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Magic Moments > 1996 > Sarah's Arrival Episode 2707

Written by Jenny Lewis, Directed by Robert Meillon

Tessa breaks up with Steve at Danni's masquerade ball, and Danni also says she wants nothing to do with him. Stonie draws the winning ticket for the raffle, and Debbie is the lucky soul, winning a trip for two to Perth. Darren tells the Kennedys that him and Libby have found their own place and leave...

Darren and Libby drive up to the flat. She remarks at how grim it is, and Darren apologises, saying it's the only thing in their price range. They say the main thing is that they're together, and Darren tells Libby not to tell her parents about it, as Karl will only come down and drag her away.

Susan and Karl are at Number 28, worrying over Libby, and Karl says she'll realise what she has given up. Susan breaks into tears worrying about what will become of her daughter, and says she wants her home. Karl says it's a knee jerk reaction and that she'll come back. Susan storms off to the bedroom.

. . .

Debbie is at Number 30 waiting for Luke. He comes out of his bedroom done up in a flashy suit, and says how he's got some job interviews planned, and wants to get back into the swing of things. Debbie asks Luke to go to Perth with her, but Luke declines, saying how he is advertising for a flat mate. He says it's too difficult, after the break up with Danni. Debbie slates Danni, and Luke says that she actually regrets what happened with Steve.

Libby is in the dank and dingy room looking around. Darren comes in and says the shower water's cold and that there's a queue for it. She says the bed sheets are too dirty and putrid to sleep in, and says that she'll take the chair. Darren asks if it's the double bed that's bothering her, and she says she expected more for their first time. Darren says she doesn't have to do anything she doesn't want to.

. . .

Danni heads over to see Luke, and Debbie stops her in the street saying he's not in. They talk about exposing Steve, and Danni says the only reason Debbie interfered was because she wanted to get Danni back for slapping her. Debbie says she thought that telling a wife her husband is cheating on her was the right thing to do, and Danni agrees that it is, and even more so when she gets to humiliate her in the process. Debbie bitches that Tessa and Luke are the victims, not her, and says Luke is better off without her and storms off.

Libby is buttering some toast, and Darren says it's a special morning, as she's making the first breakfast on the first morning after their first night together. Libby thanks Darren for not doing anything sexual with her, and he tells her he'll buy some new sheets. He says he'll look for somewhere else to live, and says she deserves better. Libby says the place will be fine in the meantime.

. . .

Susan walks into the school and sees Libby saying goodbye to Darren. She waits for her and they talk about everything that's happened and where they're staying. Susan says she should have called, and Libby sarcastically apologises for being a disappointment. Libby says there was no other way, and Susan says they can work everything out if she comes home. Libby says Karl will never accept Darren, and Libby says he's had his chance to be reasonable. She says she's never felt so free before, and that she'll make the relationship work. Susan says she'll always be there for her.

At Danni's clothes store, an attractive young lady (Sarah) is looking through the clothes rack. Danni asks if she can be of any help, and the girl says she's just looking around, and compliments the outfits, and says how great they are. Danni says she must know a lot about fashion, and the girl says she used to work as a model in Europe, but that she's now given it up and wants to work behind the scenes, supplying fabrics and so on. The girl says that the designer will never want to do business with a small timer like her, and Danni introduces herself as the designer. The girls laugh.

. . .

A tea lady comes into Helen's room at the hospital and wakes her up. Helen says she doesn't need any help, and that she can manage. Helen says her arm is back to normal, and insists she can manage. Helen tries desperately to lift the cup but spills it all over her. She starts to cry.

Danni says how nice Sarah looks in her dress, and Sarah says it's only because the dress is so fantastic. Danni asks why she wants to give up modelling, and Sarah says that modelling isn't glamorous, and that she's tired of it. Sarah asks if she runs the shop by herself, and Danni says she does, and doesn't have time to do everything. She remarks how she wishes she could take someone on, but doesn't have the money. Sarah asks if she can use a space in the shop for her things, if they split the rent down the middle. Danni says it's too sudden, and Sarah says it's worth thinking about.

. . .

They go to the pub, and discuss it further. Sarah says she can look at her CV if she has doubts, and Danni says her instincts are telling her to go with it, but in the past, that has always led to disaster. Danni explains about Steve, and says she's going to think long and hard before she jumps in. Sarah says she won't stick around long, so Danni offers her a trial period. Luke walks in and they exchange glances. Sarah asks if he's Steve, and Danni says he's great but that things didn't work out. They exchange awkward glances.

At the hospital, Karl goes to see Helen and says he knows about what happened with the tea. He says she shouldn't push herself or lie to the therapists about how well she's doing. Helen thinks the report is going to be negative, and Karl says he's behind his work because of the trouble with Libby and Darren. Helen tells him to give himself the advice he would give someone else's daughter's parents.

. . .

At the pub, Sarah and Danni continue to chat, and Sarah says she needs a place to stay. Danni is miles away staring at Debbie and Luke together. Sarah asks if she was the reason she broke up with Luke, and Danni says it'll take a lot more than someone like her to push her off the scene. She says that Debbie's just trying to catch him on the rebound. Debbie says that Luke has to get away, and Luke says leaving tonight is too early. Debbie calls Luke a lost cause, and then he agrees he'll go. Debbie smiles smugly at Danni.

Libby is at Number 28 collecting her things, and Karl comes home and says how glad he is to have her back. He asks to talk and tells her not to shut him out. She doesn't tell him where she's going and he has another dig at Darren, and then apologises. He tries to give her some money, but she says she doesn't want anything from him and leaves.

. . .

Libby goes into her room and tells the people next door to turn down the radio. The man yells at her to stop banging on the wall or he'll come and bang her head.

Danni goes round to visit Luke and sees his bags packed. He tells her he's going to Perth with Debbie. Danni admits she's jealous and says she's sorry for everything and still loves him. She says she wants him back, and that they had something special. She asks him to stay with her.

. . .

Notes: Sarah's first words were "Actually I'm not here to buy, I'm just having a look around."

Summary by Billy. Captures by Karl