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Magic Moments > 1994 > Colin's Arrival Episode 2074

Written by Helen MacWhirter, Directed by Alan Coleman, Produced by Sally-Anne Kerr

Channel Ten: 27/01/94, BBC One: 26/10/94, UK Gold: 12/10/00

Cheryl warns Lou that her children take priority over her relationship with him...

At number 32, Debbie arrives home to find Philip and Julie packing their bags - Julie explains that Helen won a trip to a country club in the supermarket raffle, and she's given her prize to them. Debbie is pleased to see that Hannah is packing too, and Julie says that she'll be staying over at number 26 for the next couple of days. Philip tells Debbie and Michael not to get any ideas about wrecking the house while they're away, but Debbie insists that they'll behave themselves. Julie and Philip then go to take Hannah across the street - Debbie remarks that she can hear the sound of absent parents, which is always the sign of an imminent party. Michael, however, says that they've been told not to throw any parties, and for once, he's not going to let Philip down.


Across at number 22, Cheryl comes downstairs and asks Brett if he can go and have a word with his sister. She then tells Lou that she won't be able to go out with him tonight, as Danni is very distressed. He suggests postponing until the following evening, agreeing that family must come first, but Cheryl apologises and tells him that their relationship just isn't going to work. Lou asks if it's his fault, but Cheryl explains that, now that Brett and Danni are living at home, she has to consider them above anyone else. Lou reminds Cheryl that Lauren pulled the same stunt, back when they were going out the first time, and that Brett and Danni will learn to adapt, as they're good kids. Cheryl says that Darren was once a good kid too, and she'll be damned if she's going to let any more of her kids go off the rails. She tells Lou that, if he needs her to make a choice between him and her kids, then she's very sorry.

At number 28, Debbie is telling Cody about her plans for a pool party that afternoon, as Michael didn't agree with having a party at number 32. Cody asks who's coming, and Debbie says that she'll invite Brett and Danni, and Rick will have to be there as they'll need to hold it at number 24. Debbie wonders why Cody is suddenly interested in Rick, and says that Michael seems really happy lately, and has given the impression that he and Cody are an item.


At number 22, Brett and Danni come downstairs, and Cheryl tells them that Lou's gone. Brett doesn't think it's fair on her, but Cheryl says that Lou was just there at the right time, when she was lonely - but insists that she's happy to have her kids back in her life, and says that they've got a lot of catching up to do.

At number 28, Rick is annoyed that Cody has been lying to him - both about wanting to go out with him and saying that she and Michael are just friends. She says that they were, but then he went away for Christmas and so did Debbie, and it was just her and Michael, they were both bored and finding it hard being back on Ramsay Street. She says that she just feels sorry for Michael, but she also wants to go out with Rick - she's just struggling to find a way to avoid hurting anybody. Rick tells her that somebody's going to end up getting hurt, and he doesn't want to be that person.


The next morning, at number 22, Cheryl is worried about Danni's eating habits and offers to make up a fruit salad. Danni politely turns her down, but says that, as Cheryl has made such a big sacrifice with Lou, she's going to get her act together too. Brett checks that Cheryl is OK with the Lou situation, and she insists that she is, and says that she doesn't want her kids worrying about it either. Once Cheryl's gone, Danni turns to Brett and says that there's nothing to worry about.

At number 24, Rick hands over a cheque to Debbie, explaining that his mum only gave him the money when he was about to board the plane home, worried that he'd just end up spending it in Hong Kong. Debbie is grateful and says she'll forgive him completely if he lets her invite a few people over for a pool party. He reluctantly agrees, not too happy to hear the guest list, and Debbie asks if he's jealous of Cody and Michael. Rick denies it, but Debbie warns him not to come between them, or he'll have her to answer to. As Debbie leaves, Lou appears from the bedroom, in a bad mood over Cheryl. Rick says that he understands, but he isn't sure what they, as men, can do about it.


At the Nepean Country Club, Julie and Philip are looking at a map, when a man comes along and asks if he can help them. Philip explains that they're looking for bungalow 14, and the man points out exactly where it is, and then introduces himself as Colin. Julie thanks him and asks if he's worked there for long, but he explains that he's just one of the guests, but he's been visiting quite often for a number of years. He recommends seeing the local countryside, the wineries and the butterfly house, even though Julie and Philip insist that they just want to relax and won't be venturing further than the pool. Colin tells them that it would be a waste, then offers to guide them to their bungalow.


At number 22, Lou points out to Cheryl that she's allowing her children to walk all over her. He says that Brett and Danni need to be shown who's boss, but Cheryl doesn't reply. He says that he understands that she's under a lot of pressure to give in to their emotional demands right now, but she shouldn't have to give up her own life in the process. He points out that the kids will be gone in a few years and she'll be left with an empty house and an empty life, and she deserves better than that. He tells her that she needs to make it clear to Brett and Danni that she loves them and will be there for them, but she needs her own life - which will hopefully include Lou. Cheryl worries about how Danni would react to that, but then wonders if maybe they could continue seeing each other in secret - that way, nobody would get hurt and it might actually be a lot of fun.

At number 24, the party is beginning - Danni tells Debbie that she thinks Michael is really cute, but Debbie points out that he's already taken. She then asks if everyone's ready to get in the pool. Rick stops them all and says that they should put on sunscreen, as it's the hottest part of the day, but Danni tells him to spare the lectures, and they all run outside. Rick hangs back and Cody asks him if he's coming - he says that he might stay inside, and Michael then returns for Cody.


At number 22, Lou admits that the sneaking around might be fun, and they decide that they'll need secret hand signals and code names. Lou says that they should also use dark glasses and fake moustaches when they're out in public. Just then, Danni arrives back suddenly, and Lou runs to hide in the laundry. Danni says that she's looking for the air mattress and Cheryl quickly sends her up to check in Brett's room. Lou then hands Cheryl the mattress from the laundry.

Back at number 24, Debbie comes inside and asks if Rick wants to come out and play water polo, as they're trying to get a couple of teams together. Rick says that he's fine where he is, and claims that he's worried about the sun, but Debbie realises that it's because of Michael and Cody and tells him to get over it. She gives him another chance to come outside and have some fun, but he refuses.


Out by the pool, Danni asks if anyone has any ideas where she can stick the beach umbrella - as she turns around, she knocks Cody into the pool with the umbrella - an angry Cody then says that she has a great idea for where Danni can stick it.

Back at the country club, Julie and Philip are relaxing by the pool, happy to be away from all distractions, when Colin comes over and lectures Philip about being out in the sun without a hat. He then sits with them and tells them about how the club was used as a convalescence home for returning soldiers after the war, and that the whole place had to be rebuilt after a big fire in 1956. Julie and Philip look thoroughly bored.


At number 24, Cody has been telling Rick about what happened, and about Danni's claims that it was an accident. Rick tells her not to spend any more time worrying about Danni, as she's just a self-centred brat. A concerned Michael walks in on their cosy little chat, but then the rest of the gang come in with the food from the barbecue - Brett tells Danni to go easy on the sweet stuff, but she insists that she's fine. Brett then asks the others about the local high school, and Debbie says that most of the teachers are OK, but the principal's a bit of a dag. Brett says that it sounds great compared to the boarding schools they were at, and Danni explains that it was hell, but they used to play games to amuse themselves.

At the country club, Julie and Philip are very impressed with the food, and decide that they should do this sort of thing more often. Julie says that he's a lot more fun to be around when he isn't talking shop all the time, and he admits that he's very tempted to stay and forget about the office completely, if it weren't for the kids. Julie also points out that Colin might be a problem - Philip hopes that they've seen the last of him now, but Julie finds that very hard to believe.



Back at the party, Rick has received a dare to run down Ramsay Street naked. He refuses to do it, so instead he has to make a prank call to Wayne, pretending to be Ms Stoner, asking him out on a date. He makes the call, but then hangs up and says that Wayne didn't fall for it and just asked if he had a nice time in Hong Kong. Danni then has to choose a dare, which is to drink a whole bottle of cordial without any water. Rick goes to get it, as Brett chooses his dare, which is to swim 20 lengths of the pool. Rick then returns and Danni starts to drink the cordial, but Brett looks very worried.

Back outside, Brett is swimming the pool, with everyone's encouragement. Danni starts to feel dizzy and goes to sit down. As Brett finishes his swim, he gets out and notices Danni looking very unwell. He helps her up and she asks to go home. Cody thinks it was all just a big act, but Rick says that she looked terrible and decides to go and see if everything's OK.


Rick walks into number 22, just as Danni turns around - he's surprised to see her holding a syringe.

Featured Regular Characters: Julie Martin, Philip Martin, Debbie Martin, Michael Martin, Hannah Martin, Cody Willis, Rick Alessi, Lou Carpenter, Cheryl Stark, Danni Stark, Brett Stark

Guest Cast: Frank Bren as Colin Taylor

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Frank Bren as Colin Taylor
Colin's first words are "You folks look a little lost. Can I help?"
Past character Darren Stark is mentioned

Summary by Steve

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