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Magic Moments > 1992 > The 1992 Season Finale Episode 1825

Written by Wayne Doyle, Directed by Ian Watson

Brad tells Gaby that he’s been given the bar manager job over her, so from now on, she’ll be calling him ‘boss’.

Cameron and Beth are lounging by the pool at number 24 when Lou comes outside to join and starts weightlifting. He decides that he might go for a drive to the beach, and explains that Benito can look after the car yard for the day. Beth asks Cameron whether he’s got any information on Gavin Heywood yet, but Cameron says that he hasn’t and he needs something soon or he’ll have no story to submit. Beth heads inside to get them all some breakfast, as Lou sits down to tell Cameron about the stripper he’s organised for Stephen’s buck’s night that evening.

. . .

At number 30, Dorothy, Phoebe and Stephen are going over the final preparations for the wedding. Toby says that his suit should be ready by now, as they just needed to shorten the legs slightly, so Dorothy suggests that they all go for breakfast at the Coffee Shop and they can pick up the suit on the way. Dorothy asks if that’s everything organised, and Phoebe says that it is, except that Stephen won’t tell her anything about the honeymoon. She begs him to tell her at least where they’re going, but he says it’s all a surprise. Toby says that it’s lucky there are no more last-minute things to organise as Stephen will probably be too wasted after his buck’s night. Phoebe hopes not, as she wants him to be aware that he’s marrying her, but he says that there won’t be too much to worry about, as his best man, Grant, isn’t arriving until the following day. They all leave for breakfast, as a forlorn Bouncer watches them go.

At number 32, Julie and Hannah are packing up old toys for the orphanage, as Michael sits on the sofa, watching. Hannah insists that her favourite toy, Muffy, won’t be given away, and Michael says that she can’t sleep with a stupid toy for the rest of her life. Just then, Philip calls Julie into the hallway and shows Julie Hannah’s dead pet guinea pig, Gus, who he’s found in the backyard. Julie is convinced that Michael has something to do with it and calls him over, but he insists that he knows nothing. Philip says that he’ll deal with it on his way to work.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Phoebe, Toby and Dorothy sit down, and Stephen says that he just has a few errands to run and will be back in ten minutes. Meanwhile, Philip comes in, closely followed by Gaby, who wants to know why she didn’t get the bar manager’s job when it was promised to her. Philip says that Brad was just the best man for the job. He goes over to chat to Dorothy and Phoebe, who’s complaining that she doesn’t like secrets. Philip tells them about Hannah’s guinea pig – he explains that he died a few days ago, and they buried him in the garden of number 26, only for him to suddenly show up in number 32’s backyard. He then walks over to the counter to order, as Dorothy, Phoebe and Toby look guiltily at each other.

At number 24, Brad is telling Beth about Gaby’s reaction to him getting the bar manager’s job. Beth admits that Gaby is older and has a lot more business experience, and Brad agrees, so he decides to let his sister have the job, as there’s been enough fighting lately. Lou then comes in, and offers to walk Brad out, in order to tell him about the plans for the buck’s night. Beth joins Cameron in the kitchen, he’s just finished a phone call with his friend, Larry, and has found out that neither Percy Slade or Gavin Heywood have any criminal convictions at all. He says that there must be something going on and he wants to get to the bottom of it. Beth isn’t too impressed as Cameron announces his plan to break into Heywood’s office that evening.

. . .

At number 28, Gaby is doing the washing-up when Brad comes in. He’s about to give her the job, when she starts spouting off about how Philip only gave him the job because he’s a man, even though she’s much better qualified. She asks Brad if he think she’s better qualified, but Brad hesitates. Gaby says that she spent a year in Japan doing a business course, then a year running her own boutique, plus Brad is as think as two short planks. Brad snaps and says that he was going to give her the job, but now he’s changed his mind. Gaby shouts at him that she’ll get it back anyway.

At number 32, Hannah is cleaning up as Michael sits on the sofa. Julie comes in and Hannah asks why she has to help whilst Michael does nothing. Julie admits that it’s a good point and tells Michael to give them a hand so he gets up and pulls Hannah’s hair. Hannah then spots a packet of cigarettes on the sofa and dobs Michael in to Julie, who takes them from him and says that, if he wants people to trust him, he needs to stop being such a devious little sneak. Julie leaves the cigarettes on the mantelpiece and takes Hannah outside, who pokes her tongue out at her stepbrother, as Michael picks up her doll, Muffy and starts twisting its head.

. . .

Back at the Coffee Shop, Dorothy is laughing about the situation with Gus the guinea pig, and how they thought Bouncer had killed him, then they put him back in the wrong backyard. Toby wonders if they should have told Philip the truth, but Dorothy doesn’t think so, as he might have found it funny, but Julie certainly wouldn’t. Stephen then returns and Phoebe asks him what he was up to. He says that he might as well tell her now, and he presents her with the tickets for their honeymoon – 10 nights at a top hotel in Samoa. She’s delighted, but he admits that he did spend the money he was saving for a car, but it’ll be worth it.

At number 32, Michael is trying to fix one of the broken dining room chairs, when Julie comes in to join him. She asks him how he put up those posters in his bedroom and he tells her that he used sticky tape. Julie isn’t impressed, as it’ll leave marks on the walls when he has to vacate the room and go back to another boarding school after the Christmas holidays. Michael isn’t so sure that he’ll be leaving, but Julie tells him that he might have convinced Philip that he’s a reformed character but it’ll take a while before he convinces anyone else.

. . .

That night, at number 30, Dorothy lets Bouncer out into the garden. She tells Phoebe and Stephen that she’s going to a gallery opening with Helen, and Toby will be staying at Ben’s, but they can stay at home if Phoebe would rather have some company. Phoebe insists that she’s ok and she’ll just get an early night. Dorothy and Toby then wish Stephen luck with his buck’s night before leaving. Stephen checks that Phoebe will be ok on her own, and admits that he’s a little nervous about what Lou has planned, before leaving, telling her that he’ll see her at the church tomorrow.

At number 32, Beth arrives to babysit Hannah, while Julie is at the gallery and Philip at the buck’s night. They both rush off as they’re going to be late, and Philip calls out to Beth that Michael should be home at some stage, but they’re not sure where he is right now.

. . .

At the pub, the boys arrive for Stephen’s buck’s night, and Philip says that Jim has just gone to convince Doug to join them, and they should be along in about half an hour. At the bar, Brad asks Gaby for a couple of jugs of beer and tells her not to spill any or he’ll have to deduct it from her wages. She isn’t amused by this comment. She then answers the phone and announces to Lou that it’s someone called Serena and she’s on her way. Lou tells the boys that Serena is the entertainment and they’re going to be very impressed. Brad asks where Cameron is, and Lou says that apparently he had something else to do…

At Heywood Developments’ offices, Cameron lets himself in and starts looking around. He spots Heywood’s desk and looks at a photo of him, then knocks over an ornament. He stops for a moment, before opening a filing cabinet. He’s just started looking through the files when he hears a noise behind him…

. . .

At number 32, Hannah is looking everywhere for Muffy, and tells Beth that Michael probably stole her and took her to his secret hideout, the old cottage behind Lassiter’s that Debbie told her all about. Hannah starts pleading with Beth to take her there to look for it, as she’ll never sleep without it. Beth isn’t sure, but Hannah keeps pleading until she changes her mind.

At the pub, Lou is keeping everyone amused with jokes, and Stephen decides that he should call and check on Phoebe before he gets too drunk to string two words together. Phoebe answers and admits to Stephen that she isn’t feeling too good. He says that he isn’t going to stay much longer at the party – he’ll slip out quietly in a little while and come to join her. After she hangs up, Phoebe starts to feel even worse.

. . .

At the old cottage, Beth and Hannah go in and Beth says it smells like smoke, but not cigarettes. Hannah goes further inside, deciding that Muffy must be hidden somewhere, and Beth follows her, with neither of them noticing a small fire that’s started up in the corner. Hannah then trips over a loose piece of carpet and falls. Beth goes to help her and says that it doesn’t look too bad, but they should probably get home. As they stand up, they realise that the room is on fire and Hannah starts screaming as Beth realises that they’re trapped.

At number 30, Stephen arrives home to find Phoebe lying on the floor. He asks her what’s wrong and she says that she’s started having contractions – the baby’s coming!

. . .

Back at the pub, Lou is shocked to realise that Stephen’s done a disappearing act. He decides to start the act anyway and introduces Serena, who is busy dancing with her veils when the phone rings. Gaby tells Philip that the cottage out back is on fire and everyone rushes out of the pub, leaving Serena alone.

At Heywood’s offices, Heywood and his henchman, Noddy, drag Cameron, with blood on his face, across the office to the lift. Heywood says that they’ve been having trouble with the lifts – sometimes the doors open, but there’s no lift there. He crowbars open the doors and Noddy holds Cameron over the empty shaft. Heywood then suggests that Cameron could become his personal lawyer, as he could use one with a good reputation, but he should hurry up and make up his mind, before Noddy accidentally drops him…

. . .

. . .

At the cottage, Beth and Hannah are trapped as it burns around them. Hannah and Beth start screaming for help, as Phil, Lou, Brad and the others from the buck’s night start walking towards the cottage. Brad hears Beth and races inside to rescue her, as Phil hears Hannah screaming. Lou has to hold Phil back as he screams his daughter’s name…

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Summary by Steve