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Magic Moments > 1993 > Cheryl's Arrival Episode 1966

Written by Ray Kolle, Directed by Richard Sarell, Produced by Sally Anne Kerr and Dave Worthington

Channel Ten: 26/07/93, BBC One: 27/05/94, UK Gold: 15/05/00

Stephen is taken away to rehab, with both him and Phoebe pretending that they don't care about each other...

Brad arrives at number 24 - Lauren tells him that they have the house all to themselves, but he's actually looking for Lou. He explains that he just had a huge fight with Pam, so he's moving out of home and wants to come and stay at number 24. Lauren tells him that it won't be a problem, and instructs him to go and collect his things from home - Brad thinks that they should wait for Lou's approval, but Lauren insists that she'll be able to talk him round.


At the Hungry Bite, Phoebe and Wayne are having a coffee, and she thanks him for staying with her, as she didn't feel like being alone. She says that it looks like her marriage is over, even if she does still love Stephen - Wayne thinks that Phoebe should have said that to Stephen before he left, but she doesn't see the point, as Stephen made it very clear that he didn't love her anymore. She then decides to go and visit Dorothy for a few days, asking Annalise if she'd mind looking after the coffee shop for a little bit longer. Wayne points out that Phoebe is just running away from her problems, but she'll just carry them with her wherever she goes. Phoebe insists that she'll feel a lot better after a few days away, and goes to call Dorothy.

Stephen is in the minibus, being transferred to the rehab centre. The orderly asks him if he's OK, and says that, if he's upset about leaving his wife, she can always come and visit as the centre is very close to the train station. Stephen thanks him, but says that Phoebe won't be coming to visit.


At number 32, Julie answers the phone - it's someone looking for Philip, and Julie is forced to explain that he doesn't live there, as they've separated. She tells the caller that they can call him at Lassiter's, and then returns to her studies, but is interrupted by a knock at the door. It's Helen, who insists that she hasn't come to interrogate Julie about her marital problems, but wants to know if there's anything she can do to help, such as housework. Julie says that Ruby the cleaner will be in later in the week, and the only problem she has is with her work for school, as she hasn't finished an assignment that should have been done in the holidays. She says that she could probably finish it now, if people would stop interrupting her, and an upset Helen takes this as her cue to leave.

At number 28, Doug is working on his tender for Lassiter's, wishing that Gaby could give him a hint of what the other estimates are, while Pam is still annoyed with Brad. Doug tries to calm Pam down, but she's furious that Doug is on Brad's side, after all of his own gambling disasters - Doug tries to put his head down and get on with some work, ignoring Pam ranting at him in the background.


Annalise arrives home to number 26, and finds Helen sitting at the table with a glass of sherry. Annalise complains about how boring it is to work at the coffee shop, and now Phoebe needs her to stay on as she's going to visit Dorothy. Helen says that she hasn't heard from Dorothy in a while, then offers Annalise a glass of sherry. Annalise turns it down, and asks Helen if she's OK - Helen explains that her family are being very ungrateful. Annalise then says that Helen seems to be getting through the bottle of sherry very quickly, pointing out that she only bought it a couple of days ago. Helen goes to the cupboard and shows Annalise the unopened bottle from a couple of days ago, though Annalise still isn't convinced.

At number 30, Wayne calls in to help Phoebe get her things into the car, as they've only got 20 minutes before her train leaves. He asks if she's having second thoughts, but she insists that she has to get away. He suggests that she should call Stephen to let him know, but Phoebe tells him to drop the subject. She picks up baby Hope, Wayne picks up the bags and they leave the house.


Back in the minibus, Stephen suddenly says that he doesn't want to go to the rehab centre - he wants to go home. The orderly points out that they're almost there, but Stephen says that he told his wife that he doesn't love her, but he does and he needs to fix things. The orderly then tells the driver to turn the bus around and take Stephen home.

As Phoebe and Wayne are loading up the car, Lou comes over and asks after Stephen. Phoebe explains that he's doing a lot better, and then Wayne tells Lou that they're running late for the train, so they'll have to chat later. As they're about to go, a delivery truck arrives outside number 30, and Phoebe realises that her new washing machine is arriving today - she goes over to the driver, realising that she'll just have to catch the next train.


At number 24, Lou isn't happy about the idea of Brad moving in, but Lauren can't see the problem. Lou asks if he can speak to Lauren alone, so Brad goes out for a swim. Lou then tells Lauren that he isn't sure that he wants Brad to live with them, and he wonders why he needs to move out of home anyway. Lauren explains that Pam was unhappy about Brad's gambling, and Lou agrees that he's started to notice it too - Lauren then starts to wonder if Brad is developing an addiction. She thinks that it might be best for him to move in, so she can keep an eye on him. Lou is worried about damaging his friendship with Doug and Pam, but agrees to it, as long as they lay down some ground rules.

At number 32, Julie is working on her assignment, when she accidentally knocks a glass of water all over her papers. As she's trying to clear it up, there's a knock at the door - it's Annalise, who asks if she can have a word. Julie isn't delighted with the interruption, and Annalise then explains that Helen has been getting through a lot of sherry lately - two bottles in less than a week. Julie asks if Annalise is suggesting that Helen is an alcoholic, and says that it's the most ridiculous thing she's ever heard. Annalise tells her that Helen's been feeling quite lonely lately and complaining about her ungrateful family, but Julie tells Annalise to stop jumping to silly conclusions, and not to tell anyone else.


As the delivery van pulls away, Phoebe locks up the house, ready to set off for the train station again. As she gets into the car, Wayne sees the minibus pull up outside, and Phoebe gets out of the car. She goes over and climbs inside. Stephen takes her hand and they hug. He tells her that he couldn't leave her, and they kiss.

At the Manhattan Bar, Lou and Brad are about to start talking about house rules, when the barmaid comes over, asking what they want to drink. She immediately recognises Lou from his TV and newspaper ads for the caryard, and is clearly very taken with him. She says that he scrubs up even better in the flesh than he does on TV - Lou is very happy with the compliment, but then goes back to talking to Brad.



At number 30, Stephen is telling Hope how much he missed her. Phoebe then comes in with some tea, and Stephen tells her to sit down and talk, as she hasn't stopped since he got back. He says that she's going to have to get used to the wheelchair, but he's still the same person and he still loves her. He apologises for nearly messing everything up, but Phoebe tells him that she understands why he did. He wonders what things will be like if he can never walk again, but Phoebe reassures him, and says that even if that does happen, they'll work things out as a family.

Back at the Manhattan Bar, Lou is telling Brad that he expects prompt payment of the rent, no loud music or arguments with his parents, and no hanky panky in the living room. He explains that the oldies don't appreciate it, but the barmaid overhears and says that Lou isn't really that old. Brad suspects that the barmaid fancies Lou, but he says that he needs to get back to work. As they leave, she notices that Lou's left his wallet behind, but she doesn't say anything.


At number 28, Pam is upset to learn that Brad is moving out, and says that she's just trying to help him, before he becomes a compulsive gambler. He tells her that he needs to be able to think for himself - Pam says that'd make a nice change. Brad points out that she's treating him like an idiot again, and she apologises. Doug tells Brad that he won't find somewhere else to live that easily, but Brad then tells them that he's moving into number 24, with Lou's approval. He says that he's sick of all the fighting, and he goes to pack his stuff.

At number 24, Lou tells Lauren that he's given Brad some ground rules, and reminds her that she still owes him some rent money too. She gets it for him from the pot in the kitchen, but when he goes to put it away, he realises that his wallet is missing. Lauren asks him where he's been today, and he realises that it must be at the pub, and goes to the phone.


Cheryl answers the phone at the Manhattan, smiling to herself when she realises that it's Lou. He asks if she's found his wallet, and she looks over at it, but says that she hasn't seen it. She starts looking through it, and he gives her his address and says to contact him if she finds it. She hangs up, with a big grin on her face.

At number 26, Helen is on the couch, looking at old photos and drinking more sherry. In the kitchen, Annalise points out to Wayne that Helen hasn't bothered to prepare a meal tonight, and Wayne agrees that she seems a bit upset. He says that he was planning to go out, and Annalise asks if none of Helen's family care about her anymore. He goes and asks Helen if she'd like him to stay in tonight, but she tells him to go out and enjoy himself. Annalise watches him go, unimpressed, and Helen asks her if she's going out too. She says that she's happy to stay, if Helen wants some company, and then she sits down to look at the photos. Helen points out baby photos of Paul, Julie and Lucy, and then one of her daughter Anne. She becomes upset as she talks about how beautiful her daughter was.


At number 24, Brad arrives back with Lauren, bragging about his win at the betting shop. He gives Lou a month's rent in advance - Lou tells him that betting is a mug's game and that he'll lose out in the long run. Brad says that he's different - he's lucky, and then he goes off to listen to the next race that he has a bet on.


Back at number 26, Helen and Annalise are laughing about a photo of Jim and Anne in the 60s, but then Helen knocks over her glass and asks Annalise to pour her a little more sherry. Annalise says that she's probably had enough - Helen isn't impressed and asks Annalise what she's implying. Annalise points out that Helen has got through almost a bottle of sherry today and Helen, barely able to stand, says that she doesn't need a young girl to tell her what to do. She angrily tells Annalise that she doesn't want her in the house any longer, telling her to get out. An upset Annalise watches from the door, as Helen pours herself more sherry.

Featured Regular Characters: Doug Willis, Pam Willis, Brad Willis, Lou Carpenter, Lauren Carpenter, Annalise Hartman, Julie Martin, Stephen Gottlieb, Phoebe Gottlieb, Hope Gottlieb, Helen Daniels, Wayne Duncan

Guest Cast: Caroline Gillmer as Cheryl Stark, Russell Ousley as Orderly, Dom Stringa as Delivery Driver

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Caroline Gillmer as Cheryl Stark. Following a 9-week guest stint, Caroline would return as part of the regular cast in November 1993
Cheryl's first words are "What's it to be?"
Past characters Jim Robinson and Dorothy Burke are mentioned, Helen mentions her grandchildren Paul and Lucy Robinson (ahead of their brief returns to the show a couple of months later to mark the 2000th episode), and also talks about her deceased daughter Anne Robinson
Dom Stringa is credited as the delivery driver, but has no lines and is only seen from a distance

Summary by Steve

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