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Magic Moments > 1995 > Joanna's Arrival Episode 2395

Written by Michael Joshua, Directed by Richard Jasek

Stonie knocks down Jen’s tower of cards and she says that if she gets it over a metre, she’s eligible for a uni busters record. Annalise tells Sam that they can spend time together later. Luke tells Ren he’s put a letter for Libby in her letterbox, as he really wants to fix the situation. Susan tells Libby that Anne Teschendorff is on the verge of expelling her...

Susan tells Libby that anything published in the school newspaper is the responsibility of the school, she says that they could be facing legal action over what Libby wrote about the greyhounds. Libby says people need to know, but Susan tells her that she needs to keep her cool. She has to go and see Teschendorff and print a retraction and tells her that if she is expelled, she’ll have to go to boarding school. Libby is shocked at this statement and storms off to her room.

. . .

Annalise is asking Marlene what she should take to Europe and Marlene tells her not to trust any of that foreign weather. Annalise starts daydreaming about all the things she’s going to see, and Sam gets upset at hearing about it. Annalise asks him to let her be a little bit excited, and he says he has to go to footie training. Marlene and Annalise feel bad for Sam, and Marlene says she’s planning a big farewell dinner. Annalise explains that she wanted to make something for Sam on her own, so Marlene says she’ll go down to Chez Chez and give them some space.

At number 30, Luke is having another go at writing his letter to Libby, while Jen is making another tower of cards on the kitchen table. Jen is pleased that Luke is taking emotional responsibility and he threatens to knock her tower down. She only needs a few more layers, but says she might leave it, as she doesn’t feel very lucky. Ren is annoyed that she can’t come up with any business ideas and decides to go to bed, hoping that everything will seem better in the morning. Luke finishes his letter and Jen tells him that it doesn’t really matter, as he’s not in love with her. He glares at her.

. . .

The following morning at number 26, Reuben and Helen are packing up some of her paintings and he suggests putting one of the pictures up opposite the bed. She says it might keep her up all night. She says she won’t miss living at number 26, as things have been very fraught recently. She then starts talking about families and mentions Reuben’s son, Garnet, asking Reuben why he’s treating him that way. He tries to change the subject, but he says that Garnet doesn’t need to know. Helen says that Garnet will be very upset if he finds out the truth and that there shouldn’t be any unfinished business between father and son. Reuben remembers his own father and Helen tells him that times have changed since then. She asks when they last had a good talk and Reuben can’t remember, he realises Helen isn’t going to stop nagging until he talks to his son.

At number 24, Annalise is preparing breakfast in bed and Sam appears, asking why she didn’t wake him. She says he deserved a lie-in and she asks if he knows what day it is – she says it’s Sam Day. He gets to call all the shots, as she’s finished all her packing and they can spend the day together. She asks him not to make things any harder and asks what he wants to do. He reminds her that it’s night-time in Europe and drags her to the bedroom to work on her jetlag.

. . .

In the street, Luke sees Libby and tries to give her his letter. She says she got the first one and she doesn’t want to talk to him, as she hates him.

Luke bursts into the Coffee Shop, asking Jen if Mark is around. She says that he just left. Jen asks if Luke has seen Libby and he tells her about their conversation. Jen tells Luke that he always has to be the bad guy. Jen says that the uni busters team are coming to the shop later to see her card tower and she wants Luke to be ready with the camera to take her picture as soon as it’s complete.

. . .

Karl is leaving for work while Susan cleans the floor. They discuss Libby and Susan seems very flustered, complaining that she’ll have to spend all day with the girl at school. Just then, Ren comes in the back door, asking for sponsors for Mark’s 24 hour famine. Susan says she’d love to help, but right now, she’s running seriously late. Ren leaves, and Susan starts getting very upset about Billy messing up the floor with his swimming gear. Karl calms her down and Susan admits that she’s on Libby’s side, but has to appear neutral. She says she’s worried that Libby won’t back down and will end up being expelled. Karl offers her his full support and she says she might need it.

At number 26, Reuben tells Helen that he’s decided to tell Garnet the truth. Helen is thrilled and Reuben says he’ll arrange a meeting. Helen keeps asking when and reminds him that she’ll keep nagging until she pins him down. They decide to have an afternoon in front of the tv and Marlene suddenly appears with some shepherds pie, explaining that she wants to spend the day with them, to give Sam and Annalise some privacy. They try to get rid of her, but she insists on staying and wants to see all of the wedding photos and hear all about the honeymoon.

. . .

Susan is at the school, telling Libby how lucky she was to get away with it. Libby accuses her mother of sucking up, but Susan says she’s lucky to still be at the school and only has to print a small retraction. Libby says that she’s sick of being unable to speak the truth and storms off, again.

Sam and Annalise are having a picnic in the park, when he notices the results of the poetry competition in the newspaper. Annalise is disappointed to realise that she hasn’t been placed, but Sam tells her she knows the winner and starts to read the poem out:

. . .

The further you go away
The nearer you’ll be
For oceans and mountains and plains don’t divide
You and me
Our love has been mountain peaks
Our passion oceans
Our friendship still a trek over plains
Often hard
So carry on your jounrey
Go free
But the longer you’re away
The nearer I’ll be

Annalise tells him it’s beautiful and she realises it’s his poem. He tells her it’s her going away present and she kisses him and says she loves it.

. . .

Susan is preparing dinner when Libby comes in. Susan says she thought she’d run away and Libby asks to talk to her mum in private. They ask Karl, who’s playing Magic Carpet, to leave. Susan tells Libby what she said was very hurtful and Libby says she lost the plot. She explains about all of Luke’s letter and Susan asks if he’s pressuring her. Karl walks in and says that there’s no harm if Luke just wants to be friends.

. . .

Libby goes to see Luke in the Coffee Shop kitchen. He tells her that their relationship could never have worked and that she wasn’t ready for an adult relationship. He also tells her that she deserves the best. She asks him why he’s been seeing so much of Lucy lately and he assures her that it’s purely platonic. Just then, Jen and Ren start calling Luke to take a photo, as Jen’s managed the record for the card tower. Jen tries to get everyone to stand still and Luke takes the photo. Everyone cheers, but then Jen shuts them all up.

. . .

At number 24, Annalise has all of her bags packed and Sam asks if she’s remembered her toothbrush. She suggests getting a cab, but he says no and they hug. She starts to cry and says she doesn’t even know why she’s going. She asks him if he can be faithful to her and he says he can and she says that she’ll read his poem night and day. Just then, there’s a knock on the door and a girl is standing there. She asks for Annalise Hartman and Sam lets her in. She says she needs to talk to her, urgently and Annalise explains that she’s going overseas. The girl says that it’s even more urgent in that case. She offers her hand and says that her name’s Joanna and she’s Annalise’s half-sister.

Summary and captures by Steve