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Magic Moments > 1993 > The Waterhole Explosion: Part One Episode 1949

Written by David Allen, Directed by Michael Sergi

Annalise and Gaby both enter the fashion on the field competition. Doug puts $5000 on ChukkaMental to win.

At the Coffee Shop, Wayne asks Phoebe why she’s there, as he thought she was having some time off. She says that she’s so good, they can’t live without her. Once Wayne has gone, Stephen asks Phoebe why she hasn’t told anyone about their new arrangement – with her at the shop and him looking after Hope. He asks her if she’s ashamed and thinks that people will find her to be a bad mum, but he tells her that the way they run their family is nobody’s business but their own.

. . .

Back at the races, the compere announces another competitor as Gaby and Annalise glare at each other. Doug and Raymond approach Pam and explain that they’ve put their bets on. Pam asks if they’re going to stay and watch the fashion show, but Doug is acting oddly and Pam is disappointed that he doesn’t want to stay and watch Gaby. Raymond thinks they should stay, but is alarmed when he sees that the next contestant is Jenny. Pam thinks that she looks great, while Raymond just stands in shock and waves at her. Doug takes the opportunity to sneak away.

Brad catches up with his father and tells him that it’s looking like Chukkie won’t be able to race, as he’s injured. Doug seems pleased, but tries to hide it and they go to speak to Lauren. Doug says that Raymond has a lot of money on that horse, and he’ll be disappointed if all he gets back is his original stake.

. . .

In the stables, the vet tells Lauren and Lou that he can’t find anything wrong with Chukkie. Lauren says that he just suddenly reared up, and the vet thinks that he over-reached himself, but will be fine now. Doug and Brad turn up and Lauren says that if the vet thinks he’s alright, the race will go ahead. Doug thinks that the syndicate should vote on it, but Lou says that he and Lauren already voted and Chukkie will be racing.

At the Coffee Shop, Phoebe gives Stephen her library books to go back and says that there might be a fine to pay. Beth comes in, looking upset, and says that Doug’s gone to the races so he hasn’t paid her and she can’t afford her rent yet. They tell her that it’s fine and they can wait for her. Stephen hands Beth the library books and says that they can walk home together. Beth asks if it’s Stephen’s turn to change the nappies, but he asks Phoebe to explain. Phoebe tells Beth that they’ve swapped roles, and Beth is impressed and says that, as a female brickie, she knows all about challenging the stereotypes. Phoebe is pleased with her reaction.

. . .

At the fashion competition, the compere announces that the winner is Jenny. Pam and Raymond are delighted, and Gaby and Annalise go up to congratulate her. As the group gather, Gaby accuses Annalise of making a farce of the whole thing with her revealing dress. Pam tries to get them to stop bickering and they all rush off, realising that they’ve only got five minutes until the race.

In the stalls, Lou tells Doug to stop fidgeting, as Lauren comes back and says that the odds for Chukkie have really shortened, so someone obviously has confidence in him. Raymond, Jenny, Pam, Gaby and Annalise all come to join them, just as the race begins. They all stand up to watch – with Doug and Raymond especially animated as it looks as though Chukkie will win. In the final stretch, Chukkie is beaten and ends up coming third. Although everyone else is thrilled and goes off to have champagne, Doug is devastated and sits down in shock.

. . .

At number 30, Stephen is having tea with Lisa, one of Phoebe’s friends from the playgroup. She’s also quite impressed with the new system they’ve got going and admits that she could find a man like him. He says that Phoebe was annoyed with him that morning for not having a clean dress for Hope and even made him take the library books back. Lisa thinks that he should put his foot down, as looking after a baby is hard enough work without being made a slave to the boss. Stephen decides that he’ll put his foot down.

At number 28, Pam is trying to find out from Doug how he went at the races. He avoids the question as there’s a knock at the door – it’s Beth, looking for her pay. Doug tries to stall, saying that he hasn’t made up the pay packets, but will drop it over later. She reluctantly agrees and leaves, as Pam wonders what Doug is hiding. He goes and sits with Brad, and quietly asks him to lend him some money, as he put his $5000 on Chukkie to win.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Lisa calls in to see Phoebe and says that she’s very lucky to have Stephen, but she should keep an eye on him, as he might get enticed away. Phoebe is upset as Lisa leaves.

At number 28, Doug is on the phone trying to explain to his contractors that he didn’t get to the bank and won’t be able to pay them yet. Pam catches the end of the call and asks if there’s a problem. Doug lies and says that a delivery was late and he has to go and sort it out. He quickly rushes off.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Brad is lending Beth $100 and she’s relieved. He invites her to the Waterhole later for a post-race celebration. She says that she’ll try to come, but she has something to do first. She thanks him again for the loan and wishes him a happy birthday.

At the Waterhole, Doug is sitting silently as Lou takes the mickey out of Stephen for being a house husband. Raymond agrees that men should be out earning money, and Wayne also agrees, which earns him a glare from Gaby. Phoebe comes in and joins them, which brings more ribbing for Stephen. Lauren and Lou ask Doug to sit at the table with them and join in the celebration.

. . .

Later on, Brad arrives for work as Phoebe and Stephen are leaving. At the bar, Annalise asks Brad if he can smell gas, but he doesn’t. He says that she should have reported it straight away, and tells her to go and do it now. However, as she’s about to go, she has to serve some more customers. At the table, Doug is trying to convince Raymond to buy his share of Chukkie for $5000.

At number 30, Phoebe asks Stephen for a cup of tea, but he says that he’s been working all day too, and reminds her about the library books. She says that he had time to make tea for Lisa, and says that she shouldn’t come over. Stephen wants her to explain and they start to have an argument about the situation, with Phoebe then asking where he’s put her jacket. She realises that she left it at the pub, so Stephen storms out of the house, saying that he’ll just have to go and get it.

. . .

Back at the pub, Gaby asks Annalise to bring the takings over to the office before closing. They start to have another argument about the fashion parade and Gaby walks out. Beth comes in and gives a birthday present to Brad, as Raymond agrees to pay Doug $5000. Beth sits with Doug and Lou, as Raymond and Lauren decide to go home. Lou notices that Doug is suddenly in a much better mood.

At number 28, Pam is heading to bed, when she picks up Doug’s jacket and all of his better slips fall out. She puts it back and sits to wait for him to come home.

. . .

At the pub, Annalise tells Brad that she forgot to tell Gaby about the gas. Brad goes down to the cellar to check it out, as Annalise leaves to take the takings across to the office. She tells Doug, Lou and Beth that she wants them all gone by the time she gets back. Stephen then comes in, looking for the jacket, and Beth goes down to the cellar to see if Brad knows where it is, as a drunken Doug and Lou keep Stephen amused.

In the cellar, Brad is checking things out as Beth comes down and asks if he’s seen the jacket. She notices the strong smell of gas but they decide to get out of there and leave it to the experts.

. . .

. . .

Gaby and Annalise leave the office and Gaby says that she hopes everyone is out of the pub, as they can’t afford to lose the licence. Annalise insists that she’s told them all to clear off, but just as they’re walking towards the pub, it explodes…

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Summary by Steve