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Magic Moments > 1996 > Luke's Departure Episode 2767

Written by Jenny Lewis, Directed by Robert Meillon

Luke is telling Sarah about how he knows Vince, but Sarah is convinced that Vince is nothing but a sexist pig. Anne tells Billy that she thought they might have a chance together until he showed her that disgusting video. Luke tells Sarah that Danni’s in hospital with malaria and they’re not sure how bad it is...

At number 30, Sarah is helping Luke to pack, he isn’t sure what to take but decides he might as well take all of it, because he isn’t sure how long he’ll be out there. Sarah says that hopefully Danni will get better quickly and he can have a nice long holiday in Malaysia. He’s struggling to iron his things, so Sarah takes over while Luke goes to pack. Meanwhile, Vince is on the sofa with his weights, shirtless, and Sarah asks him if he’s allergic to fabric as he never seems to be wearing a shirt. Cath gets home and is disgusted to find Vince standing there, ogling her. Vince can’t believe how beautiful his new housemates are. Luke and Vince leave and Catherine says she won’t be putting up with Vince for long.

. . .

Luke runs into Jo at Lassiters. She says she thought he’d be getting ready, but he says Sarah’s done it all for him. He asks her if she’d be interested in taking his room, as he can’t afford the rent while he’s away. She says he must feel bad about forcing her out last time, and he tells her not to bear grudges, so she says thanks and kisses him. Meanwhile, Lance and Anne are walking by and he defends Billy over the dirty movie, but she says that the evidence suggests otherwise.

Debbie and Helen are testing some lasagne for the coffee shop when Susan comes in. Debbie offers her some lasagne to take home. Susan asks Helen on behalf of Karl where to buy her turkey and Helen recommends the market. Debbie then gets a call for a catering booking. She tells Helen that she has 2 days to make a banquet for 20 people.

. . .

Lance and Anne are home with their take-away, when Susan appears in the street with her lasagne and asks them over to have some. Anne asks if Billy will be there, and, after realising that he will, declines the offer.

Susan goes inside, and finds Billy eating chips. She tells him to stop and have some lasagne. She explains about seeing Anne and tells Billy that he shouldn’t leave it too long to speak to her or she’ll never believe him.

. . .

Vince is working out and making a lot of noise, interrupting Cath and Sarah who are trying to watch the news. He tells them that the news is for eggheads. He tells them that looks are far more important than what’s going in someone’s head and Sarah sarcastically agrees. She tells Vince that she can’t cope with seeing his body in the reflection of the tv and leaves to take a shower. He starts cracking on to Cath and she tells him that he has more chance of flying to the moon than getting with her or Sarah. She tells him to stop hitting on them, or he’ll have to move out and he says he understands.

Billy arrives at number 32 to see Anne. Lance warns him that he must be stupid, but he goes in anyway. He explains that his tape got mixed up with one of Vince’s and that he’s not into stuff like that. He says that he thought she knew him better than that and she walks off, saying that she obviously didn’t.

. . .

The following day outside the pub, Jo brings drinks to Cath and Sarah. They’re worried about Vince’s reaction to having another woman in the pub and Jo says that they should tell him to just move out. Cath says that it’s up to Luke, who thinks Vince is harmless. The girls, however, decide that they have to find a way to get rid of him.

At number 28, Susan tells Billy that if Anne was so quick to think badly of him, then maybe her friendship isn’t worth it. Billy asks what he should do, and she admits that she isn’t sure. She says that he shouldn’t grovel as he was brought up to have some pride in himself, but on the other hand, he should fight for what he wants.

. . .

Luke is on the phone to Malaysia, leaving a message for Danni to say he’ll be arriving that evening. He then tells Vince that Sarah, Cath and Jo don’t want to be treated as ‘just packaging’, and Vince asks what he should do. Luke tells him to go up to their level rather than bringing them down to his. Just then, Billy arrives at the door, telling Vince that he owes him a favour.

At number 26, Helen and Debbie are preparing food for the catering deal. Debbie wonders if she might find herself a rich man at this dinner party, but there’s a knock at the door. A man called George Stanton arrives, explaining that he’s from the council and is here to check that Debbie’s home catering business is all above board. She lets him in and Helen introduces herself. He asks if they have a permit and Debbie admits that she didn’t know she needed one. He says that it’s just as well he came. She says it’s a brand new business and he says that if it doesn’t meet his standards, he’ll close it down.

. . .

Anne is outside walking Bonnie when she bumps into Vince, who introduces himself. He explains that the video was in his stuff and it got switched with Billy’s one. Anne says she’s not an idiot and to stop treating her like one. Vince says she is an idiot if she can’t see what a great guy Billy is.

The inspector tells Debbie that her kitchen passes the inspection, but she can’t do any catering until her permit arrives. Helen asks him if he could just bend the rules for this one function. He agrees, as long as she applies for her permit first thing. He’s just leaving, when Holly comes in. He sees the dog and explains that this changes everything and that she has failed the inspection.

. . .

. . .

Luke is hugging Cath and Sarah, who say that he has to pass their love on to Danni and to make any reverse charges calls. He leaves, and the girls talk about how much they’ll miss him. Vince says he can cheer them up and they sarcastically wonder what he’s going to do. He says there’s more to him than bodybuilding and says he’s going to make them dinner.

Anne arrives at number 28 to see Billy. He says he doesn’t care anymore and he’s sick of trying to convince her that he’s not a sicko. She says she’s sorry and should have believed him all along. He’s thrilled and they agree to pick up where they left off. Susan, who is watching from the kitchen, suddenly gets up and leaves. Anne goes home and Susan appears from the bedroom, asking why he didn’t seize the moment. He tells her to mind her own business.

Cath and Sarah agree that no matter how good Vince’s food is, they still think he’s a sleaze. Vince comes in with the food and Sarah is impressed, but Cath shuts her up. They eat some and Vince realises that they love it. He says he used low fat ingredients, as there’s nothing worse than “a chick with saddlebags”. He goes to get wine, and they realise that he has to go.

. . .

At number 26, Debbie is annoyed with Holly. Helen says it’s not the dog’s fault and that Debbie should have done her research. She says that being honest is the only way to tackle this and that she didn’t give up when she lost out on the Coffee Shop. Debbie admits that Helen is right and there must be a way around this. Helen asks how she’ll cater without a kitchen, and Debbie says she isn’t sure, but she’ll make a success out of this even if it kills her.

Summary by Steve