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Magic Moments > 1996 > Cody's Memorial Service Episode 2581

Written by Elizabeth Packett, Directed by Sally-Anne Kerr

Phil tells George that Cody died that morning. Marlene complains as she’s led into prison. Pam says that she feels like part of her is missing and she can’t handle what’s happened.

At number 28, Toadie is talking about the footie game, but Melissa tells him to be quiet, as someone’s just died. Toadie says that Cody loved footie and would have wanted them to talk about it, and Billy agrees. Toadie says that soon, he’ll be winning all of the sports awards at school, but Melissa reminds him that he thinks that all awards are elitist. He says that footie awards are different, as they’re about real talent. Melissa asks him if he’s just out to impress George, but he tells her that George has nothing to do with it, just as she arrives at the door and asks why they were talking about her. Toadie says that George had nothing to do with some of the shocking decisions made by the football coach, but George says that she actually had a hand in all of the decisions, leaving Toadie floundering and embarrassed.

. . .

At number 26, Phil tells Karl and Susan that it’s a shame that the funeral will be in Perth, as it’s so far away and most of Cody’s friends are in Erinsborough. Susan explains that they’re thinking about holding a memorial service before Pam flies back to Darwin the next day. She knows that it’s short notice, but they want to do it by Lassiter’s lake and a few of the neighbours are going to make speeches, then have a wake at number 26, with Angie providing the food.

At number 28, Toadie wants to play a game to take their mind off things, and George agrees, saying that it’s not healthy to sit around dwelling on what’s happened. Melissa tries to talk Billy into joining in but he isn’t keen. George and Toadie go to get a board game from number 26 and Billy wishes they’d leave him alone. He says that he just wants to sit around on the couch. He says that everything suddenly feels very uncertain and he’s worried that anyone could die at any moment. He wishes that Melissa wasn’t going away for the holidays and she says that she might see if she can stay behind.

. . .

Angie visits Marlene at the prison and brings her a pie. Marlene offers some to the policeman, Reg, and Angie warns him not to break his teeth on the file she’s baked inside. He isn’t amused and leaves the ladies to chat. Marlene and Angie share their shock over what’s happened and Marlene wishes she could be there for Sam. Marlene says that it’s a terrible waste of a life. Angie tells Marlene about the memorial service and suggests taping it, but Marlene says that she’ll be there – she’s made some good friends with the police and they’ll help her out.

At number 28, George, Toadie, Melissa and Billy are playing Monopoly, but Billy isn’t in the mood. Toadie tells him that he needs to talk, as it’s not healthy to bottle things up when someone dies. He says that it felt good to talk to his mum when his Pop died and they chatted about heaven and what happens to people when they die. Toadie admits that his idea of heaven is plenty of food, no school and lots of babes in bikinis, and he’s pleased to see that he’s making George laugh.

. . .

The next morning, Sam is out on the balcony at number 24, when he’s joined by Stonie. They both agree that it’s a strange morning and Stonie says that it’s hard to believe that she’ll never be around again. He says that he keeps expecting her to come out from a hiding place. Sam says that she’s there and she came to see him the previous evening. He asks Stonie if he thinks he’s mad, but Stonie says he’s not mad, just lucky.

Outside the Coffee Shop, Angie finds Toadie and tells him that neither his Auntie Coral or Auntie Shelley wants him for the holidays, so either she or Stonie will have to stay behind and not go to Port Keats. Stonie suggests sending him to a church camp, but Toadie says that he’s needed in Erinsborough on the footie team.

. . .

At the prison, Sam has brought an outfit for Marlene and she says she’s waiting for Reg to come on, as he’s a soft touch. Just then, Reg comes in and compliments Marlene on the pie she gave him. She asks if she can have a favour in return, and she explains about Cody dying and the memorial service. Reg tells her that it isn’t a motel and she can’t come and go as she pleases. Marlene is devastated and asks Sam to tape it for her – she also asks him to read something out for her…

At the memorial service, Karl speaks about Cody:
“Cody was a fiery young woman with strong opinions. She loves to prove a point and she loved to laugh. She was a young woman full of promise and delight, with so much to offer. We will miss her dearly.

. . .

. . .

“Sometimes you find someone and you just click with them. That’s how it was with Cody. She was clever. She was beautiful. She made me laugh… she was really special."

Stonie: “Cody was my best friend. That’s all I want to say.”

Pam then reads out a message from Jen, who says that Cody was her best friend. Phil goes over to help Pam as she begins to faulter. Pam can’t read out Rick’s message, so Hannah does it instead:
“I can’t believe, or imagine, this world without Cody. We parted due to distance, but I never stopped loving her. Today, she is simply further away, and the way I feel about her is, and always will be, with love.”

. . .

Back in Ramsay Street, Karl sees Pam into her taxi and gives her a tape of the service, from Sam. She thanks Karl for everything he and Susan did to make the memorial service happen and she was so happy to hear how much everyone loved Cody. She says that she’s glad that Cody was so happy even after she and Doug left Erinsborough and she tells Karl how much Cody admired him. Karl says that he also admired Cody, and the taxi then leaves.

. . .

. . .

At the police station, Sam tells Marlene how wonderful the service was and gives her a tape of it. He tells her that she’s only got herself to blame for missing out. He tells her that he wants her to come back home, so he’s going to pay the fine for her. She says that it won’t do any good as she’s already been sentenced, but she wants to be there by way of a protest for the way she’s been treated. She says that she loved Cody very much, but a principle is a principle.

Outside number 32, Angie is reminding Toadie not to go back to the house for any parties and not to miss his shifts at the Coffee Shop. She and Stonie then get in the car, and Toadie promises that he won’t cause any trouble. As the car drives away, Toadie says that he won’t cause any trouble that Angie will find out about anyway.

. . .

At number 28, Karl is showing Billy and Melissa a brochure for a guest house he’s booked, as a surprise for Susan, but she’s been busy all day so he hasn’t had a chance to tell her. Susan then gets back from the supermarket and Karl asks why they need more food. She explains that most of it is for their houseguest, before realising that Billy hasn’t told Karl. Susan is about to break the news when Toadie bursts in and sees the sandwich Karl’s making and says that he knew he was staying at the right place.

Summary by Steve