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Magic Moments > 1994 > The 1994 Season Premiere Episode 2071

Written by C. M. Covington, Directed by Alan Coleman

Michael points out that he’s not wanted at home, as long as the problems keep happening. Annalise and Gaby’s plane crashes into the bush. Michael packs his bags and prepares to leave…

Annalise starts to come around, and realises where she is and what’s happened. She starts trying to wake up Gaby, shouting at her that they have to get out as the plane’s going to explode. Gaby starts to open her eyes, but is barely registering what Annalise is saying.

. . .

. . .

At number 32, Michael has finished packing his bag and is preparing to leave through the window, when Holly comes in and starts barking at him. Michael tells her to shut up, but Julie hears and comes in to see what all the commotion is about. She sees Michael and asks him what he’s doing.

Back at the plane, Gaby and Annalise manage to get out as smoke starts pouring from the engine. Gaby apologises, but Annalise says that they were both very lucky, as they start walking away from the scene.

. . .

Back at number 32, Julie and Philip are furious with Michael for planning to just disappear like that. They point out how hard they’ve tried to make him feel welcome, but he says that he still feels like an unwanted guest in his own home. Hannah listens from the hallway, as Michael says that even his little sister doesn’t want him there, and would rather he went back to the detention centre.

At the plane, Gaby and Annalise sit down on the grass. Gaby starts to cry, but Annalise tells her she did a good job – at least they’re both still alive. She checks over Gaby’s hand and says that she’ll go and get the first aid kit from the plane, after getting Gaby’s assurance that it really isn’t going to blow up. Gaby thanks her, and Annalise says that she’d do the same for anyone who’d just tried to kill her.

. . .

At number 26, Wayne comes home with several bags of shopping, after only going out to get milk, and announces that he’ll cook dinner. Helen, still with her arm in a sling, asks why he keeps insisting on cooking, but he says that he’d rather do it than be bored. She asks him why he hasn’t done any socialising during the holidays, but Wayne admits that he just doesn’t feel like dealing with people. Helen thinks that might change soon, and there’s a knock at the door. Helen insists that Wayne answers, and he’s surprised to find his brother, Troy, paying a surprise visit. Wayne asks why Troy has abandoned the family farm in the middle of the harvest, but Troy says that he wanted to come and spend some time with his big brother.

At number 32, Philip asks Michael if he’s called the hostel, but Michael says he’ll just turn up and they’ll make space. He goes off to his room, walking past a guilty looking Hannah in the hallway.

. . .

Annalise has finished bandaging Gaby’s hand, and Gaby is very impressed, pointing out that Annalise should have become a nurse. They begin to wonder how they’re going to get out of there, as nobody will have even noticed that they’re missing yet, and even then, they didn’t tell anyone that they were changing their flight path.

At number 32, Pam arrives and asks Philip if she can speak to Michael, as she wants to apologise. Philip lets her in, and asks if she wants to be left alone with Michael, but she insists that she doesn’t mind eating humble pie in public. Philip calls his son, who accepts Pam’s apology and asks if he can still be friends with Cody. Pam says that it’s fine with her, before leaving. Philip points out to Michael that Pam’s apology was genuine and it looks like he’s getting fair treatment, but Michael says that he’s still going to leave for the hostel.

. . .

Back at the plane, Gaby is unable to pick up a signal on the radio to contact help. Annalise asks if they can at least get some pop music on it, before admitting that she’s joking. They both realise that they’re stuck there for the foreseeable future.

At number 26, Troy cracks open a beer and admits to Wayne that Helen called him and asked him to come and visit. Troy insists that everyone, including their parents, just wants him to snap out of his depression, but Wayne isn’t impressed with them all interfering. Troy suggests a night out to clear out the cobwebs, but Wayne says that he just wants a quiet night in. Troy decides to go and check out the local area anyway.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Lauren is surprised as Troy introduces himself and immediately tries to chat her up. She says that she doesn’t want to go out with a complete stranger, but Troy says that he has a brother, and they could double date. He then ropes in Kristy, who isn’t quite sure, but Troy talks her into it, so Lauren agrees to go too.

At number 26, Helen and Hannah are baking a cake, and Hannah announces that Michael is moving out to live in a hostel. Helen asks how Hannah feels about that, and Hannah admits that she’s glad, as Holly likes Michael more and is always sleeping on his bed. Helen wonders if Holly likes Michael because he’s kind to her, and thinks that maybe, if Holly likes Michael, Hannah should be nice to him too.

. . .

At number 32, Michael is in his room, on the phone to the hostel. He finishes the call and tells Holly, who’s sitting next to him, that there’s room at the hostel so he’ll be leaving that night, but she’ll probably be the only one who’ll miss him.

At number 28, Pam is starting to worry about Gaby not being back yet, but Doug assures her that it’s probably nothing to worry about. Pam says that Gaby always promised that she’d call if she was going to be delayed, and she decides to phone the airport. A worried Doug joins Pam during the phone call and Pam explains to him that Gaby hasn’t returned from her flight yet and they’ve been unable to reach her on the radio.

. . .

Gaby and Annalise, meanwhile, are tucking into the picnic basket, and Gaby is amazed, but grateful, to see how much Annalise managed to pack into it. She’s also pleased to find a bottle of champagne, but she wonders what they have to celebrate. Annalise suggests a toast to ‘being alive’ and Gaby agrees, and is surprised to find that Annalise even packed glasses. She admits that she used to be a Brownie and that’s where she learnt to be so organised. Gaby struggles to stop herself from laughing.

At number 32, Michael is sitting on the bed with Holly, when Hannah comes in. She says that she doesn’t mind if he plays with Holly, and says that, when he first came back and he accidentally hurt Holly, she gave him a second chance, so Hannah wants to give him a second chance too. Michael says that it’s too late, he’s already booked the hostel. Hannah says that their dad is going to be very upset, and accuses Michael of wimping out – expecting everyone to give him a second chance when he’s not prepared to give them one.

. . .

Gaby is looking at a map, trying to figure out where they are, but Annalise is now convinced that they’re never going to be found and will die. They realise that Pam and Doug will be panicking by now, as will Mark. Gaby admits that she’s envious of Annalise having such a stable relationship, but Annalise then admits to being jealous of Gaby’s successful career. They’re counselling each other when they suddenly hear a helicopter approaching and they hug as they realise that it’s coming for them.

At number 32, Philip asks Michael if he’s ready to leave. Michael then announces that he’s been thinking, and hostels are really only for people with nowhere else to go, so someone might need the bed more than him. Julie asks him where he’ll go, and Michael says that he’d like to stay and make a go of things. Julie is delighted and hugs him, promising that she’ll make more of an effort too. Philip asks what changed Michael’s mind, and he says that somebody spoke to him and made him come to his senses, winking at Hannah. The four of them then share a hug.

. . .

At number 28, a delighted Pam takes a call to tell her that Gaby and Annalise have both been found, alive and well. She and Doug then rush out of the door to go and pick them up.

At number 26, Helen gets off the phone and announces that she’s won a romantic break for two, third prize in the supermarket raffle. She decides that she can think of someone else who’d much rather have the holiday, and heads out, just as Troy comes in. He tells Wayne about the double date he’s set up, announcing that the girls are great looking and are called Kirsty and Lara. Wayne is finally talked into it and heads off to have a shower and get ready.

. . .

Pam and Doug arrive at the airport and rush to greet Gaby and Annalise. Pam gives Gaby a huge hug, but stops when she winces in pain. Doug says that the main thing is that they’re both alive.

At number 32, Helen arrives and tells Philip and Julie about the holiday she’s won, before offering it to them. Julie is thrilled and says that it can be the second honeymoon they always wanted, plus it’s a chance to show Michael that they trust him to look after himself.

. . .

Troy is sitting outside the pub, when Kristy comes over and tells him that she won’t be able to stay, as she’s been offered an extra shift at the library and she really needs the money. As she leaves, Wayne comes out of the pub with the drinks and asks where the girls are. Troy explains that Wayne’s date has just been and made her excuses, so he suggests that Wayne stay and have dinner with ‘Lara’. Wayne isn’t sure that she’ll be happy about that, and Troy suggests that they ask her, as she’s just coming – Wayne is shocked to realise that it’s Lauren…

Summary by Steve