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Magic Moments > 1995 > Ren's Departure Episode 2469

Written by Lois Booton, Directed by Grant Fenn, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 07/09/95, BBC One: 30/04/96 and 01/05/96, UK Gold: 18/04/02

Cody is hesitant about moving into number 30, as she doesn't want to live with Colin, but Jen points out that he might be easier to live with than Joanna... Philip returns home to find Hannah and her friends all drunk, after eating the spiked watermelon...

Later, Philip is on the phone to Rena Janossi's father, apologising for what's happened, whilst Helen brings Hannah back from the bathroom, where she's been very unwell. Hannah still feels terrible, and sits at the kitchen table with her head over a bowl. Philip gets off the phone from Mr Janossi, who wasn't very understanding about the matter, and then Jen returns, from helping Mr Tan carry Zoe to his car, as she passed out. Miranda wanders out into the kitchen, clutching her stomach and saying that she wants to go home, but Helen reminds her that her parents are away, so she has to stay with them. She goes to get some flat lemonade for the girls, to settle their stomachs, and Jen suggests vegemite on toast, which makes Miranda run off to the bathroom again. Philip is surprised that the watermelon did so much damage, as he didn't add that much vodka, but then Helen and Jen both admit that they added more. Hannah chastises the lot of them for being so irresponsible with alcohol.


At number 30, Luke and Mark make a toast, and Mark is happy with the way his party went, and pleased that he still has a few friends left on Ramsay Street. Colin then appears, in biker leathers, and says that he's going out for a ride with Gruff. Luke, Mark and Ren are surprised as Colin talks about how he used to ride on the Phillip Island circuit, and almost turned pro. Once he's gone, Luke says that surely some of Colin's stories must be fabricated, but Ren isn't so sure - and they remind Mark that he's stuck with Colin for the next three months, but at least he'll have Cody around too, to provide some light relief. Mark admits that he's not looking forward to saying goodbye to Luke and Ren the following day.

The next morning, at number 26, Hannah and Miranda are worried about going to school, and how people are going to react to the events of the previous night. Miranda is especially concerned because she called Melony a bushpig. They both decide that they're not going to school, then Phil and Jen walk in, and they tell him that they feel terrible and don't want to go to school. Jen is sympathetic, but Phil doesn't think he can tell the school that his daughter has a hangover and won't be coming in, and he doesn't want to lie either. Helen then comes in and says that he won't need to lie, as she's already spoken to Susan and explained everything, and she's going to keep an eye on them today.


At number 30, there's a knock at the door, and Mark grabs a book, thinking it's Colin on his way in, but it's actually Cody. She says that Marlene wasn't in a good mood this morning, as Colin hardly spoke to her last night, then stood her up for a date this morning. Mark can't imagine how it would feel to be stood up by Colin. Ren and Luke then come in with their bags all packed, and Cody gives them a farewell gift, and a birthday present to Mark - but they're the wrong way round, so they swap - Mark gets the book, and Ren gets the translator to help in Japan. Cody then makes plans to start moving her stuff in later that day, and says her goodbyes to Ren and Luke. Moments later, the taxi sounds its horn outside, and Mark decides to walk out there, telling his sister that he doesn't want her to remember him in the wheelchair.

Outside, Phil, Helen, Jen and Luke are gathered as Ren helps Mark outside - she says that they should keep this brief, as she's not sure how long Mark will be able to stand. Helen and Phil tell Mark and Ren to send lots of postcards, as they want to hear all about their adventures - it'll be preferable to hearing about Colin's. The man himself then speeds up the street on a motorbike, relieved that he's managed to catch them before they leave, and hands over a letter of introduction to the Australian Ambassador in Tokyo, should they need it - he's an old school friend of Colin's. They go over and Mark says a final goodbye to Ren, telling her that he loves her, before the taxi drives them both out of Ramsay Street.






At the coffee shop, Colin puts down a glass of milk for Cody, who actually ordered a coffee. She complains, but he says that it'll be better for her braincells. Jen arrives to join Cody, and Cody says that Colin's already trying to control her diet - but he's still preferable to Joanna. Jen explains that she went to an extra anatomy tutorial to cheer herself up after Luke left - Cody thinks this is weird. Jen says that Cody might have enjoyed it too, if she'd been there, as the new lecturer Adrian Ewart is quite the dish.

Helen and Philip are having a drink at the pub, and he starts to wonder if they should remove all of the alcohol from the house, as he feels like an irresponsible parent. Helen points out that she and Jen are just as much to blame, but they're not reacting like this. Philip says that he's had irate parents lecturing him all morning and he feels very guilty, but Helen says that what's done is done, but they've all learnt from it and it's never going to happen again. She also points out that Hannah is unlikely to want to drink again for a very long time, which cheers Philip up slightly.


Back at the coffee shop, Colin presents Jen and Cody with some perfectly nutritionally balanced food. Cody then decides that it's time to go, as she's meeting Hamish, and Jen asks if she can come too. Colin takes the opportunity to say that he's delighted that he'll be living with a bright young woman like Cody, and he's looking forward to lots of meaningful debates on medicine, art and the meaning of life. Mark then bursts through the door, on his crutches and struggling along. Colin gets him a chair and then insists on going to prepare him some food, to aid with his recuperation. Mark and Cody start to wonder if they're going to be able to cope with living with Colin, but Cody again says that living with Joanna is worse. Mark then considers whether he can break the lease.

At the school, Hannah and Miranda have struggled through the door, feeling terrible, when their friends Cathy and Simone come over, wanting to know all about the party. They think it sounds really cool - Hannah is surprised. Susan joins them and says that Zoe was sent home after lunch, but the rest of the girls have made it through the day - and they can tell Philip that nobody is going to press charges. As Susan walks off, Simone says that Hannah really knows how to live - but Hannah replies that if feeling like your whole body hates you is her idea of living, then she's dumber than she looks.


At number 26, Philip answers the door to Faye Tan, Zoe's mother. Philip invites her in, saying that it's a pleasure to meet her, but she says that Zoe was sent home from school and he's very lucky that she doesn't have alcohol poisoning. She explains that they moved to Erinsborough as it's supposed to be a nice suburb with nice people, and she was under the impression that her daughter would be very well looked after at the slumber party, but instead she was left to get drunk while Phil was out partying. Faye explains that Zoe will no longer be allowed to associate with Hannah. She then leaves.

Later, Hannah is on the phone to the Tan household, and asks to speak to Zoe. Helen listens in, as Hannah tries to explain herself to Zoe's parents, but is told not to call again, and she hangs up. Helen asks Hannah if there's a problem, and Hannah says that Zoe's mum was horrible to her just now and said that Zoe can't come over again. Hannah is upset that her dad didn't warn her about this, and Phil wonders if he should try writing to Mrs Tan, to explain, but Hannah says that this is all his fault, he spoils everything and she hates him. She then runs off to her room.


Cody, Jen and Hamish are studying in the uni library, arguing over a medical point, and then discussing how attractive Adrian Ewart is, when Hamish suddenly starts to get pains in his chest. Jen says that, whenever they cover any kind of disease or condition, Hamish is convinced that he's suffering from it, but Hamish insists that it's real, and gets Cody to feel his heart rate. She then jokingly breaks the news to him that he doesn't have a heartbeat, and he's officially dead!

At number 26, Hannah emerges from her room, and Helen tells her that she's hurt Philip's feelings - and that the events of last night were an accident, and not really anyone's fault. Helen thinks that Hannah is being very unfair by blaming him. Philip then comes in to ask Helen what she wants for dinner, and Hannah goes over and apologises for the way she spoke to him earlier. They share a hug, and Hannah says that, even if he did mess up, she still loves him.


Cody and Jen are leaving the lecture hall, and Jen is once again talking about how great Adrian Ewart is, when Hamish comes in, breathless after playing basketball. He asks each of them for a lift home, but they can't help, and then he suddenly clutches his chest again, and collapses. Cody thinks it's a joke, but Jen checks him and realises that he isn't breathing. They both start to do CPR...

Featured Regular Characters: Serendipity Gottlieb, Luke Handley, Jen Handley, Mark Gottlieb, Helen Daniels, Philip Martin, Hannah Martin, Cody Willis, Susan Kennedy

Guest Cast: Frank Bren as Colin Taylor, Leah De Niese as Miranda Starvaggi, Stuart Fenton as Hamish Dwyer, Phillippa Adgemis as Faye Tan, Angelique Meunier as Simone Corny, Christal Hili as Cathy Heinz

Trivia Notes
Final appearance of Raelee Hill as Serendipity 'Ren' Gottlieb
Ren's final words are "Yeah, I'll miss you too."
Although Bernard Curry (Luke) also leaves in this episode, the character would return later in 1995, and would remain in the cast for another year
Angelique Meunier, who played Simone in this episode, returned in 2000 as Cheyenne Rivers
Due to the teen sex storylines involving Billy and Melissa, and Danni and Mal, this episode was one of several which was affected when the BBC removed any teen sex references and edited and merged other episodes together. The episodes were, however, broadcast in their entirety in the UK six years later, on UK Gold

Summary by Steve

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