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Magic Moments > 1997 > Lisa's Arrival Episode 2776

Written by Susan Bower, Directed by Chris Adshead

Lou and Harold argue over a Scrabble game and Lou storms out of the house. Karl and Susan question Billy about his bungee jump, but he says that he’s sick of being treated like a child.

At the pub, Susan tells Karl that Alan McKenna has resigned as vice principal and they make a toast, but then Susan announces more good news – Andrew Watson’s been promoted to vice principal, so she’s the new senior school co-ordinator. Meanwhile, Mal comes in to collect the cheque from Lou to pay for the pub renovations. As Mal tries to make a quick getaway, Karl calls him over and asks him whether he knew that Billy was doing a bungee jump – or whether Libby had signed the consent form. Mal says that he’s impressed with Billy going through with it, before walking out.

. . .

At number 24, Harold is still complaining about Lou’s behaviour, but Madge thinks they’re as bad as each other. Harold reminds Madge about his feud with Marlene, but she says that they’ve been civilised and forgiven each other. Harold is then distracted by a newspaper article and tells Madge that he’s concerned about all of the homeless kids in Erinsborough, but he’s had an idea and thinks that he might be able to do something about it.

Back at the pub, Susan is heading off to a staff meeting, so Karl goes up to the bar to chat to Lou. They chat about the events of Christmas, and Karl ribs Lou about Harold pushing him in the pool. Lou then tells Karl about an idea he’s had for a restaurant on wheels – he noticed an ad in the paper for an old disused double decker bus for sale.

. . .

At number 30, Catherine and Sarah arrive back with lots of groceries, as Cath is going to make a romantic meal for Mal. They bring the bags into the kitchen and Sarah starts telling Joanna about everything that Cath’s bought, before Cath quickly points out that it’s just dinner for two. She checks that Jo and Sarah don’t mind eating in the kitchen that night, as she’s going to decorate the lounge room.

At number 24, Harold is telling Madge about his idea for buying the double decker bus in the newspaper and making it into a mobile treatment centre for the homeless. Madge isn’t convinced by the idea, but Harold decides to ring the number on the newspaper ad straight away.

. . .

At number 28, Mal is ironing some clothes for his special night with Cath. As he goes to get ready, Karl comes in and tells Billy that Toadie won’t be home for dinner, as he seems to be avoiding Billy these days, and then Billy complains about Toadie dobbing on him for the bungee jump. Karl reminds Billy that Toadie is planning to leave Erinsborough the next day, and Billy should have the guts to patch things up before then.

In the backyard, Billy is feeding Murray, when Mal comes out and they start chatting about Toadie. Mal suggests that Billy is jealous of his friend because he’s smarter, tougher and more manipulative, and is always making Billy the victim of his jokes. Mal then mentions that Toadie might also be jealous, because Billy always gets the girls, and wonders if they really do hate each other.

. . .

Later on, Mal is leaving for his dinner date, when Susan arrives home with Lisa Elliot, the new teacher at Erinsborough High. She asks Mal is Catherine has found a new housemate yet, and, when he says that she hasn’t, Susan says that she’ll take Lisa over to number 30 later and introduce her. Mal then offers to take Lisa as he’s heading over there now and, after Karl and Susan jokingly warn Lisa to be careful when alone with their son, Lisa and Mal leave. Susan then starts firing questions about what’s for dinner (mentioning that she hopes it’s not quiche, as Karl always gets that when they have takeaway) and where the rest of the kids are. When she finally quietens down, a guilty Karl asks exactly when she went off quiche.

At the Coffee Shop, Toadie is washing up when he hears the door. He looks through the hatch and sees Billy, so he asks him what he wants. The two are very abrupt with each other, as Billy says that he wants nothing, and brings some dirty cups into the kitchen. Billy asks about Murray, and Toadie says that the turkey will be leaving with him, as he’ll be much happier in the country. Billy then suggests that maybe they could shoot some hoops later, before quietly leaving.

. . .

At number 30, Mal introduces Lisa to Joanna, Cath and Sarah, and she explains that she’s come about the room, as Susan, her new boss, suggested it. Joanna takes Lisa to show her the room, as Cath and Mal start kissing. Sarah asks them if they’ve quite finished, before standing up and asking if they could let her know when she can use her own kitchen.

At number 28, Harold arrives to visit Karl and Susan, explaining his idea about the outreach programme on the bus. He suggests that the local doctors could each give up one day a fortnight to help with the project. Karl isn’t sure what to say, but Susan quickly says that it’s a wonderful idea. Karl mentions that Lou was also looking to buy that bus to open a restaurant. Harold says that it’s typical of Lou to think about his bank balance before the needs of others. Susan asks him if he’d like to stay for a drink and he says that a herbal tea would be wonderful. A slightly surprised Susan goes to the kitchen to look for some, and Harold starts telling Karl about the finer points of his outreach programme, as Karl starts suggesting places for Susan to look for herbal tea. When Harold finally finishes talking, Karl suggests that they have normal tea, but Harold isn’t too impressed with that idea.

. . .

At number 30, Lisa explains to Sarah and Joanna that she would need the room straight away if it’s available, as she’d like to move in before school starts again. They decide to discuss it over a cup of coffee, but Sarah then finds that Catherine has used the last of the milk. Mal offers to go and get some more, as Sarah looks through the fridge and declares that they’re also out of eggs, butter and bread. She then starts ranting about how Cath doesn’t do her share of the housework now that she’s going out with Mal, and they’re sick of it. Cath asks if Jo shares this opinion and Jo reluctantly admits that she does. As Sarah storms out, Lisa awkwardly stands in the corner, worried about what she’s getting herself into.

Billy and Toadie are outside playing basketball on a dark Ramsay Street when Murray the turkey suddenly runs out of number 28’s driveway, with Harold, Karl and Susan chasing him. Murray runs up number 24’s driveway and Karl insists that Billy and Toadie, and Mal – who’s just returned with the milk – help them catch him. Mal, however, has other ideas and runs off into number 30.

. . .

Inside, Mal is explaining to the girls about Murray escaping and running amuck, but Lisa is more interested in finding out what a ‘Toadie’ is. As Mal explains, Cath appears and grabs the milk before running back into the kitchen. Sarah screams at her sister that the milk is for Lisa’s coffee, but Lisa insists that she should be leaving now. She says that she’ll have to think about whether she wants the room now. Sarah then blames Cath for them possibly losing a really good housemate, as Cath takes some food into the lounge room for Mal. Jo and Sarah then decide to sit down and the kitchen table and eat the chocolate ice cream that Mal bought for dessert.

Lou leaves his house and is amused to find half of Ramsay Street calling out Murray’s name. He tells them that the turkey is in his back garden and Karl sends Billy and Toadie to get him. Harold, meanwhile, approaches Lou about the bus and explains that he was thinking about using it for a far more commendable means. Lou says that he doesn’t care, as he still considers it ‘first in, best dressed’.

. . .

At number 30, Mal and Cath are enjoying their food, as Sarah and Jo use a coat hanger to get a better picture on the portable tv. Just as they get a picture on the tv, Mal bursts in and knocks the hanger down. This is the final straw for Sarah and Jo, who announce that they won’t be left in the kitchen like naughty children every time Cath wants to entertain one of her fancy men. Cath then snaps and says that it’s fine by her, as she grabs Mal and the two of them leave.

. . .

In the back garden of number 22, Billy and Toadie are slowly approaching Murray. Toadie says that he’ll talk to the turkey, then Billy should grab it when he gives the nod. As Toadie is talking, he looks down at Murray, and Billy takes this as a nod, so he leaps towards Murray, missing him completely. Toadie angrily asks Billy what he was playing at, and Billy walks off, saying that he doesn’t know why he bothered trying to help in the first place.

Summary by Steve