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Magic Moments > 1997 > Marlene's Departure Episode 2962

Written by Ian Coughlan, Directed by Chris Adshead

Harold is told that he’s too old for the job he’s applying for. Madge and Philip both put forward their cases in the Ramsay vs Robinson argument, while Claire and Hannah change the street sign to Robinson Street. Anne is furious that Caitlin is threatening to steal Billy, but Caitlin suggests that she might not have to – he might just dump Anne and come to her of his own free will.

At number 28, Susan is complaining that nobody seems to be taking the proposed school merger seriously, but the kids won’t like it if they have to change schools. She reminds Billy that he’d have to take the bus, but he jokes that walking to the bus stop would be easier than walking all the way to school. He answers the door and it’s Anne and Caitlin, picking him up on their way to the pool. Susan wants them to sign her petition, but Anne wants to have a quiet word with Billy. Caitlin realises what’s going on and heads off on her own, as Susan asks Billy to help her do a leaflet drop later on. He agrees, but says that he and Anne really need to be alone. Susan heads out to the photocopy place, while Anne struggles to tell Billy about her run-in with Caitlin…

. . .

At number 26, Madge is furious about the street sign, but Harold and Philip try to assure her that it was probably just a joke. Madge says that it’s more than a coincidence that Hannah was asking all sorts of questions about the family feud, then this happens. Philip confronts his daughter, who struggles to lie to him and he sends her off to take down the sign. Philip then tries to tell Madge that the matter is over, but she won’t have her family history spoilt like this. Philip says that she probably wouldn’t want the truth about how the street got its name to come out, but Madge says that the Ramsays have nothing to be ashamed of, and the Robinsons are just bitter. Madge storms out, but as Harold tries to apologise, she calls out for her husband and he quickly leaves.

Back at number 28, Billy can’t understand why Anne feels so threatened by Caitlin. Anne says that they’re spending so much time together, training at the pool, but Billy assures Anne that he and Caitlin just friends and he isn’t going to dump Anne for her. Anne reluctantly accepts this and Billy says that he has to get ready now, as he still hasn’t found his goggles.

. . .

In the back garden of number 22, Lou is getting the barbecue ready for Marlene’s farewell party, when George comes and joins him, to ask if he can help. Lou says that he’s got everything under control and George is about to head back inside, when Lou stops him and asks him to pass the charcoal bricks. He then starts chatting about the cruise, and says that George is clearly a worldly man, but he was wondering about “the arrangements” on the cruise. George misunderstands and says that he has the itinerary inside and will go and get it.

Inside, George comes into the kitchen where Darren is preparing some salad. He picks up the itinerary and mentions to Darren that Lou was behaving a bit oddly and asking lots of strange questions. He wonders what’s going on, and Darren says that he’s got something on his mind too. Darren says that sometimes, when people want to ‘take someone on a cruise’ they have more in mind, but George doesn’t understand. Darren then cuts to the chase and asks George, “Are you planning to rock the boat with my grandmother?”

. . .

At the pool, Mandi and Caitlin have arrived, and Caitlin is pleased that her plan to come between Anne and Billy is taking shape. Billy then arrives and joins them, and Mandi quickly makes herself scarce. Billy broaches the subject of what Anne told him earlier, and asks if it’s true. Caitlin admits that she was talking to Anne, and said that Billy was a babe and she’d definitely try to get together with him, if he were single, but would never steal him away from Anne. Billy is satisfied with this and is left thinking that Anne is paranoid, as Caitlin walks off, smiling to herself.

Back at number 22, Lou is finishing up on the barbecue when George comes outside and joins him. George says that he’s been talking to Darren, and is shocked that they’re worried about his intentions towards Marlene. Lou tries to act innocent, but George says that all he wants is companionship. As they’re squaring up to each other, Marlene comes along and says that, if there’s going to be any chatting about her welfare, she should be involved. George apologises to her and says that he didn’t make it clear that he just wanted a companion – nothing more. He jokingly suggests that Lou could chaperone her, but Marlene thinks it’s a good idea, and says that Lou could just come as far as Queensland, then stop off and see Lauren before returning, and that Darren and Libby could look after Lolly. Lou agrees to give the idea some thought.

. . .

Harold is walking past a small cinema, when he spots a ‘help wanted’ sign in the window. As he’s looking at it, the manager, Carmel, comes outside and asks if he’s interested in the job. He admits that he’s between jobs, but she’s probably looking for someone younger, or someone who can work a projector. She says that the vacancy’s for a ticket seller, and he admits that he’d like that, but he’s not very good at tearing things off at the dotted line. Carmel smiles and says that, before he talks her out of giving him the job, why doesn’t he join her inside for a little chat.

At the Coffee Shop, Madge is frying up some bacon, and telling Claire that she’s going to get straight on to the council about the street sign and make sure that whoever’s responsible for putting Hannah up to it, doesn’t get away with it. Harold then comes in and announces that he’s got a new job, selling tickets at a cinema. He explains that he’s got a couple of free tickets for a French film that evening, but Madge doesn’t want to see anything with subtitles, so suggests taking Claire instead. They agree to go after seeing off Marlene at her barbecue, and Madge is suddenly worried that she’ll be left chatting to Philip all evening. Harold tells her to stop being so petty and not to lose the years of friendship with the Martins over something so silly.

. . .

At number 30, Mandi and Caitlin get back, and Mandi wants to know all the details about Billy. Caitlin explains that Anne is now worried that she’s going to make a play for Billy. Mandi asks if she is, and Caitlin says that he’s cute, but she’s just going to stick to being friends with him and Anne. She says that, the more time she’s spending with Billy, the more Anne’s going to struggle to hide her jealousy – she almost feels sorry for her.

At number 32, Ruth finds Anne sitting alone on the couch, and asks why she isn’t spending the last night of the holidays with Billy. Anne admits that she’s worried about things, and Ruth sits down to find out what’s wrong. Anne explains that she’s worried that Billy is attracted to Caitlin, because she’s so smart and sexy and he sees her in a swimsuit all day. Ruth says that Anne’s relationship with Billy is a lot stronger than what someone looks like in a swimsuit, but Anne doesn’t seem too convinced.

. . .

At the cinema, Harold and Claire are enjoying the film when one of the characters takes her top off, and Harold is appalled when things start to get steamy. He quickly escorts Claire out, and they bump in Carmel. Harold asks her about her claims that it’s a family cinema, and she explains that her husband runs the projector and her daughter works on the snack stand. They take the conversation out into the foyer and Harold says that he’s going to report the business for illegal activity. Carmel says that they’re just an arthouse cinema and are doing nothing wrong, but if Harold really has a problem with it, she can re-advertise the job. She asks him for a decision.

At number 24, Madge is shocked to hear that Harold turned down the job just because a couple of people took their clothes off in a film, and it gets worse when Claire says that they were only rubbing sun tan lotion on each other. Madge says that Harold needs to come to times with the 20th century while they’re still in it, and tells him that she and Lou once went to a nudist resort and had a wonderful time. She suggests getting out the pictures, and Harold storms off, before Madge admits to Claire that she doesn’t actually have any pictures.

. . .

At number 22, Darren is assuring Marlene that he’ll be able to cope with looking after Lolly for a few weeks. Marlene tells him that he’s a lovely young fella, and his mum would be very proud – Darren says that she’s just as responsible for that as Cheryl is. Marlene then presents Darren with a little gift, so he won’t forget her – a cushion with a photo of her on it. He’s quite taken aback, and gives her a hug.

The next morning, at number 24, Madge is making breakfast when Harold joins her, and she says that he seemed to have quite a restless night. He says that he had the most awful nightmare and her and Lou – naked. She laughs and says that, if it’s any consolation, she’d rather have been naked with him. She tells him that he’s over-reacting, to everything, and he says that he’s been thinking and he shouldn’t have turned that job down. He decides to call the cinema, and wonders about suggesting some wholesome alternative films to show, as Madge goes outside to say goodbye to Marlene.

. . .

. . .

Outside number 22, Marlene is sitting in the taxi, telling Madge and Ruth that she’s missing Lolly already, though she is excited about the trip. Madge insists that nothing will go wrong, and she’ll be back before she knows it (!). Lou puts the cases in the taxi and gets in, saying goodbye to Madge and Ruth. Ruth tells Marlene that Susan and Karl send their love too, and Harold comes outside and shakes Marlene’s hand. Harold tells Madge that Carmel didn’t think he was ‘temperamentally suited’ to the job, and they all wave off the taxi as it goes.

At the pool, coach Simon announces that Caitlin is staying in Erinsborough and is now officially a member of their swim team. They all cheer and congratulate her, and Billy gets out of the pool and looks across at Caitlin.

. . .

Later, Caitlin catches up with Billy as they’re both leaving the pool and asks how he’s going with the swimming. He admits that he isn’t sure he’ll ever be ready to join the team, but she offers to help coach him, now that she’s staying. She admits that it’s difficult to make friends when she’s moving around so much, but Billy assures her that he’s her friends and he’ll be there to listen. They share a hug, just as Anne comes along and spots them.

Summary by Steve