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Magic Moments > 1994 > Louise and Zac's Births Episode 2201

Written by Victoria Osborne, Directed by Michael Sergi, Produced by Sally-Anne Kerr

Channel Ten: 25/07/94, BBC One: 21/04/95, UK Gold: 09/04/01

Danni borrows money from Marlene for her recording career... Gaby panics about not having enough time to get to hospital when labour begins... Artie Goldberg wants to get Danni in for a photoshoot... Gaby tells Pam that she thinks she's in labour...

Pam wonders if it's a false alarm, but realises that it can't be, as Gaby is already overdue, and then she starts to panic as they haven't got a car, and Helen and Lou are both out. Pam calms down as she realises that Gaby is having a contraction, and sits with her, telling her to breathe deeply.


Meanwhile, Doug is stuck by the road, where the ute has a flat tyre. He goes to get the spare, but realises that's flat too, so he sets off down the road on foot.

Brett arrives at the hospital to visit Cheryl, with some celery wrapped in a bow. She says that she's feeling a bit tired, even though she's just been lying in bed all day. The nurse then comes in to check on Cheryl, and Brett starts telling his mum about Lata - Cheryl realises that Brett has developed a little crush, and then she asks about Danni. Brett is about to tell his mum about Danni's new career as a popstar, but the nurse then finishes her checks and tells Cheryl that her blood pressure is raised. Cheryl also reports that she has a dull headache and her hands are a little swollen. Once the nurse has gone, Cheryl wants to know what's going on with Danni, but Brett says it's a surprise and he'll let Danni tell her.


Out on Ramsay Street, Sam and Mark are painting the bus, and Sam says that it sounds like an ideal business, being able to take it out on the road. Mark says that it's good to have some freedom, and then asks Sam if he'd mind helping to prepare the next day's takeaways later. Danni then comes over and asks Mark if she can borrow some money - Sam asks what happened to the money that Marlene gave her, and Danni explains that it only bought one outfit, and she can't keep wearing the same thing to every photo session. She tells him to think of it as an investment, as soon she'll have a mansion and more money than she knows what to do with, then she'll pay him back double. Mark is surprised when Sam then agrees to lend his cousin $150, and Danni is delighted and tells him that she'll buy him a house one day. She then spots Cody and runs over to talk to her.

At number 28, Pam is on the phone to Olga at the birthing centre. She passes the phone over to Gaby, who explains that the pain started a few hours ago and now the contractions are regular, roughly five minutes apart. She hangs up the phone, and tells Pam that they want her to call back when the contractions are three minutes apart, or if the pain becomes too much. Cody then comes in, surprised to find Gaby in labour, and they all wonder where Doug has disappeared to.


Brett walks into the Coffee Shop, where Danni is working - she wants to know if their mum was in a good mood at the hospital, as she still needs to get her to sign the release form. She tells Brett that she managed to get some money out of Sam, but still needs more to pay the sound engineers and other people at the studios tomorrow. Brett has no money to lend her, but suggests asking Lou, as he always responds well to a sob story. Danni thinks it's a great idea, and says she'll go and talk to him when her shift's over.

Back at number 28, Gaby wanders off, saying that she's going to have a shower. Pam gets Cody to drag her sister back, and decides that they can't wait for Doug any longer...


Pam's motorbike appears from number 28's driveway, with Cody sitting on the back and Gaby in the sidecar, and sets off out of Ramsay Street.

Mark and Sam are cooking at number 30, when Annalise arrives home and complains about the mess in the kitchen. She says that she's just seen Rick and he wasn't happy either - Mark seems to have forgotten that he lives in a shared house. He tells Annalise that she's welcome to use the kitchen if she wants to, but she points out that there isn't even room for her to boil an egg. She then asks if he has a licence to sell food cooked in a domestic kitchen, which he doesn't, and the argument continues to get worse, until Mark says that they'll go over and cook at Sam's place. He storms off to get some herbs from the garden, and Sam asks Annalise if she and Mark always talk to each other like that, as it doesn't seem very healthy.


Doug is using a payphone to call home, but nobody's answering.

Gaby arrives at the birthing centre with Pam and Cody, and is shown to her room by Olga the midwife. Pam helps Gaby onto the bed, and Cody tries calling home, to see if Doug's there, but gets no reply. Cody asks how much longer the labour will take, but Olga says that the baby will come when it's ready, and suggests that she and Pam go and get a coffee, as she needs to do some checks on Gaby.


At the hospital, Annalise is visiting Cheryl, telling her about the problems with Mark. Cheryl is quite distracted, and Annalise wonders if she's boring her, but Cheryl then says that she doesn't feel well, and sends Annalise off to get a nurse. They're soon joined by a nurse and a doctor, and Annalise gets out of their way, telling Cheryl that she hopes everything will be OK. Dr Lawrence explains that the signs are pointing to pre-eclampsia, which is something that usually only first-time mothers suffer from. He tells her not to worry, they'll keep a close eye on her, but they'll need to make sure that her blood pressure starts to drop.

At number 24, Sam and Mark are continuing with the food preparation, and Sam suggests that Mark should probably look into getting a licence soon. Mark says that he'll wait until the business has grown a bit, as it's not really worth it now. Sam talks about his previous work helping out in kitchens, and the other jobs he's done, and Mark asks if he'd like to join the business full-time. Sam says he doesn't mind helping out, but he isn't interested in anything full-time. Mark then asks him for a sieve, and Sam explains that they haven't got one, but passes him a tennis racquet instead.


Lou walks into the Hungry Bite, and Danni is very pleased to see him. She explains that Artie Goldberg wants to make her a star, but she needs some money to get her image right before the first photoshoot. Lou thinks that the whole things sounds like a con, and says that Danni is a fool to fall for it. Danni thinks that Cheryl would give her the money, and decides to get down to the hospital and ask her before Lou beats her to it.

At the hospital, Lou and Danni are having a huge argument about the situation, over the top of Cheryl, who is clearly very uncomfortable. Lou thinks that Danni shouldn't be so trusting with a man she's only just met, but Danni says that she has to trust him if she wants to be a star, and she needs to spend money to make money. Brett tells them both to calm down, but the argument continues.


At the birthing centre, Pam and Cody are helping to keep Gaby comfortable, as Olga listens to the baby's heart rate and says that everything is going to plan. Gaby then starts to scream in pain as she starts having another contraction, and then Doug arrives, pleased to see that he hasn't missed the birth.

Back at the hospital, Lou and Danni's arguments continues, but Cheryl suddenly reaches up to press the buzzer, then starts having a fit. A couple of nurses rush in, and Lou helps them to get Cheryl onto her side, as Brett and Danni watch in shock. Dr Lawrence then comes in, and says that once they've got Cheryl stabilised, they'll need to take her in for an emergency Caesarean. He tells Lou that he'll need his written consent before the operation.


Back at the birthing centre, Gaby is now in the final stages and starts saying that she's scared, but Pam, Doug and Cody continue to encourage her. Olga tells her that she needs to start panting now and resist the urge to push and then shortly afterwards, the baby is born. Olga tells them all that it's a boy.

At the hospital, Lou is pacing around the corridor, as he, Brett and Danni wait for news. Brett says that it feels like they've been waiting for hours, but Lou looks at his watch and says that it's been 36 minutes. Lou is certain that everything will be fine - Danni asks how he can be so sure, and he says that he has to be.


Gaby holds her baby for the first time, and Cody starts taking photographs. They all agree that he's going to be named Shannon, and then Cody asks Olga to sit with Pam, Doug and Gaby for a photo.



A nurse comes by, with the baby in an incubator. She tells Lou that Cheryl is fine, and that the baby is a girl. Lou tells Danni and Brett to say hello to their new baby sister, Shannon, but then the nurse starts to wheel the incubator away. Lou starts to follow, alarmed as the nurse says that the baby needs to go straight to the special care nursery. Brett and Danni wonder what's going on, and Danni says that this isn't how Cheryl imagined the birth happening.

Featured Regular Characters: Doug Willis, Pam Willis, Cody Willis, Gaby Willis, Lou Carpenter, Cheryl Stark, Danni Stark, Brett Stark, Sam Kratz, Mark Gottlieb, Annalise Hartman

Guest Cast: Jay Callahan as Baby Zac, Tessa Taylor as Baby Louise, Maureen McInerney as Olga Horwood, Shauna McEwan as Barbara Miller, Peter Docker as Tim Lawrence

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Jay Callahan (credited as Baby Zac) and Tessa Taylor (credited as Baby Louise)
Olga Horwood was Maureen McInerney's third Neighbours guest role, and she would go on to appear four more times, between 1997 and 2006

Summary by Steve

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