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Magic Moments > 1996 > Cheryl's Funeral/Brett and Lou's Return Episode 2717

Written by C M Covington, Directed by Tony Osicka

Billy tells Melissa that he wants them to get back together, and they kiss. Darren tells Libby that she has to decide whether she’s on his side, or her dad’s.

At number 28, Mal is ribbing Billy about getting back together with Melissa, when an upset Libby comes home. Susan, who is doing the ironing, asks what’s wrong, and she explains about Darren’s ultimatum. Billy says that Darren is being a moron, and Libby walks out. Susan glares at Billy, but he says that he was just telling her the truth. Billy walks out too, and Mal admits that Darren is being irrational and won’t have a bar of him either, but says that Libby’s going easy on him because he’s really got enough to deal with.

. . .

At number 24, Marlene and Darren are fighting about his attitude, and Danni asks them to calm down. Darren says he won’t listen to Libby defending Karl, and Marlene says that Karl is the man who tried to save Cheryl’s life. They continue to argue, and Danni then reminds them that Cheryl is being buried tomorrow. There’s a knock at the door, and Danni is thrilled to see Brett standing there. Danni and Marlene are thrilled to see him, but Darren looks unimpressed.

At the Coffee Shop, Angie says she’s glad that Billy and Toadie are mates again. She says that she’ll be happy to have the Rebecchi clan back together again, and asks Billy to come visit them one day. Angie runs off because the chips are burning, and Melissa tells Billy that she has to go away for a family reunion. She asks him how she’s going to get out of it.

. . .

At number 24, Marlene says that she’s been unable to track down Lou. Brett says that it was lucky they caught him before he went off sailing again and says he won’t be around long anyway. Darren sarcastically wonders how they’ll cope without him, and reminds Brett that they were the ones who were there helping Cheryl through her problems. Brett decides to go and visit Libby and Darren reminds him that Libby is going out with him now. Danni and Brett both leave, and Marlene once again tells Darren to sort himself out.

Brett arrives at number 28 and Susan, Mal and Libby are delighted to see him. He tells them how weird it’s been since he got back, especially with Darren. Susan explains that the whole incident has caused some nasty things to be said by certain people. Brett says that none of that will bring Cheryl back, and he doesn’t blame Karl. Libby then suggests that she and Brett go for a walk together, so they leave, and Susan comments that Brett is just what everyone needs at the moment.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Melissa is asking Billy why she can’t stay at his place. She says that her parents would be fine about it, but Billy says that his family are stressed at the moment. Melissa then reminds him that her house would be empty all week and they’d have to call in there from time to time. He agrees to ask his parents, but Melissa says that he needs to do more than just ask; he needs to convince them.

Libby and Brett are on the veranda at number 22, and she asks why he didn’t write. He says he was too bust taking pictures. She asks if they’re still best friends, and he says that they are, and that he was in love with her before he left. She wonders what might have happened if he hadn’t gone overseas, and that everything must happen for a reason. He wonders why his mum had to go, and they hug, just as Darren appears and sees them from the window.

. . .

The next morning, Phil arrives at number 24 and says that he’s dropped Lolly off at the creche. Brett thanks him, and offers him a cup of tea. In the kitchen, Darren asks Brett if he had a good time with Libby. Brett says that they’re just friends, but Darren asks him why he even bothered to come back. He says that when Cheryl needed him, he was off sailing, and now he thinks he can just waltz back in like a big hero.

Billy is at home and asks Susan if Melissa can stay for a few days. Susan says that it’s not a good time, but maybe another time further down the line. Libby and Billy then start arguing, as she accuses him of only thinking about himself when they’re about to go to a funeral. Mal appears and tells Libby that he can’t understand how she can still be in love with Darren after all that he’s said about Karl.

. . .

The family arrive at the cemetary and walk over to the grave. Libby sees Darren and tells him that she doesn’t know what to say. She says she’s there for him, and she loves him. He says he’s got to talk to the priest and walks off. Susan comforts Libby and she says that she can’t help still loving him. The priest then comes over and asks them to join the rest of the group, as they’re about to begin.

At number 28, Melissa is annoyed with Billy, and suggests that he didn’t try hard enough. He says that she has no other choice now but to go on the trip with her parents.

. . .

. . .

At the funeral, Angie is giving her speech:

She was strong, ambitious, she loved her own way. And so often, her way was right. It was usually safer to go with her than fight. Even if it did end you up in a whiplash collar after she got you involved in a golf buggy accident. Judy and I can tell you about that. I still blush when I think of the day that young Danni caught me snooping around the clothesline. I so admired Cheryl’s presentation on all levels. Here I was, notepad in hand, scribbling down the names of the labels she wore. Cheryl had a presence and a style all of her own. All Cheryl’s children, wherever they were in the world, whatever they did, always knew that they could count on their mother to be there for them. None of us can feel the way they must feel today. I will miss my friend, but not a day will go by when I won’t thank God for having known her.

. . .

Everyone starts to disperse, while Libby comforts a distraught Darren.

. . .

At the wake at number 24, Susan asks Helen how she’s feeling, and she admits that she hasn’t been thinking of herself very much. She says that Darren is taking it all very badly, and they both wonder where he’s got to. In the kitchen, Marlene takes some more food out of the oven, and hands them to Brett. She then asks him to sit down with her. She says that Cheryl loved him very much, as the responsible son. She says that Darren isn’t coping well, and asks him to try to help Darren to pull out of it. Brett is worried that Darren can’t stand the sight of him, but promises to give it a go.

Outside, Libby finds Darren in tears and he pushes her away. She asks him not to shut her out and he turns to her and starts crying on her shoulder.

. . .

Back inside, Lou arrives and asks why nobody invited him to the party. He asks where Cheryl is.

Mal is at a service station, when he spots Melissa in a car, kissing another guy.

. . .

At number 24, Helen is explaining to Lou what happened to Cheryl. Lou is in shock, and shows Marlene a letter that he received. He says that Cheryl wanted to try and work something out over the custody of Lolly.

At number 28, Susan is telling Billy and Mal that Lou turned up unexpectedly. Libby arrives home and says that she and Darren seem to be beginning to work through things. Mal then asks Billy if he’s broken up with Melissa again, as he saw her today with another bloke. Billy doesn’t believe that it was really Melissa…

. . .

Marlene sits down with Lou, and asks him what he’s going to do now about Lolly. She asks if he’s going to take her away, up to Lauren’s. Marlene breaks down, saying that she’s already lost Cheryl, and she couldn’t cope to lose her granddaughter too.

Summary by Steve