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Magic Moments > 1996 > Jen's Departure Episode 2563

Written by Hugh Stuckey, Directed by Sally-Anne Kerr

Cody tells Jen that she’s taken her advice and asks if she and Sam can have the house to themselves that night. Hannah is alone with the quiz answers at the Kennedy place, but isn’t sure whether to look at them...

Zoe asks Philip if he’s spoken to her parents and wonders when she can go home. She’s just about to phone them when Hannah comes running in. She says she’s going to do some study in her room. Zoe tells Phil that whoever wins the quiz should do it on their own, but hopes it’s her. Phil says he’s hoping for a draw.

. . .

At number 30, Sam is impressed with the beer and chips Cody’s made for dinner. He says he’s confused, but she tells him to read her body language. They share a kiss, and she says they can make the most of the next three weeks, then see what happens. They’re about to kiss again, until Sam says the food’s getting cold. Cody tells him he’ll need to keep his strength up.

Brett is at the Kennedy place for dinner, and they’re all ribbing Karl for burning the food. Karl asks Brett how often he’ll be coming over for dinner and Brett insists that it’s just a one off. Susan tells Brett to ignore Karl when he’s teasing. Karl then tries to find out what’s going on between Brett and Libby. Libby is annoyed, while Susan tells everyone to ignore him.

. . .

At the pub, Cheryl and Marlene walk in and Lou calls Marlene “a walking encyclopaedia”. Marlene tells Lou that if he thinks he knows more, they can put it to the test. She suggests having a live on-air test. Lou admits that he got Karl to phone in with the question on the show, and Marlene admits that she was tipped off by Cheryl. They both laugh at the situation and agree to work together to make their show the best on the air.

Karl is telling Brett about how he never used to play football, incase he damaged his hands. Susan explains to Brett that they don’t need warm cocoa to help them sleep, as they just listen to Karl. Karl wonders if Brett is trying to get into his good books, but Libby says that they’re just good friends. Susan drags Karl off to bed, and Libby says she can’t believe her dad. Brett says that it must look a bit sus, when Karl suddenly appears again. Susan calls him back.

. . .

Cody and Sam are kissing on the sofa, when she starts laughing. She says that they’re too good friends to be lovers, and it’s like kissing her cousin Stanley.

The next morning, at number 26, Helen arrives back early from university camp and says she wanted to say goodbye to Jen. Phil invites Helen to join them on their drive to the airport and Hannah asks if she can come too. Phil says she can, and then he tells Hannah and Zoe to hurry up and leave for school. Once they’re gone, Phil asks Helen for all the goss about the camp…

. . .

At number 30, Cody appears from her room and Jen and Luke want to know what happened last night. She says she should be asking them that question, and Jen says she was saying goodbye to everyone. Cody says that she and Sam have agreed to just be mates. They ask her if she’s upset and she says she thinks it was the best decision as they just wanted something to happen because they were such good mates. She says that their friendship is as serious as it gets.

At the radio station, Lou and Marlene are trying out their new friendly radio show. Lou reads out a letter from a listener, and Cheryl and Brett, who are listening at home, can’t believe what they’re hearing. They start being far too nice and Cheryl turns the radio down. The phone rings, and it’s Max Geppart for Brett. After the call, Brett tells his mum Max’s trip has been delayed and that he wants Brett to go sailing around the world with him.

. . .

At the school, the final four people competing to go on the quiz are Robert, Zoe, Lance and Hannah. They all get their first questions correct, though Hannah seems slightly more nervous than the others.

Brett assures Cheryl that the trip would be safe, but she’s worried that the boat will sink. She asks why he has to go away again so soon and he reminds her that she gave him her blessing before Kenya. She reminds him of the fling with Judy and that he doesn’t seem to care about her feelings anymore. He says that if he does decide to go, she can’t stop him. Lou and Marlene come in and say that the station manager called their show boring today. Cheryl ignores them and goes after Brett.

. . .

Lance answers his question wrong, but Hannah gets hers wrong. Then Zoe gets her question wrong too, so the two people going to appear on the tv quiz are Robert and Hannah. Everyone cheers for them.

Phil is hurrying Jen along as they prepare to leave. Jen hugs Luke and tells him to send her a picture of himself when he becomes a policeman. She then hugs Cody, who gives her a sarong as a gift. She tells her how much she’ll miss her and promises to come back and visit. She says that it’s the right time to be going and that she can’t wait to start her new adventure. She gets in the car and they drive off.

. . .

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Marlene finds Sam and tells him she’s been looking for him everywhere. She’s very excited and shows him a flyer for a ‘Grandchild of the Year’ competition. She says she’s been winning competitions all her life and he asks how she could win this competition. She then tells a shocked Sam that he’s a finalist.

Summary by Steve