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Magic Moments > 1996 > Ruth's Arrival Episode 2714

Written by Ian Coughlan, Directed by Nicholas Bufalo

Philip is fussing over Helen, and she tells him that she’s fine. Karl tells Marlene that there’s a possibility that his injection may have reacted badly with some tablets Cheryl was taking. Sarah realises that Danni’s dresses have been unpicked, and someone must have a huge grudge against her.

Phil brings Helen a cup of hot chocolate and she says she was just daydreaming that Harold and Jim were chatting in the kitchen. She tells him she’s not losing her marbles and asks when Debbie’s getting home. She asks him why he didn’t go and pick her up, but he says that she insisted on making her own way. Debbie then gets back and goes to hug Helen, but Phil tells her not to do it too hard. Helen tells her to hug as hard as she likes.

. . .

Danni arrives at the shop, saying she saw the lights on, and Sarah explains that somebody has been unpicking the stitching on Danni’s clothes. Catherine explains that some of it’s fine and they’re trying to sort out the rest. Danni is shocked that all the work she did has been for nothing and then asks if they can leave this until tomorrow. Sarah explains that Graeme Williams is coming the day after tomorrow and it would be a major boost to her career if they can impress him.

At number 26, Phil is telling Debbie about Cheryl and she says that Danni must be devastated. Phil says that it doesn’t seem to have sunk in yet, and Debbie decides that she has to go and tell Danni how sorry she is. Helen thinks that it might be a little late to go, but Debbie insists on doing it.

. . .

At the dress shop, Danni thanks Sarah and Catherine for helping, and Sarah explains that Luke wore one of her shirts to a job interview and it fell apart. Just then, Debbie arrives explaining that she’d tried everywhere else. Danni says that she’s not in the mood for a fight, but Debbie says that she came to say how sorry she is about Cheryl, and she knows from experience how hard it is. Danni thanks her and Catherine then introduces Sarah to Debbie, who offers to give them a hand. Danni is surprised by Debbie’s attitude, and Debbie says that she’d had time to think and would like to put the whole Luke situation behind them. Danni agrees, saying that anything that helps to get the clothes fixed is fine with her.

The next morning at number 24, Susan is talking to Marlene, asking if she’s had second thoughts about holding Karl responsible. Marlene says that it would do no good, and Susan says that Cheryl probably didn’t tell anyone about the tablets she was on. Marlene says that if only Cheryl and Karl hadn’t fallen out, he would probably have known about the medication. Susan says that if she needs anything, she’ll be at home all day.

. . .

. . .

Phil answers the door to Ruth Wilkinson, Helen’s new physio. Ruth is happy to see Helen on her feet, and reminds Helen of the proverb ‘a thousand mile journey begins with a single step’. Phil agrees, saying that Helen shouldn’t do too much. Ruth says that they just need to strike a balance and asks Phil to get her a straight-backed chair. Ruth then explains to Helen that they can just do a few simple tests to see how she’s going. Phil then tries to help Helen sit down, but Ruth says that she wants her patients to be independent and encourages family members not to interfere. Phil is shocked, but Helen is relieved to have someone on her side.

Danni is at home, saying that she was working until midnight. Marlene explains that she wishes she could contact Lou, as she doesn’t know what to do about the funeral ceremony. Danni explains that she couldn’t sleep, knowing that if only Cheryl had told her about the medication, she might still be there with them. Marlene tells her that they can’t blame themselves.

. . .

Ruth asks Helen to stand up without using her hands for support, and Phil is worried that this is stretching things too far. Ruth explains that she’s trying to establish how far is too far, and then Phil tries to help Helen. Ruth asks Phil to leave and he realises that he has no choice. She says that she felt a little pain, but nothing out of the ordinary and tells Ruth that she isn’t sure she’ll be able to cope. Ruth tells Helen that she is capable, but she’s the only one who can put in the work to make herself better. Helen admits that it’s nice to know that someone thinks she’s capable.

Marlene is at number 28, chatting to Susan and admits that she can’t help feeling partly responsible for what’s happened. She says that a few months ago, she told Cheryl that she didn’t need anti-depressants and to get on with her life, so she isn’t surprised that Cheryl didn’t tell her about the new tablets she was taking. Susan assures her that she’s not to blame.

. . .

Phil finds Ruth sitting in the lounge and apologises to her, saying that he isn’t questioning her methods, but she needs to appreciate how frail Helen is. Ruth says that she knows now, and the best thing for Helen is not to be crowded by well-meaning relatives. Phil then pops out, while Ruth gives Helen her number. Helen thanks Ruth for being so upfront about things, and then Ruth has to leave, so she asks Helen to see her to the door.

Phil goes over to number 28, looking for Karl, but he finds Susan. He explains that he’s a bit worried about the new physiotherapist and whether she’s pushing Helen too far. Phil apologises for complaining with all that’s happened, and offers to have a cup of tea with Susan.

. . .

Back at number 26, Helen is trying to put up her easel to do some painting, but is having a lot of trouble with it.

At the dress shop, everyone is tired, but Debbie offers to stay behind and keep on working. Danni looks surprised, and Debbie realises that Danni still suspects her of having an ulterior motive for helping. Danni says that she doesn’t really care and then Catherine holds up a dress and says it seems to be ok. Debbie says that it is, and Cath wonders how she could have known that. Debbie says that she already checked it, but Danni and Cath don’t look convinced.

. . .

Marlene gets a call about the results of Cheryl’s autopsy. She asks to be told over the phone, as a lot of people are waiting for these results. She asks if it was the accident or the injection that killed her…

Helen is struggling with her brushes, when Phil gets home. She says that she just wanted to see if she could do it as she feels so useless. Phil blames Ruth for giving her unrealistic expectations, but Helen says that it’s not Ruth’s fault.

. . .

Marlene is at number 28 and says that she has some news. She explains that the official cause of death was the injection, but her injuries from the accident were massive and she probably wouldn’t have survived them. Susan realises that they’ll never know for sure, but Marlene says that Karl helped to stop Cheryl’s suffering and she’ll thank him for that. Susan thinks that Karl would appreciate hearing those words.

. . .

Danni and Debbie are finishing off the final few dresses, and Danni is still wondering who could have done this to her. Debbie says that the main thing is that they’ve fixed it all and now it’ll be like it never happened. Danni isn’t convinced, saying that somebody tried to wreck her business and they won’t get away with it. Debbie asks for some buttons, and Danni wonders how Debbie knew which ones to use. Debbie says that it was guess, but Danni realises that it’s obvious – Debbie was the one who ruined all the dresses…

Summary by Steve