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Magic Moments > 1995 > Colin's Departure Episode 2510

Written by Helen MacWhirter, Directed by Geoff Hunt, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 03/11/95, BBC One: 26/06/96, UK Gold: 14/06/02

Jen is pulled over by the police due to the banner on top of her car. Marlene tells Colin that she'd rather not have a party, as she just wants him to herself on his last night in Erinsborough, but Colin realises that nobody wanted to come. Billy gets a fright when he thinks there's somebody hiding out at the allotments.

At number 28, Susan, Libby, Mal and Sonny are sitting around, reading, while Libby wonders what the 'normal' families are watching on TV. Mal suggests that she just stare at the screen and pretend there's something on it, but Libby isn't amused. Sonny doesn't see what all the fuss is about - he hasn't watched TV in years, but everyone else is keen when Mal suggests that, since Karl isn't there, they just plug the set back in. However, Mal finds that Karl has removed the plug. He's about to start fixing it, when Billy bursts in, suffering an asthma attack.


At number 30, Marlene is sitting at the table as Colin brings in various international foods and she tells him that they're all delicious. She says that there surely can't be a culture that he knows nothing about, and he admits that sometimes it's a curse, as he never feels fully comfortable in one place. He says that Marlene seems to be the only person in the street who appreciates his knowledge - nobody seems to care whether he comes or goes. Marlene insists that there are plenty of people who'll miss him, and they get stuck into the meal. Then, Mark comes in and explains that he'll make himself scarce so they can be alone, but first gives Colin a gift, a recipe book in which he's written some of Colin's favourite meals. Colin's very touched.

At number 28, Billy is using the nebuliser and is breathing normally again. Susan asks him what frightened him so much, and he explains that there was someone at the allotments. Mal jokes that it must have been the Erinsborough Bunyip, but Billy explains how he left Libby's flash there, so he went to get it and he saw something. Susan wonders if it was an animal, but Billy says it was definitely human, and it ran off, carrying something like a piece of wood or a gun. Despite Susan's suggestion to call the police, Mal and Sonny decide to go down there and have a look around themselves.


At number 26, Jen is insisting to Philip that she's keeping up with her studies, despite her soap opera addiction, but Phil offers her a deal - if she continues to focus on her studies, he'll help her to win the competition to visit the set. She's delighted, and asks what his plan is - and he tells her that they're going to come up with something really big, that'll blow everyone away.

At the allotments, Sonny and Mal are shining torches around, looking for the mysterious bunyip. They go off in separate directions, and Mal starts calling out 'Here bunyip bunyip bunyip' but doesn't notice Sonny sneaking up behind him with a scarecrow and gets a fright. As they both realise that there's nothing there, they walk away, unaware that somebody is standing on top of the old bus, watching them leave.


At number 22, Danni comes downstairs to get a snack and take a break from studying, while Cheryl tells her that she should probably starve rather than leave her books. As Danni complains that she'll never manage to learn everything before the exams, Cheryl offers her a deal - she'll pay her for every provable hour she studies. Danni agrees, and runs off to get her books so Cheryl can see she's working. Lou, who has been listening from the kitchen, tells Cheryl's she's unbelievable - she's got Brett working all hours, but she's paying Danni. Cheryl insists that it's just because her children are so different - what works for one would never work for the other.

The next morning, Jen and Philip are rushing to leave the house, with Jen saying that she still can't believe they're going to do this. Helen is gardening and is surprised to see them out and about, and asks what they're up to. Jen says that they're going to win the competition, with Phil adding that he hopes it'll kill off Jen's 'soapie' bug once and for all.


Meanwhile, at number 28, Mal has finished fixing the plug and asks who wants to watch some TV. Susan and Libby are sceptical, and neither is surprised when it doesn't work. Mal then comes over to sign Colin's farewell card, and Libby tells him that she was thinking about going for a morning surf. Mal says that he'll be heading over to Sonny's workshop that afternoon, so Libby agrees to make it an afternoon surf, and Susan asks when they'll be doing any study. They're joined by Billy, and Libby agrees to help him develop his photos from the allotments, while Susan tells Mal and Libby that she expects at least four hours study from each of them.

At number 30, Colin is finishing his packing, with Marlene's help. She says that she expects a letter each week, but he offers to send a tape instead. She thinks that's a wonderful idea, and tells him not to leave a single detail out. Susan then arrives with a gift for Colin, telling him that the street just won't be the same without him.


Lou is doing his radio show, and he's putting in a plug for Chez Chez as a venue for Melbourne Cup celebrations, while Phil and Jen sneak into the studio.

Meanwhile, Colin, Marlene, Susan and Mark listen as Lou says a fond farewell to Colin, and tells him that everyone on Ramsay Street wishes him a safe journey.


As Lou puts on a South American track for Colin, he takes a break from the studio. Phil and Jen then run in a lock the door, before a playing a rap about Stairwells In Time that they're recorded. Helen, and those gathered at number 30 all listen, amused, while Lou comes running in and tells them to stop.



At number 28, Billy is showing Libby a shadowy figure on the bus in one of his photographs, but she says that it looks more like the reflection of a tree in the window. Billy suggests that they blow up the pictures to get a better look, but Libby thinks it'll just make the image more grainy and suggests that he's not going to find his proof in these photos.

At number 26, Jen and Philip are laughing about what they've done, hoping that Lou hasn't stopped speaking to them. The man himself then walks in, furiously telling them both that he's been sacked due to their little stunt. They both feel terrible, until Lou starts laughing and they realise that he was having them on. They all then leave to go to Colin's farewell.


Mal arrives at the beach, where Libby's been waiting for hours. She says that the water's too rough for her now, but Mal decides to go in anyway, despite Libby's warnings that there's a rip tide.


At number 30, Colin is touched that everyone has come over for farewell drinks and given him a camera lense as a going away present. Phil grimaces as Marlene insists that Colin make a speech:

"Well everyone, I'm a man of mixed emotions. The excitement I feel about going on another world adventure is mixed with an equal amount of sorrow I feel at leaving behind those I love." (Marlene interrupts, telling everyone he's referring to her.) "I've lived on Ramsay Street a very short time, but today I felt a love, friendship and warmth that I shall treasure forever. To be the recipient of such goodwill and affection..." (Philip interrupts, saying it was a great speech) "Enough of my boring on, but I did sincerely want to tell you all that I'm very touched by your show of affection and goodwill and I shall miss you. And I look forward to seeing you all when I get back."

Everyone's slightly worried to hear that he might come back. Colin says that he could never leave Marlene, or such warm and loving friends. Everyone then raises a glass and they sing 'For he's a jolly good fellow.'


Back at the beach, Libby looks up from reading her magazine and realises that she can't see Mal. She then spots him waving to her, then he disappears again. She runs off and finds Sonny, telling him what's happened, and he starts to run to help, while Mal disappears under the water...

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Marlene Kratz, Colin Taylor, Mark Gottlieb, Jen Handley, Philip Martin, Lou Carpenter, Cheryl Stark, Danni Stark, Helen Daniels

Guest Cast: Tom Hutchings as Sonny Hammond

Trivia Notes
Colin claims that he has an extensive knowledge of all cultures, though his knowledge of Asia Minor and the Turkish pre-Ottoman period could do with some brushing up

Summary by Steve

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