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Magic Moments > 1996 > Angie and Stonie's Departures Episode 2720

Written by Craig Wilkins, Directed by Tony Osicka

Sarah is looking through some old modelling photos, and sees one of herself in a wedding dress, with a ring on her finger. Toadie says that he really doesn’t want to move back the country and he’ll do anything to stay. Karl says that he was going to agree anyway, but now he knows how desperate Toadie is, he’ll use it against him. Stonie tells Toadie that him staying in Erinsborough is going to really hurt Angie.

At number 28, Libby is complaining about Toadie coming to stay during her most difficult year at school. She says that they wouldn’t even let Darren stay. Susan tells Billy that the second Toadie causes any problems, he’s gone.

. . .

Angie arrives home and asks Toadie why he isn’t packing. He tells her that they need to talk, so Angie sends Stonie off to make tea. Toadie announces that he’s not going, and that he’ll be staying with the Kennedys. Angie says that he should have asked her first and then she starts crying. Toadie says that if there was any other way, he’d do it. Angie walks away and Stonie asks him if he’s satisfied. Angie then appears again, and says that there’s still a lot of packing to do, and Toadie can still pitch in and help.

Catherine and Sarah arrive home after a night out and they hear noises from the kitchen. They sneak in there in the dark, and then Sarah screams. When they switch the light on, they realise that it’s Luke, who was just outside getting the washing in. He says he was busy all evening when Danni came over. He asks about their night, and Cath says they didn’t find Mr. Right Now, let alone Mr. Right. Luke goes to bed, and Cath asks Sarah if she ever met anyone in Europe, but she claims that she didn’t and quickly changes the subject before going to bed.

. . .

The next morning, Susan tells the kids that Karl is out playing golf, and needs some support through his crisis of confidence. Toadie then arrives and announces that he’s thinking of leaving after his mum’s reaction. Billy and Toadie leave for school, and Susan is worried that Toadie is confused. Libby suggests that he should go, and Susan tells her she’s just being selfish.

Susan arrives at number 32 to find Angie still packing. They have a chat about the situation, and Susan assures Angie that it was all Toadie’s idea, and now he’s thinking of leaving anyway. Angie admits that she was just looking forward to them all being together as a family, but she isn’t sure that she could take Toadie away from school when he’s doing so well. Susan says that Toadie feels really bad, to which Angie replies that she's glad, because he should.

. . .

At number 30, Sarah, Cath and Luke are talking about their plans for the day. Cath says that it’s her first day as manager of the Coffee Shop and she quickly leaves. The phone rings and Sarah goes to answer. She looks worried, and says that there’s nobody at the house by that name, but she hopes that they find who they’re looking for. She tells Luke it was a wrong number that didn’t want to take no for an answer. He goes to take a shower, then the phone rings again and Sarah picks it up and puts it straight down again.

Toadie arrives home from school and offers to help Angie with the packing. Angie says that she’s still not happy about leaving him and that he needs his family. He reminds her that he needs other things too. She tells him that he’s a good boy, and it’s taken him a long time to settle in to the school, so there’s no point in making him leave. She tells him to make her proud, and to make sure to visit in the holidays. Stonie then comes in, and the three of them look around at the empty house.

. . .

Cath is cleaning the windows at the Coffee Shop when Luke appears. He says he’s had no luck with the job search, and Cath tells him he’s just lucky to have two sexy girls to share all of his woes with. She asks him to do her a favour; mind the shop for half an hour while she runs down to the bank. He says that it won’t be a problem, as he used to run the place when Mark owned it.

At number 28, there’s a knock at the door, and Libby answers, complaining that somebody always interrupts when she’s trying to study. Toadie bursts in and hugs her, calling her “sis”. He tells Susan that he’s been given the green light to move in, and Libby warns him not to cause her any problems. Toadie then eats one of Susan’s sandwiches, telling her they’re a bit bland, and Billy comes out of his room, asking what’s going on. He finds out that Toadie’s going to stay, and is thrilled. Susan then asks Toadie not to eat all the sandwiches, as she’s making them for Angie’s trip.

. . .

Angie and Stonie are preparing to leave number 32 for the final time. He asks her if she’s ok, and she says she was just reminiscing about the day she moved in. Stonie reminds her of when Shane broke out of prison and came to visit, and then Toadie turned up. Billy, Susan and Toadie arrive with the sandwiches for them. Angie thanks Susan and hugs her. Susan says that they’re all going to miss her, but she reminds them that Toadie will still be there, so they don’t forget her completely. She tells Susan not to take any nonsense from Toadie, and not to let him eat too much. She also says that they’ll be sending him pocket money, so there’s no need to give him any. Susan tells Angie not to worry. Everyone walks out and Toadie asks where all of his stuff is. Angie calls back that he was meant to take it to the Kennedys. Toadie is confused, then suddenly realises that all of his belongings have been packed onto the truck…

. . .

Outside, Toadie begs the removal men to get his stuff off the truck, but they tell him there’s no chance. Susan tells him that he can borrow some of Karl’s things until they can send his clothes back down. Angie tells Toadie to behave himself and take care of himself, then asks for a goodbye kiss. Angie and Toadie hug, and she tells him that he’s a good boy.

. . .

A man arrives at the Coffee Shop, asking Luke about Catherine. He says he’s a friend of Sarah’s, and Luke gives the man their home address. The man says he’ll drop in on Sarah later, and he can’t wait to see the look on her face.

Sarah is home alone, when the home rings again. She angrily answers, but it’s Luke, who asks after Cath, who then walks in. Luke tells Sarah about the man who came in, that he was English and called Tony. Sarah is annoyed when she hears that Tony has her address, and Luke offers to go home, but she says it’s fine and hangs up. Cath asks what’s going on, and Luke asks what she knows about Sarah’s time overseas. Cath admits that she doesn’t know much…

. . .

Tony is sitting outside number 30, when he sees Sarah outside. She spots him and quickly runs back into the house.

Tony is banging on the door and phoning Sarah. She tells him to go away, but he refuses. She picks up the phone and turns it off.

. . .

At number 28, Libby arrives home and is very amused to hear about all of Toadie’s clothes still being on the truck. Susan goes to try and find some new stuff for Toadie, who tells her to check Mal’s wardrobe before Karl’s. Libby then sets down some ground rules, telling Toadie that he’s dead the first time he walks in on her in the bathroom, and she doesn’t want him drooling over her friends. Susan then emerges with some of Karl’s clothes, and Toadie gives her the rent. He then asks to borrow $50 back, as he needs it for some essentials.

The phone at number 30 is still ringing, so Sarah answers and tells Tony to leave her alone. He tells her that this is her chance to tell her side of the story. She says that he just wants a story, but he insists that he really cares. He says that if she doesn’t talk, they’ll make it up, but she says that they’ll make it up anyway.

. . .

Cath in trying to call Sarah, but finds that it’s engaged. Toadie and Billy come in, and Toadie asks Cath for some extra shifts. She says he can have as many as he wants, and then he asks for an advance, explaining that his mum left with all of his stuff. Cath gives in, and gives him $20. He and Billy sit down, and Toadie admits that he can’t believe how easy it’s been to get money and he’s got his eye on a leather jacket.

. . .

Sarah leaves a note for Catherine, telling her not to worry, and takes her bags and leaves through the patio doors. However, just as she gets down the steps, Tony appears and shouts her name. As she looks round, he takes her photo…

Summary by Steve