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Magic Moments > 1996 > Brett's Departure Episode 2565

Written by Victoria Osbourne, Directed by Sally-Anne Kerr

Lou gets a caller on his radio show claiming that she doesn’t want a complete buffoon for mayor. Cheryl asks Libby to try about talk Brett out of going away on the trip...

Libby and Brett are in her room, and she tells him about the visit from his mother. She explains that Cheryl thinks they’re a couple, and she asked her to try and convince him to stay. Brett is annoyed and Libby asks him what he’s going to do. He says that he’s still going to leave, but that it would be quite nice to teach his mum a listen, to try and stop her from interfering again. Libby is shocked and asks Brett what he’s going to do, but he tells her that the less she knows about this, the better.

. . .

Stonie is in the kitchen with Mal, and he says he’s trying to get into poetry to impress the babes. Mal is unimpressed and explains that Stonie won’t get with Cath by taking her to some sleazy poetry café. Stonie thinks he’s wrong, but Mal says that no woman would be impressed by a guy putting on some faze, arty front to impress her. Mal also reminds him that he doesn’t know much about poetry. Stonie reminds him of the lessons he had with Annalise, and that he couldn’t ride a bike once, but he learnt how to do it. Just then, Brett appears from the bedroom and ignores the other two as he leaves. Stonie is surprised and asks Mal if Libby and Brett are an item. Mal thinks they are, and Stonie says it just goes to prove his point – being a sensitive bloke around the ladies is like gold.

At number 22, Cheryl tells Lou he’ll have to decide between being himself and being mayor. Brett comes in and Cheryl asks if he’s still angry, but he says he’s not and that he’s not going to leave. Cheryl is thrilled and hugs him, then asks why he changed his mind – he says it was Libby. Lou and Cheryl are amazed and Brett explains that he’s asked Libby to marry him. Cheryl suddenly goes silent and Brett explains that Libby really must love him or she wouldn’t have talked him into staying. Cheryl says she spoke to Libby, but Brett says it’s ok, he still wants to marry her. Cheryl starts ranting, saying that she’d rather he went off around the world on a boat, than threw his life away by getting married so young. Brett starts smiling and says he’ll call Max and let him know that he has his mother’s blessing. Brett goes off and Cheryl sits down, shocked by her son’s deviousness. Lou pours her a drink and says he wonders where he gets it from.

. . .

Cath and Stonie are at the pub, talking about the poems. She says she’s surprised by his sensitive attitude, as she thought he had the same attitude as Mal – men and women can’t be friends, only lovers. Stonie suggests that they can be both and Cath says that it’s possible, but probably not in this case. She thinks they’ll be good friends. He asks where that fits in with the friends and lovers thing and she says they’ll just be good friends. She says she feels like she can talk to him and starts asking about Danni and Mal’s past together. Stonie gets the wrong end of the stick, thinking that Cath is interested in Danni, but Cath quickly explains that it’s Mal she wants to go out with. Stonie is shocked and Cath explains that she told him she liked him at camp, and Stonie says he knew nothing about any of this. Cath asks Stonie if he’ll have a word with Mal for her.

Brett arrives at number 26 with Libby and Helen explains that their meal is going to have a different course from each continent. Brett asks where Hannah is, and Phil and Helen explain about how they looked after Zoe all last week, while her parents needed some space, so now Hannah’s spending the night there. Libby says that they sound like perfect candidates for the emergency accommodation scheme. She explains that there was an article in the paper and Phil says it felt good to look after someone with nowhere to go. Brett says he felt the same in Africa, and Phil asks if Cheryl’s coming, but Libby explains that they’re teaching Cheryl a lesson.

. . .

At number 28, Stonie is laying into Mal for not telling him about Cath’s advances towards him at the camp last week. Stonie accuses Mal of trying to put him off Cath so he could get his hands on her, and tells him to lay off her. He says he’s going to make her like him, since it worked with Cody. Mal reminds him how badly that turned out and Stonie says that doesn’t matter. He then storms out.

At number 26, they’re having coffee after dinner, talking about the Galapagos Islands and Cape Horn. Brett explains that their plans are really vague, so they’ll just go where the wind takes them. Brett tells Libby and Helen how much he’ll miss them; his two best friends. Helen asks for lots of postcards and Phil suggests they plot his route on a map. Brett admits he’s worried about leaving his mum like this, but he says he’s tried to get through to her every other way, and there’s only one left, but he doesn’t really want to do it.

. . .

At the pub, Stonie is asking Marlene how to make a girl like him. She tells him to stop moping around. Danni comes over and asks what to do if you really want it to work. Marlene tells them to just forget about it, and so Stonie asks Danni to go clubbing with him.

Susan answers the door to Brett, who is asking after Libby. Susan explains that she’s gone to bed, as she has an early start. She then asks Brett if he and Libby are thinking of doing anything silly and he says she’s not doing anything, except being a good friend. Susan says she’s pleased about Libby’s good taste in friends and realises that this is more than just goodnight. Brett says that the guy who went to Africa wasn’t the one who came back and that he wants to make his way in the world while he has the chance. Susan says it’s a good idea, he goes to leave and she tells him how much she’ll miss him. They hug and he says goodbye, leaving Susan in tears.

. . .

. . .

The following morning at number 22, Brett is getting his bags, and Libby says she can’t believe they’re doing this. They wonder if Helen’s worked out what’s going on and Libby asks why he told those two, but Brett says he doesn’t seriously have to answer that. He says goodbye to Dahl and asks Libby to look after him while he’s away. She says she’d love to. Brett leaves the letter for Cheryl to find and then picks up his bags and leaves the house, saying goodbye to Dahl as he goes.

At the bus stop, Helen says they could have driven him into town, but Brett says he wanted to do it this way. Libby hugs him and says she’ll miss him, but he insists he’s doing what he wants and she should be happy. Helen says she’ll miss him too and so will Cheryl. He says he’ll give her a call and hugs Helen. He then gets onto the bus and begins to cry. Libby says that Brett’s going to have a great time and Helen realises that they’re left to face Cheryl.

. . .

. . .

At number 22, Cheryl and Lou are having breakfast, discussing whether he should stand down as mayor. He has to leave for work and Lolly says bye bye to him.

Mal is banging on the door at number 32 and wakes up Stonie, before reminding him that they’re working on the car today. Mal starts to make breakfast for Stonie, who tells him to get back with Danni, so he’s unavailable for Cath to lust after. They turn on the radio and hear Lou’s show… Lou is talking about how he’s received lots of complaints, stating that the mayor shouldn’t have any fun and that if that’s the case, then he resigns. Marlene takes over, saying they’re going to a song and are looking forward to any comments about this.

. . .

Cheryl is cleaning up when she spots Brett’s letter. She opens it up and starts to read:

Dear Mum,
I’ve gone to Queensland this morning. As you know, we don’t set sail for two weeks, but I don’t think either of us needed to spend this time arguing, do you? I can be useful in preparing the yacht and learning some of the finer points of life on the high seas. I’m sorry to take the last word like this, but you were never going to give it to me. Say goodbye to everyone for me, tell them all I love them, I’ll be in touch and I love you too mum, very much.
PS. Lib will look after Dahl

Cheryl starts to cry and looks out the window, angry that Brett seems to care more about the galah than her.

. . .

Summary by Steve