accepted the modelling job in Singapore. She tells him to leave, as she’s not interested in anything he has to say. He assures her that it’s only because of the legal angle, but Lucy thinks that he just never loved her. Brad says that’s not true, but an upset Lucy tells him to get out.

The next morning, at number 24, Madge is telling Helen about her plan to dress badly, so Lou is forced to lie. He comes out and Helen asks him what he thinks of Madge’s appearance this morning. Lou compares her to a bag lady. Madge then comments that Helen looks ten years younger than her real age. Lou disagrees, and says that she looks exactly her age, but carries it off very well. He tells Madge that her coffee was average before leaving to get dressed for work. Helen thinks that he’ll be a tough nut to crack, but Madge says that, once he’s selling cars, he won’t be able to tell the truth all the time.

. . .

At number 32, Cameron and Rick are retracing Rick’s steps and trying to find Jacqueline’s number. Rick re-enacts the phone call and writing down the number, then admits that he can’t remember where it went. Cameron tries using a pencil to rub over the next sheet of paper to see the number, but it doesn’t work. Madge then calls in and asks Rick to spy on Lou all day, trying to catch him out, and offers to pay him. Rick makes a deal with her – he’ll spy on Lou, free of charge, if she gets the wine stain out of the carpet.

At number 28, Pam comes in after getting a hung-over Doug to work, and says to Brad that she’s glad Gaby’s started seeing Simon Hunter, as he’s much nicer than her last boyfriend, Zed. Brad isn’t very interested and admits that he’s still upset about Lucy. He says that he wishes she could see it from his point of view. Pam says that it’s probably a huge disappointment for her, and she’ll come round if he gives her time. Brad reminds his mother that Lucy is leaving that afternoon, so they don’t have time. He says that he’s not going to see her again – she can visit him if she wants to talk.

. . .

At number 26, Helen asks Lucy if she’s finished packing yet. Lucy says she has, but has probably forgotten something. Lucy then gives Beth her diamond earrings, and says it’s just a loan while she’s away, as Josh gave them to her and she doesn’t want to be reminded of any boys apart from Brad at the moment. Beth promises to take care of them. Lucy then wonders what to do about Brad. Jim and Helen encourage her to go and speak to him, but she decides that she’s going to wait and see if he comes to see her. Helen reminds her how much they’re all going to miss having her around. Jim says that he’ll still worry about her, even though she’ll be staying with Larry and Sally in Singapore. Jim hugs his daughter and she says that she’s going to miss them all too.

At the car yard, Lou catches Rick sneaking around behind him, and says that, if Madge sent him to spy, they’re both wasting their time, as he isn’t going to lose this bet. Rick owns up, but then decides to make Lou an offer for his silence. Lou says that he hasn’t told any lies and isn’t about to. He approaches a customer and starts telling him all the problems with a car. The customer is impressed with Lou’s honesty and says that he was just over at Phil Friendly’s yard and wasn’t all that impressed.

. . .

At number 28, Lucy calls in to find Brad, but Pam says he’s gone out and she isn’t sure where he is. Lucy explains that she really wants to apologise to him and Pam is glad that one of them has some sense. Pam wishes that she knew where he’d gone, but Lucy thinks that he obviously has more important things to do. She says that she didn’t mean it when she told him to stay away and asks Pam to tell him to come straight over when he gets back, as she’s leaving for the airport soon.

At the car yard, Madge is disappointed as Lou tells her how wonderful it’s been to be honest, as his sales have increased, and he might rename the yard Honest Lou’s. Madge is annoyed and walks off, saying she can’t believe it’ll last. Lou tells her not to hold her breath, as she might turn blue, and that wouldn’t look very good at Verity Valley.

. . .

At number 32, Cameron has given up looking for the number, while Rick is helping himself to food. He insists that he’s looked everywhere and asked everyone, but no luck. Cameron then tells him to start looking through the garbage. Brad arrives as Cameron says he’s going to say goodbye to Lucy, and the phone number gets transferred across to Cameron’s shoe. Brad says that he won’t bother, as she won’t want to talk to him. Cameron insists that it’s not too late.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Outside, Jim is putting Lucy’s bags in the car, as Helen insists that she’s going to join them at the airport. Lucy doesn’t want to leave with the Brad situation unresolved, but Helen says that, once she’s on the plane, she’ll forget all of her problems. Paul comes running up the street, relieved that he hasn’t missed saying goodbye to his sister. He jokingly asks if she’s changed her mind about going, as he really could do without training up another new secretary. They’re joined by Pam, Rick and Cameron, who all wish her luck in Singapore. Jim insists that they get a move on, as she has to check in two hours before her flight. Paul then finds the piece of paper on the ground and screws it up. Beth and Paul both hug Lucy and say their goodbyes, as Cameron picks up the piece of paper and hands it back to Paul. Cameron then explains to Lucy that Brad isn’t there because he thinks it’s going to hurt too much. Lucy wishes that she could see him one last time, and looks round too see him standing in the street. She rushes over to him, and they both apologise for being so rough with each other. She tells him that it’s ok and they both say that they love each other. They then share one last kiss.

Notes: After a year as a regular cast member, Melissa Bell makes her final appearance in this episode, but would return for a brief stint in 1993, as part of the 2000th episode celebrations. She then returned to the cast for three months in 1995, again for two weeks in 2005, as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations, and for three episodes in 2013.

Summary by Steve