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Magic Moments > 1994 > Sam's Arrival Episode 2171

Written by Jeff Truman, Directed by Alan Coleman

Cody tries to convince Debbie that Hannah might be psychic. Drew tells Gaby that he’s not just Cody’s boyfriend – they’re married. Debbie asks Macca for a good reason why he won’t consider going out with her, so he tells her that he’s gay.

At number 28, Gaby and Cody are having breakfast, and Cody is concerned that her mum’s back later that day and is going to freak out when she hears about Drew. Gaby says that it’s not that big a problem – they just get a divorce and it’s over, though Cody will lose her Green Card. Cody explains that even that’s not a problem, as, if she goes back to the USA once a year, she can keep it. She admits, however, that she doesn’t think it’s as simple as it seems; Drew could easily have phoned or written, so he’s obviously got a reason for coming all the way to Australia.


At the Coffee Shop, Annalise is in the kitchen with Dave, and she’s looking through Dave and Sally’s scrapbook full of recipes and natural remedies. She says that it must be difficult for him, having to sell up and lose all of those precious memories, but he says that he’ll just sell the land, but he’ll keep the house where Sally is buried. He admits that it’s difficult, but says that he wants to travel around Australia, so selling up is something he has to do, as he can’t go busking any more without Sally. Mark then bursts in and tells them that it’s busy and he needs their help. Annalise tells him not to panic, and says that she’s just making up some labels. She then asks Dave to tell her the exact ingredients in the chutney, as, if they’re going to be selling it, it’s required by law. Dave lists them, then quietly adds ‘mixed herbs’ on the end. Annalise wants to know exactly which herbs, but Dave claims that he can’t remember and nobody will complain about ‘mixed herbs’. Annalise accepts this and goes out to help Mark, as Dave tastes the chutney and smiles to himself.

At number 26, Philip is telling Cody that Hannah is just an ordinary kid and is trying to please Cody for her communications project. Cody thinks that Hannah might have ‘a gift’ but Philip and Helen tell her that it’s simply ridiculous, and that the séances and predictions are taking it all too far. Phil asks Cody if she’ll let the subject go, as it’s really beginning to upset Hannah, and Cody agrees.


Back at the Coffee Shop, Mark is trying to get Annalise to help with clearing tables, but she’s too busy making labels, so he goes to do it himself, and then gets annoyed when Annalise ignores the ringing phone. He answers and it’s Rick, wanting Annalise to go and mind the bar. She leaves, as Dave asks where she’s going. Mark explains and points out the labels that Annalise left on the bench. Dave is very impressed to find that they’re all written in the forms of poems, and Mark says that Annalise is quite a good poet – she even had something published in the local newspaper. Dave is interested, and asks to see some of her work when they get home.

At number 26, Philip gets back and Helen asks if they all got to school on time. Phil says that he did, but Cody wasn’t too happy about losing her star pupil. Phil starts talking about all of the strange events that have happened recently, and Helen asks if he really believes that Hannah has supernatural powers. Phil says that there are logical explanations for all of it and begins to wonder if he should take Hannah to see a psychiatrist. After a brief moment of laughing into her ‘herbal tea’, Helen says that Hannah’s just a normal young girl, going through a phase of breaking things and blaming ‘a poltergeist’ and Phil has nothing to worry about.


At school, Cody is shocked when Debbie breaks the news that Macca’s gay, and says that he’s a scumbag for leading Debbie on like that. Debbie then starts talking about how confusing it must be for Macca if he’s attracted to her, and decides that love is the most powerful force in the world and can change anything.

At the Coffee Shop, Dave is performing one of Annalise’s poems, accompanied by his guitar, as Mark tidies up. Annalise then walks in and is surprised to hear Dave singing her poem, and is equally surprised to realise that Mark kept them. As Dave talks about how great they are, Annalise thinks he’s mocking her, but, to show he’s serious, he announces that he’s going to go and call his old friend Elliot Patterson, who used to be a poet before getting into publishing.


Macca is on a mobile phone the size of Tahiti, trying to arrange the delivery of some materials, when Cody turns up, asking him why he led Debbie on like that. He says that he never encouraged her, but Cody wonders why he kept it such a secret. Macca says that he isn’t ashamed, he just doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardise the job he loves, before insisting that Debbie isn’t his problem.

At number 26, Hannah arrives home and is about to rush into the kitchen for a snack, when Helen stops her and says that she’s been shopping. She then shows Hannah some bags on the table and Hannah opens one to find some ballet slippers. She’s delighted, but Debbie then gets home and isn’t very impressed, claiming that dance leotards are very unflattering. Helen then help Hannah to try on her new ballet gear.


Philip is doing some gardening when Hannah runs outside in her leotard and tutu to show him. She points out that she had to swap her ballet slippers for wellies in the garden, and Philip tells her that she looks lovely. He then shows her the worm farm he’s making, but Hannah isn’t quite as excited about that. Helen calls out to Hannah, telling her not to get dirty, and Hannah runs back inside to change into the slippers, so that her dad can come in and see.

Hannah goes into her bedroom to get the slippers, interrupting Debbie who’s lying on the bed looking at a photo of Macca. Hannah starts talking about how you tie the ribbons on the slippers, but Debbie says that she’ll tie them around her sister’s neck unless she shuts up. Hannah sticks her tongue out and Debbie throws a book at her, before pushing her out of the room and locking the door.


Dave arrives at number 30 and introduces Elliot to Annalise. Elliot is very pleased to meet Annalise and tells her that he never thought he’d meet such a talent in the cultural wasteland of suburbia. He then spouts lots of long words which Annalise doesn’t understand before asking to see some of her latest works. She points him in the direction of a shoebox and he sits down to read. As he does, Dave tells Annalise that he knows Elliot sounds like he’s a pretentious idiot, but he really does know his stuff when it comes to poetry.

At number 28, Gaby is preparing dinner, as Philip explains that he can’t find anyone to take Gaby’s job at the hotel, and he can’t leave Julie on her own at the newsagency every day. Gaby says it would only be for four weeks, but Philip laughs, thinking that it won’t be enough maternity leave. She says that she’s serious, so Phil agrees to fill in, and leaves, taking her potato scraps for his worms.


At number 30, Elliot again starts using long words, which confuse Annalise, to explain how much he loves her poems. He says that they have simplicity and yet depth and her poem about a teabag is also about the human condition. He says that there are a few rough edges, but he thinks that he can help her to polish them and produce a book.

At number 26, Phil says that he’s filling in for Gaby, and Helen laughs at the idea that she’s only taking four weeks of maternity leave. Hannah wants to help with dinner, but Helen and Philip insist that she change out of her ballet gear first. She storms off, and, after she goes, a glass suddenly falls off the counter. Phil and Helen look at each other, quizzically.


In the bedroom, an angry Hannah starts taking off her ballet gear and throws the cardigan across the room, knocking over Debbie’s photo of Macca. Debbie stands up and fixes it, before attacking Hannah. Phil comes in and breaks up the fight and they both insist that it was about nothing.

Annalise arrives to see Helen, who invites her in for a herbal tea. Annalise turns that offer down, but explains about the poetry anthology and asks Helen if she’d like to do some cover illustrations for it. As Annalise is talking about coming up with a good title for the book, Helen starts laughing and blames the tea for her wandering attention.


At number 28, Cody and Gaby have finished making dinner and complain that it’s going to be cold if their mum isn’t home soon. Cody is wondering how she’ll break the news about Drew, when there’s a knock at the door. Cody answers and a man in biker gear walks in and asks if this is the Willis house. He immediately knows who Cody and Gaby are, and they ask who he is. He explains that he’s Sam, a friend of Pam’s, and both girls look slightly worried.

Summary by Steve