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Magic Moments > 1996 > Anne's Arrival Episode 2747

Written by Jenny Lewis, Directed by Robert Meillon, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 19/11/96, BBC One: 26/05/97, UK Gold: 19/05/03

Jo and Mal have a bad date at the races... Lance tells Philip that he isn't really dating Hannah, he's been pretending as he has a part-time job to make some money, so he can send his parents on a trip away and get them back together...

At number 32, Ruth is shocked that her son has been lying to her, as she really believed that he and Hannah were a couple. Lance explains that it was all part of the plan, so he could work at the nursery and she wouldn't suspect. Ruth can't believe that he went to so much trouble to make some extra pocket money, but he says that he was making for the money for her, and for his dad, wanting to send them to a fancy hotel on the coast, hoping that they'd get back together and everything could go back to normal. Ruth explains that, although she still loves Bill, she isn't in love with him and they won't be getting back together - she adds that she knows how difficult things have been for him and for Anne, but it would take a miracle for her marriage to go back to the way it was.


At number 26, Philip and Debbie are watching TV, when Hannah wanders out, looking for an apology from her dad about the way he reacted to her news about Lance. Philip reminds her that she lied about dating a 16-year-old boy, and Debbie backs him up. Hannah still waits for him to say sorry, but he ignores her and goes to bed. Debbie then tells Hannah that it's Lance who should be apologising to her, for using her like that, but Hannah won't accept that. Debbie thinks that Hannah can't see the truth, because of her crush on Lance, but Hannah thinks that Debbie is biased, because she and Ruth aren't getting along. She also points out that Debbie is still annoyed that she failed to win over Luke, but says that she might have a chance now that Danni's gone overseas, and she should take it while she can. Debbie ponders this, but tells Hannah that at least this way, she gets to keep her self-respect.

Mal and Jo are leaving the racetrack and she's insisting that she had fun, though he isn't convinced. He says that he was expecting her to hate this sort of thing, but she tells him that she had a great time, and suggests that they go to a nearby pub. Mal tells her that it's a bit rough in there, and he'd rather just go home and watch the late news, then go to bed. Jo is pleased to hear that she prefers curling up on the sofa to going out raging, and Mal gets frustrated that nothing he says or does seems to be putting her off.


At number 24, Darren lets Lou in, who then sneaks up on Marlene as she's engrossed in a horror film on TV. Lou says that he's just come to pick up Lolly, and Darren goes to get her. Marlene says that she doesn't mind if Lolly stays the night, but Lou says that he prefers her to wake up at number 22, so she knows where she's living now. Marlene then explains that Lolly was asking about Danni earlier, and whether she's gone to the same place as Cheryl - she says that all these comings and goings must be very confusing for the girl. Lou agrees, and says that it's all the more reason why the four of them should be under one roof, to give Lolly some much-needed stability. Marlene thinks it's a good idea, but she doesn't think that Darren will agree, though she offers to have a word with him anyway.

At number 30, Luke is telling Catherine about Mal's attempts to put off Joanna, and how he invited her to the drag racing, thinking that she'd turn him down. Catherine isn't impressed with Mal messing around with Jo, and then bragging about it to his mates, and thinks he should just be honest with her. Luke says that Mal is just trying to avoid hurting Jo's feelings, but Cath says that all men are the same, avoiding the truth like the plague. Mal and Jo then get back, and she asks him to stay for a drink, but he says that he needs an early night, as he's going for an early morning jog with Luke - who quickly backs him up. Jo gives Mal a kiss on the cheek as she shows him out, and he breaths a sigh of relief once he gets outside.


Darren returns from dropping Lolly off at number 22, and Marlene asks if they can have a quick chat before he goes to bed. As he sits down, Marlene says that she's now the most important female in Lolly's life, and she thinks that it would be good if they all lived together. Darren misunderstands, and says that Lou won't give up Lolly without a fight, but Marlene explains that she was actually thinking that they could both move in with Lou and Lolly next-door. Darren can't believe it - he says that it would never work, and he doesn't appreciate Marlene trying to guilt him into it either.

The next morning, Luke and Mal return from their jog - Luke is joking about how Jo seems to be falling for Mal, despite his best efforts, and maybe he should just go with Cath's advice and be honest. Mal thinks that's ridiculous, and says that he'll just have to become even more unlikeable to get rid of her. As they're chatting, Ruth returns in the car with her daughter, Anne, who she brings over to introduce to Luke and Mal. Mal asks if she's moving in too, but Ruth says that she's just staying for a few days.



Inside number 32, Ruth is trying to be as accommodating as possible to Anne and tells her that she and Lance can swap bedrooms if she doesn't like the one she's got. Anne insists that she's fine, as it's only for a couple of days. Ruth goes to start on breakfast, and Anne complains to Lance that their mum is trying too hard. Lance suggests that Anne could try a bit harder and meet her in the middle. They start to bicker and then they joke about how they haven't had a good fight in ages, not since they lived in the same house. Lance says that he had a plan to get their parents back together, but Anne says that their dad wouldn't want Ruth back, as he has a new girlfriend. Ruth walks in just in time to hear this - but she says that she's happy to hear that he's moving on with his life. Lance gets annoyed about that, and says that he wonders if his parents ever cared about each other that much in the first place.

At number 30, Jo says that Luke shouldn't be so tired after a short run, but Luke tells her that they ran at least 20km, and Mal couldn't even finish it and had to get a cab home, then he was sitting in the street eating cake when Luke returned. Jo doesn't think that Mal would ever let himself get out of shape like that, and Cath is listening and becoming irritated, so she tells Luke to go and have a shower. Jo then says that she can't believe the way Luke is talking about Mal, and Cath says that she shouldn't believe any of it, because it's all untrue. She explains Mal's plan to get rid of Jo, but Jo wonders why Mal wouldn't just say so, if he isn't interested. Cath replies that Mal doesn't have the guts or the decency to be honest.


At number 22, Lou is telling Marlene that Lolly had a very unsettled night, and he doesn't know if she's just unsettled or if there's something more to it. He asks Marlene when she's going to speak to Darren about moving in, but she explains that she already has, and that Darren wasn't keen on the idea. She tells Lou to try talking things through with Darren himself - Lou says that he'll give it a try, as it's what Cheryl would have wanted.

Ruth calls by number 26, with the rent for Philip, and a bill for Helen's physio. As Philip goes to get her a receipt, Ruth tries to engage Debbie in conversation, with little success. Ruth asks if there are any hard feelings about their conversation the other day, and Debbie reminds Ruth that she practically accused her of neglecting Helen, and she feels terrible about it. Ruth apologises, but then Philip returns, and Ruth asks him if he'd like to meet for a coffee later.


At number 28, Darren is paying Mal for the fencing job they did at the school the previous week. Mal says that it worked out well - despite Karl's lack of co-ordination - and asks Darren to let him know if any more work comes up. As Darren leaves, Jo arrives and tells Mal that she knows what he's been trying to do, as Catherine told her. She says that she'll back off from now on, and Mal tells her that he likes her as a friend, but he gets the feeling that she wants more than that and he didn't want to hurt her. She says that she's happy being friends too.

At the coffee shop, Ruth is telling Philip that she just wanted to clear the air, before things develop into a full-blown neighbourly feud. Philip feels bad about the way he spoke to Lance, but Ruth says that Lance should never have involved Hannah in his silly scheme, and she should never have called Philip a bad parent. She explains that Lance's little plan came to nothing, and now she's being made to feel like the bad guy because she doesn't want to give her marriage to Bill another chance. She says that, now Anne's visiting, it's even worse as the kids gang up on her, and Philip says that it's no different with Debbie and Hannah sometimes. They both agree that talking about these things is helpful, and decide to meet up regularly.


At number 30, Luke is rushing to get out and post his uni application. As he leaves, Jo comes in and tells Catherine that she got her wires crossed - Mal does like her, but he just wants to take things slowly. Cath asks if Mal actually said that he wanted a relationship, and Jo admits that he didn't put it quite like that, but he does want one and if Catherine doesn't believe it, then it's her problem.

Outside, Luke also can't believe that Jo agreed to just be friends with Mal, and he suggests that maybe she's seeing the word 'friendship' as 'casual relationship'. Mal says that he made it clear that he wants no ties at the moment, and there's no doubt in his mind that Jo feels the same way.


At number 32, Anne has been telling Lance about their dad's new girlfriend, and how she's bad news. Ruth then comes in, after cleaning the bathroom, and complains about how the kids have sat around all morning doing nothing. She suggests going to see a movie, but they've both seen all the good ones, so she asks if they'd prefer bowling or mini-golf. Both of these suggestions are rejected too, and Anne says that she'd rather hang around the house, so Ruth says that she's had enough of trying, and walks out.


At the pub, Darren comes in for lunch, and Lou is pleased to see him - he hands over a cheque, for Darren's half of the pub, and Darren is delighted. Lou then brings up the subject of them all living together. Darren says that he thinks their relationship works better if they have their own space, but Lou points out that everyone under one roof would be better for Marlene and for Louise. Darren then accuses Lou of using Marlene and Louise to blackmail him, and says that he won't be moving in, and that's the end of it.

Featured Regular Characters: Philip Martin, Debbie Martin, Hannah Martin, Ruth Wilkinson, Lance Wilkinson, Darren Stark, Lou Carpenter, Louise Carpenter, Marlene Kratz, Malcolm Kennedy, Luke Handley, Catherine O'Brien, Joanna Evans

Guest Cast: Brooke Satchwell as Anne Wilkinson

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Brooke Satchwell as Anne Wilkinson
Anne's first words are (after Ruth asks if she likes the house) "OK." (In the next scene, inside number 32) "It's OK, I'm only here for a couple of days, I can live with it."
Past characters Cheryl Stark, Danni Stark and Brett Stark are mentioned

Summary by Steve

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