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Magic Moments > 1995 > The 1995 Season Premiere Episode 2291

Written by John Hanlon, Directed by Robert Meillon

Sam tells Bianca that Squirrel’s pregnant and is trying to claim that he’s the father, but he didn’t even sleep with her, but nobody will believe him. Mark tells Annalise how sorry he is and that he’s decided to become a priest. Lou tells Cheryl that the girl she saw is his daughter...

At number 24, Annalise is wishing that Mark had said something before the wedding. Elliot offers to take Annalise with him to a poetry festival in Adelaide and she admits that she’s tempted. Elliot leaves and Marlene and Ren tell Annalise she’ll have to get out of the dress before she turns into Miss Faversham. Annalise gets angry and says she’s going to confront Mark, but Ren says that things will seem better after she’s had a rest. Marlene tells her to at least get changed before she starts any arguments.

. . .

. . .

At number 22, they’ve just finished dinner and Danni admits that it’s hard to think of Lou with an Asian daughter. Lou says it’s a shame that even now they all know the truth about Ling Mai, they don’t believe him. Cheryl asks him to tell her everything. Lou says he was 21 on his first holiday in Hong Kong. He had food poisoning and was in hospital where he met Sue, a medical student who took pity on him. He says that they fell in love, probably due to the holiday atmosphere, but after a few weeks, he came back to Australia and Sue wanted to stay at home and concentrate on her career. The first Lou knew about Ling Mai was when she wrote to him. Cheryl and Danni want to know why he didn’t say anything when he first found out. He says he had his reasons, but everyone was too quick to think badly of him.

Sam is telling Bianca about the year 12 party where he was the chaperone. He tells her about Packo spiking the punch and him fighting with Ren, and that Squirrel had been pestering him all night. He says that when he was packing up that night, Squirrel was still there and she tried it on, but nothing happened. He doesn’t understand why she’s lying and says he has no idea how to sort it all out. Bianca tells him to talk to Squirrel and Bianca says she’ll be moving out in the morning.

. . .

Next morning, Bianca is leaving with her stuff. Sam says he isn’t ready to talk to Squirrel yet and Bianca suggests talking to Marlene, as nothing would shock her. Bianca realises that he just doesn’t want word to get back to Annalise. Just then, Squirrel turns up and is jealous to see Bianca there. Sam introduces them to each other, then Bianca leaves, as Squirrel says she has a lot to talk to Sam about. Squirrel tries to talk, but Sam asks her if she wants a coffee. She says she doesn’t care and tells him to sit down. She says they need to talk about their future…

Annalise arrives at number 30 and Mark says he’s been worried. Annalise says she was shocked, hurt and angry and that he should never have let the wedding go ahead. She says she would never have done that to him. He says his feelings for her haven’t changed, but he can’t make her his partner. She asks why he has to become a priest when he’s already become Catholic. He says he has no choice, and she calls it his vocation. He says he’s sorry and that maybe one day she’ll understand and accept him. She calls him conceited, after ruining her life in front of everyone. She storms out, saying she never wants to see him again.

. . .

Sam tells Squirrel that nothing happened between them. She seems shocked and he apologises for knocking her back. She says it was the most wonderful night of her life, and he says it never happened. She asks if he’s accusing her of sleeping around and he says he isn’t, but that nothing happened and she knows it. She starts crying and runs off.

Out in the street, Rick and Cody are playing cricket, when they see Lou out with Suede Tess. He’s very short with them. Cody bowls to Rick and gets him out and they start arguing about her cheating, until he runs off with the wickets.

. . .

Inside number 30, Ren finds Mark sitting in silence. She realises how hard it’s been on him and he says that as a priest, his life will have purpose, which it’s never had until then. He says he’s always settled for second best, because he’s never been honest with himself. He says he wants to make a difference, but she wonders why he has to go to this extreme, when he could just join a charity group. He says it’s his calling and she realises that he’s certain about his decision. He says it’s a matter of faith.

At number 22, Brett is comparing Lou and Sue to him and Lata. Lou walks in and Danni starts having a go at him about his little fling. She says she feels sorry for Ling Mai with a father like him and Lou gets angry and goes outside to see Cheryl.

. . .

In the backyard, Lou tells Cheryl about how he’s had to listen to Danni mouthing off and wonders if Cheryl feels the same way. She says she isn’t sure what to believe after Lou’s actions over the past few months. He says they should just get it all out in the open, but they can’t talk out there, and walks off into the house.

At number 24, Marlene and Annalise are having lunch and Annalise explains that it’s one thing to have second thoughts, but to do what Mark did is unforgivable. Just then, Elliot arrives and is greeted by Bianca, who wants to know who he is. He asks her if he can speak to Annalise, who apologises to him for forgetting about the poetry festival. He says it’s fine, as she’s had far more important things on her mind. He says the offer still stands and he’s leaving now, so she decides to go. She says they should call in on Mark on the way…

. . .

At Lassiter’s, Brett and Danni are discussing Lou. Danni says that he won’t get away with hurting Cheryl like that. They bump into Squirrel, who seems very upset, so they stop to talk. She says she’s fine, but Brett realises he’s in the way and leaves. Squirrel says she has a problem with Sam and makes Danni promise not to tell anyone. Danni says she won’t tell a sole.

In the street, Cody hits the ball into the bushes. When Rick goes to find it, he finds the soft ball they were using, along with a real cricket ball. He looks over at her, then decides to throw the hard one this time, and she realises just as she hits it, and she’s out. She starts spinning it and bowls it to him, but it hits Rick on the leg.

. . .

At number 30, Mark is telling Annalise how great her trip sounds. Annalise tells him that he’ll need to sort out cancelling the trip and contacting relatives while she’s gone. Mark then thanks Elliot for taking Annalise and looking after her. Annalise and Elliot then leave abruptly and Ren tells Mark how obvious it was that Annalise was trying to make him jealous. Mark says that it didn’t work… well, only a little.

At number 22, Cheryl tells Lou how betrayed and ashamed she feels over his deception. He explains his position, saying how easy everyone found it to believe that he would cheat on her. She says that none of the rumours would have started if he’d just been upfront from the start. He says that she never told him about her other two kids, and she says that they weren’t an item then. He then mentions the fact that Cheryl claimed that her mother was dead, to which she replies that Ling Mai is hardly Lou’s mother. Lou says he’s not pointing the finger, but he had to check that Ling Mai wasn’t an imposter and he had to come to terms with things. She says he should have told her and he says she should have trusted him. He apologises for hurting her, but says she’s the most important person in his life, along with Louise. Cheryl asks about Ling Mai and when they’ll meet, so Cheryl suggests inviting her over to dinner tomorrow.

. . .

. . .

Sam is annoyed with Squirrel for telling Danni. Danni explains that she won’t tell anyone. Sam says they need to work all this out, and Squirrel says that she’s made up her mind about what she wants to do…

Summary and captures by Steve