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Magic Moments > 1997 > Amy's Arrival Episode 2894

Written by Christopher Gist, Directed by Nicholas Bufalo

Lance tells Toadie that he asked Amy Greenwood out and she said yes. Lou tells Marlene that if he suspects that the fire was deliberate, then she should go back to her own house...

At number 26, Marlene is telling Debbie about what’s happened and Debbie tells her that she can stay with them, Helen would be offended if she didn’t. Marlene explains that it might be a few days before the gas is reconnected at number 24. Marlene gets up to leave, and says that it’s unbelievable, and Debbie asks if arguing with Lou is going to do any good. Marlene doesn’t think so, but she says that he’ll be out at work, so she won’t have to face him. Toadie arrives as Marlene’s leaving, and asks to see Hannah. Toadie tells Hannah about Lance’s date with Amy and they both laugh about it. They decide to go and watch, and Debbie tells them not to be so mean, but they go off anyway.

. . .

A man brings a delivery to the surgery and Sarah signs for it. Karl gets in and is excited about the package, telling Sarah that it’s partly for her too. She thinks it’s a cappucino machine, and is surprised to see a new computer. He starts telling her all about it, but she says that she has no idea about computers. He says he’ll teach her and Marlene all about it that evening.

. . .

Lance is sitting alone in the Coffee Shop, looking very nervous. He wonders where Amy is and looks out the door, meanwhile she walks in the other door and sits at the counter. He sits down again without noticing her, so she walks up behind him. He sees her and gets a shock, while Hannah and Toadie watch and laugh about what a bad start he’s gotten off to. He suggests going home and getting changed, as she looks so good, then there’s an awkward silence. Hannah and Toadie wonder why he isn’t speaking, and Lance goes to get them some drinks. He’s shocked to see Hannah and Toadie behind the counter and he tells them how embarrassing this all is. Lance suggests to Amy that they go to the movies instead, and they leave.

At the surgery that evening, Susan warns Karl that Marlene is still upset over Lou and to be gentle with her. Marlene and Sarah are on the computer when it starts making a noise. They can’t fix it, and Karl says that it’s crashed, so they need to reboot. Susan offers them drinks, but Karl says that they have a lot to do. Karl tells them that they’ll use the manual…

. . .

Lance and Amy are sitting on a bench by the lake. He asks her if she’s still hungry, but she says she isn’t, after everything they ate at the movies. She asks why he suddenly asked her out, and he says it just took him a while. She says that she used to talk about him with her friends, and never realised how funny he was. They discuss sport, and he says he likes rollerblading, and she asks if he’s not really athletic. He starts to show off, but ends up falling in the lake.

At the pub, Susan is trying to explain to Lou that people are just looking at all the possibilities and that he shouldn’t be too harsh on them. Lou is wondering how many of his friends suspect that he’s an arsonist, when Jamie-Lee comes in with her father. She explains to Lou that she was the one who torched the bus and apologises. Lou is shocked and says he’ll have to contact the police, but Jamie-Lee’s father, Joe, explains that it’s all in hand, and that Jamie-Lee will be going to court. Joe then offers to pay for the damage, but Lou insists that the insurance will come through now. Joe leaves Lou with his card, and Jamie-Lee apologises again as they leave. Susan comments that Lou must be relieved, and that he should now understand what she was trying to say before, but Lou says that he expects more loyalty from his friends.

. . .

Lance arrives back in Ramsay Street, soaking wet, and Toadie and Hannah ask what happened. Lance says that he fell in the lake, and the last time he saw Amy, she was laughing at him. Lance is annoyed with Toadie for forcing him to ask Amy out and he goes inside, while Toadie and Hannah burst out laughing.

Karl is showing Marlene how to use the computer but she manages to mess everything up and then manages to delete everything that they’ve already done. Susan comes in and explains to Marlene what just happened with Jamie-Lee. Marlene is relieved and decides to go and speak to Lou. Susan tries to stop her, but to no avail.

. . .

Marlene goes into the pub office and starts telling Lou how glad she is that it’s all over. He snubs her but she says that she’ll move back in. Lou tells her to stop and reminds her of what she said only a few hours earlier. Marlene insists that she would stand by Lou’s side whatever happened, but Lou tells her that she has no idea what the word family means. Marlene says she's sorry to hear that, and she says she’ll be at Helen’s for a few days, then back at number 24.

At number 28, Toadie is having breakfast, while Karl asks him if he knows where any of the computer books are. He explains what Marlene did and says that he once caught her trying to change the TV channel with a calculator. Toadie explains that he does computer studies at school, and could tutor Marlene and Sarah. Karl says that if he notices an improvement in their skills, he’ll pay Toadie. Toadie leaves, and Susan comes out for coffee. She thinks the tutoring is a good idea. They discuss the Lou situation, and Karl thinks that Lou will get over it pretty quickly, but Susan isn’t convinced.

. . .

Toadie arrives at number 32 and Lance tells him about the date with Amy. Toadie encourages him to call her, so he does. Toadie starts giving him advice, and Lance speak to Amy’s mother, then hangs up. Lance tells Toadie that Amy is washing her hair.

Hannah is on her way out of number 26 and lets Karl in. Karl speaks to Marlene, who’s having breakfast with Debbie. Marlene apologises for what she did to the computer, and Karl explains about Toadie’s tutoring. Marlene isn’t convinced but Karl says that Toadie will be very patient. Marlene says that this business with Lou is difficult, and she’d like to take the day off. Debbie tells Marlene that Helen feels guilty for misjudging Jamie-Lee and offers to go and talk to Lou.

. . .

. . .

At number 32, Hannah tells Lance that people do sometimes call when she’s washing her hair. The phone then rings, and it’s Amy. Lance asks her to come over and tells her the address. He hangs up and is thrilled, so he throws out Hannah and Toadie.

At number 22, Lou tells Debbie that Helen shouldn’t have supported Jamie-Lee. Debbie says that people were only suspicious because Lou asked Philip for an alibi and nobody really knew what to think. She says that if this ruins his friendship with Marlene, Helen will never forgive herself.

. . .

In the street, Hannah and Toadie see Amy arrive on her bike. Toadie calls out to her and asks if they’re going to go swimming, but she ignores him and goes inside.

. . .

Lance lets Amy in and they sit down together. He asks her if she’d like to go on another date with him, and she says maybe, before leaning in and kissing him.

Summary by Steve