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Magic Moments > 1997 > Ben's Arrival Episode 2828

Written by Kit Oldfield, Directed by Gary Conway

Marlene suggests that Darren goes to the bank for a loan, and tells him that he should at least consider it. Billy tells Anne that he can’t completely put Melissa out of his life, and he’s going to see her tomorrow. Anne begs him not to go...

Wayne and Darren arrives back at number 22, and Wayne is trying to talk Darren out of going to the bank. He says he’ll have to pay heaps in interest, but Darren says that he’s only going to work above board from now on. Debbie walks up and Darren explains about the loan. She’s glad, as it means that he’ll be able to finish the Coffee Shop early and she won’t have to lose money by closing the place at night. She then chats to Wayne and he asks her out. She says she’s going out with Helen that night, but they could arrange something for the following evening. Just then, a car pulls up opposite number 32. The man inside looks at the house for a while, then drives away.

. . .

At number 28, Billy is telling Toadie that this whole mess with Anne is his fault and that if he hadn’t told Anne about all of Melissa’s letters, then this wouldn’t have happened. Toadie says that if Billy hadn’t been sneaking around, and hadn’t accidentally called Anne, Melissa, at the beach, then the whole situation would never have started. Toadie tells Billy just to work out what he wants and to be honest with everyone. Billy explains that he can’t be honest with Melissa, as Anne won’t let him see her.

. . .

At the pub, Jo explains to Darren that she’s just writing an ad for a new housemate at number 30. Darren asks Jo if she’s with the bank in Waratah Street and if she knows the manager. She explains that she is and she does, and his name is Mr Spring. He explains about his loan, and Jo says that Spring is a miserable old scrooge, and that he needs to make a good impression. Darren asks Jo if she’s heard from Rob and she says that she’s been thinking about him a lot lately, but she really needs to move on.

Anne arrives at number 28 and apologises for the way she acted earlier. Billy tells her that he’s going to have to speak to Melissa and tell her that there can be no more letters. Anne suggests doing it over the phone and so they go to make the call. Billy asks Anne if she would mind leaving while he makes the call, and Anne says that it’s fine.

. . .

At the pub, Debbie says goodbye to Wayne and Darren, and Helen asks who that guy was. Debbie explains that it’s Darren’s new sidekick, and Helen realises that Marlene mentioned Wayne and she’s worried about his influence over Darren. Helen warns Debbie to be careful and she’s shocked that Helen would be so quick to judge someone, especially when she doesn’t even know them. Helen admits that she wouldn’t normally, but it’s difficult when it involves a member of your own family.

The following day, Darren, dressed up in a suit, is heading into the bank. He goes in and asks to see the manager, so the teller asks him what time his appointment was. Darren says he didn’t realise that he’d need one and explains it’s really important that he sees the manager today. The teller asks him to wait and he’ll see what he can do.

. . .

Jo bumps into Melissa in the street and says it’s a while since she’s seen her around. Melissa explains that it’s because she and Billy broke up, but hopefully that’s all about to change. Meanwhile, the same man from yesterday drives up the street and starts watching number 32 again, before getting out and walking over to the house. He looks at the names on the letters in the mailbox and then goes back to his car.

At number 28, Billy and Toadie are waiting for Melissa and she’s late. Billy is hoping she might not turn up, when there’s a knock at the door and he answers. She apologises for being late and Billy says it doesn’t matter, but Toadie says that they’ve all got more important things to do with their lives. Toadie starts asking Melissa about the guy she cheated on Billy with, before Billy throws him out. Melissa explains that she was worried that he wasn’t getting the letters, but Billy says that he has to say something to her. She tries to kiss her, but he says he doesn’t want to get back together, he has moved on and they’re not going to happen.

. . .

The mysterious man from the street goes into the pub and Jo asks if she can get him a drink. He explains that it’s a bit early, but he might just shoot some pool for a while. Jo is putting up an ad for a housemate, and the man says that this seems like a decent area. He says he’s just passing through, then he sees the ad.

Darren is still waiting to see the bank manager and a woman comes out and introduces herself as Dorothy Stevens. Darren asks if Mr Spring is going to be long, and Dorothy explains that he retired six weeks ago. Darren explains that he runs a small business and was hoping to get a loan. Dorothy tells him that he’s come to the right place.

. . .

At the pub, Wayne and Debbie are looking for Darren, and realise he must still be at the bank. They go to have lunch. At the bar, the man is telling Jo that he’s interested in the room at her place and settling down for a while in Erinsborough. She tells him to call in there later, and meet Lisa and Sarah. Wayne and Debbie are looking at the menus, and she asks him how long he’s been out of prison. He says it hasn’t been long, but he’s had to make a few adjustments. He explains that he had a girlfriend before going inside, but she couldn’t handle it and the relationship crumbled. Debbie is surprised by this, but Wayne says that he just needs to focus on the here and now.

Toadie is at number 32, trying to convince Anne to lend him some money, but she’s very distracted over Billy and Melissa. Toadie explains that Billy will come over as soon as he gets rid of Melissa. She goes to pick up the phone, but Toadie makes her hang up. They decide to go and buy some ice cream and Anne is leaving, while Toadie reads out a list of things he wants from the shops.

. . .

Billy and Melissa are leaving number 28 and he asks her if she’s ok. She says she’s glad he’s talking to her again, and he says that he’d rather they were still friends. They hug, just as Anne comes outside and sees them. She runs off, while Billy calls after her.

Dorothy explains to Darren that business seemed good while he was with Malcolm Kennedy, but things haven’t been so good lately. She asks him about his experience, and what he did before running the handyman business, and he explains that he was in prison, but that everybody needs to start somewhere. She agrees, but says that his business doesn’t meet the bank’s loan criteria. He asks if it has anything to do with him being an ex-con, and she says that it’s not their policy to refuse anyone, but the plans won’t make him any money.

. . .

At number 32, Billy is trying to explain that it was only a hug. Toadie says that he can’t blame Anne for being sus of Melissa, and Billy tells him to leave. Anne is worried about why they were together so long, and then hugging. She tells him that she wants him to stay away from Melissa, but Billy says that when she’s decided if she can trust him, she can let him know.

. . .

The man goes back into the pub and tells Jo that if he’s going to stick around, he’d better find himself a job. Jo takes away Wayne and Debbie’s plates, when Darren comes in. Jo asks how things went at the bank, and Darren says he got the money, so Debbie’s renovations should be done on time. Debbie says that it was lucky, or she’d have had to close down the Coffee Shop. Wayne suggests ringing the supplier, but once Debbie’s gone, Darren says that there is no money, he was refused for being an ex-con. Darren asks Wayne if they can still get the gear on the cheap, because it’s the only way they’ll manage it. The man, meanwhile, is on the phone, saying that he’s tracked her down and could be moving into a place near hers…

Summary by Steve