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Magic Moments > 1994 > Marlene's Arrival / Michael's Departure Episode 2187

Written by Michael Joshua, Directed by Chris Adshead

Michael tells Debbie about moving away, but that he hasn’t told Danni yet. Danni tells Michael about a 50 dollar note she borrowed. Lou, Danni and Michael see a news report about counterfeit 50 dollar notes in the area. Debbie tells Brett she’s leaving to go to a clinic to help with her bulimia and she won’t be coming back to school...

Michael and Danni realise it must have been their 50 dollar note that was found at the music store and that they’ll have to get rid of the rest of Sam’s stash.

. . .

Helen arrives at the newsagency and says that they won’t be pressing charges against Julie for running over Cheryl. Helen suggests a party for Cheryl when she gets out of hospital to thank her for dropping the charges, but Phil says he’s too tired from work. Helen tells him to leave the work to Vikram for today and to go and have a celebration drink with her.

Danni and Michael arrive at number 24 to find Sam working on redecorating before his nan arrives. They try to sneak around and find the stash of money, so Michael distracts Sam while Danni sneaks through the bedrooms. Michael asks how long Sam will be staying and he says he doesn’t know. Danni appears and starts going through the kitchen cupboards, eventually finding the bag. Michael and Danni quickly make their excuses and leave, with Sam completely confused.

. . .

Rick brings Helen and Philip their drinks and asks for a word with Phil. He explains that he’s having a few problems in the bar, since Annalise has been so distracted lately. He explains that his job description has changed and that he’s doing things that trainees don’t need to do, but Phil tells him to take his own initiative.

At number 22, Danni is depressed because Michael is having a family dinner before leaving. Danni finds that Jeffrey the rat has left a surprise in her shoe and Brett blames all the stress of moving house. She gets angry with the rat and Brett warns her that the animals will get their revenge one day.

. . .

Helen gives Debbie a quilt, made by her mother, to take away with her. Helen explains that her mother made it during the depression, but she was a survivor, like Debbie. Helen tells Debbie that a lot of people go through periods of depression and change, but it will pass. Debbie hugs Helen, telling her how much she’ll miss her.

Brett arrives at number 24, asking Sam if he’s seen Jeffrey, who’s run away. Sam is distracted as he can’t find the money, and realises that the last time he saw it was before the weird visit from Michael and Danni. Brett says that Danni’s been acting oddly and Brett asks where the money came from. Sam explains that his nan had interest in a warehouse and then she was bought out and that was the money. He explains that all the stuff that was left at number 24 was his nan’s and they have to find it. They leave to speak to Danni, while Jeffrey is getting busy with another rat in the kitchen cupboard.

. . .

Phil and Michael are making dinner together and Michael says that everyone should live in the country, as it puts life in perspective. Phil tells Michael that he has his full support.

Sam and Brett try to find out about the money and Sam says that his life is at risk. Danni says that if she did know where the money was, she might not have it. She says she doesn’t want her last night with Michael to be spoilt and tells Sam that he’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.

. . .

The Martins are having a farewell dinner for Michael and Debbie and Hannah gives Debbie a pillow that she made herself. Phil gives her a present from him and Julie – a new pair of pyjamas. Michael then leaves to spend some time with Danni, while Rick comes in the back door with a gift from her, Annalise and Mark. It’s an oil burner with some essential oils and Debbie is delighted with everyone’s generosity.

Michael arrives at number 22 and Danni tells him about her plans for when he gets back. He explains that he won’t be back anytime soon, since there’s a high school up there where he can finish his studies and they’ve offered him a job. She asks why he didn’t tell her and he explains that he just didn’t know how to. He says he’s accepted the job and she gets upset, saying that she thought he loved her. He says they’re still young and asks if she wants to come with him, they could get a house. She says he’d freak out if she said yes and that she has to finish school and look after her mum and the baby. He says they can still get it together one day. They say they love each other, then they kiss.

. . .

Danni explains that she’s thrown the bag of money into the middle of Lassiter’s Lake and then about the note she used at the music store. Brett asks how they’ll get it out, and they both look at Danni, who looks worried.

Rick receives the order and realises that he hasn’t ordered enough. He tries to order some more for the next day, but the delivery guy says that they only deliver to Erinsborough once a week.

. . .

Danni retrieves the bag in a wetsuit, then they all rush back to Ramsay Street to farewell Michael and Debbie.

Back on the street, Michael apologises to Phil about not telling him about the job. Julie hugs Michael and Debbie, and Debbie tells Hannah she’s left some make-up for her in the bathroom. Helen reminds Debbie about surviving. Danni and Brett come running up the street, shouting for them to wait. Michael and Danni kiss, despite her being all messy and Debbie tells Brett how great he’s been lately. Danni watches in tears as the car drives out of the street. Brett tells her he has something to show her…

. . .

. . .

Brett and Danni look at the rats in the kitchen cupboard and Danni admits she’s jealous of a rat. Sam tells Danni that the boys came for the money a while ago and the money wasn’t counterfeit after all. Just then, there’s a knock at the door and a woman walks in, saying that it’s not a bad joint. Sam introduces his nan, Marlene Kratz, to Brett and Danni. She says that they’re a sight for sore eyes, leaving Danni slightly confused. Brett and Danni have to leave to visit Cheryl in hospital and after they go, Marlene asks Sam how Cheryl is. He asks how she knows Cheryl, and she says “That’s Auntie Cheryl to you, and Brett and Danni, they’re your cousins.” Sam looks very confused, and Marlene announces that she’s Cheryl’s mum.

Notes: Although he made several guest appearances in the show in the years that followed, this episode marked Troy Beckwith's final performance, as Michael Martin, as part of the regular cast.

Summary and captures by Steve