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Magic Moments > 1998 > The 3000th Episode Episode 3000

Written by Jeff Truman, Directed by Chris Adshead

Madge is feeling ill and Paul tries to get Harold, but she tells him not to. She insists that there’s nothing wrong, but she’ll go and see Karl. Karl and Sarah agree to stay as friends, and are hugging, when Susan walks in, almost catching them. Lance and Toadie realise that Lou is conning them over the jukebox...

At number 22, Lou explains that he was using washers in the machine to get people using the machine and listening to the music. Toadie threatens to take the jukebox out of the pub, but he says that they need that venue for it, so they have no other choice.

. . .

After Susan leaves the surgery, Karl warns Sarah to stay behind her desk in future, as it would have looked terrible if Susan had caught them hugging. Madge then walks in for her appointment and Karl asks if she saw all of the street signs. She says that Harold did, and he wasn't impressed. They continue to chat as Sarah looks annoyed.

There are street signs hanging up everywhere and Billy tells Caitlin that it must be Toadie, as they go inside number 28. She says she’s going to see Ben at the hospital later, but asks Billy if he wants to hang out. He’s reluctant, as Anne may take it the wrong way and she says it’s fine, but she can restrain herself around him, so they should be able to be around each other.

. . .

. . .

Karl finishes examining Madge and says that it looks like a nasty case of flu. He tells her to get lots of rest and lots of fluids. She says the rest part might be tough, and he warns her that she won’t get better unless she does. She asks if there isn’t just a pill she could take, but he tells her that all he can prescribe is rest. Out in the waiting room, Paul and Harold are waiting, as they were worried, and Karl explains his flu diagnosis. They all thank Karl and Madge tells them that she has a few things to do, then she can go home, Harold tries to take her home immediately, but she says she’s capable of knowing her own body. Karl is then very short with Sarah, before returning to his office.

At the Kennedy house, Caitlin is worried that Ben might not even wake up. Billy insists that he will and Caitlin says how difficult it’s been, especially on Ruth. There’s a knock at the door, which Caitlin answers, though Billy tries to stop her. It’s Anne, who is a bit surprised and asks how Ben is. There are a few awkward moments before Caitlin and Billy go to put some music on.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Toadie, Lance and Hannah are waiting for Madge to arrive, so they can ask her to move the jukebox there from the pub. Harold and Madge then walk in, with him insisting that she go home, but she says that the shop is her priority. Toadie asks Madge if they can move the jukebox there, explaining that Lou is a snake in the grass, and Madge says that it did pull in a lot of business. Harold reminds them that it electrocuted him, but the kids says that it was his fault, not the jukebox. Madge agrees to take it back.

Caitlin leaves number 28 and Billy thanks Anne for not making a scene. Anne thinks Billy is quite enjoying having two girls fighting for his attention, but he insists that he hates it. She tells him he’s too nice, and they kiss.

. . .

Lance, Hannah and Toadie are trying to remove the jukebox and Lou is trying to stop them. He asks what they’re up to and they explain about moving it to The Coffee Shop. Lou offers to reduce the rent on it and Lance and Hannah think they should go for it, but Toadie think it’s too easy and they could probably get an even better deal if they tried.

At number 32, Caitlin and Anne discuss what happened in Sydney and agree that they should be friends, since they live next-door and are practically related. They agree to try and work things out.

. . .

Toadie, Lance and Hannah arrive at number 24, wanting to speak to Madge about the jukebox. Harold explains that she’s asleep and that they can’t see her. He then asks Toadie about all the street signs hanging up everywhere, to which Toadie protests his innocence. Harold isn’t convinced, but then Madge comes out, asking what all the noise is about. Harold is annoyed and Toadie explains to Madge that Lou has dropped the rent, so they’re not moving the jukebox. She says it’s fine, until Toadie mentions that Lou was right. Madge wants to know what Lou was right about, and Toadie explains that Lou knew the Bishops would have no idea about how good the jukebox would be for business. Toadie says that Lou is renting him the space for $20 a week, so Madge agrees to $10 a week.

Caitlin arrives at number 28, explaining to Billy that she tried to apologise to Anne. She explains that it’s pretty clear that Anne hates her and Billy says she just needs to give it time. Caitlin insists that it was pretty obvious that Anne didn’t like her.

. . .

At the surgery, Karl is worried by how slow business is. Sarah gives Karl a coffee and they chat whether she should come to his place for the party tonight. She comments on how messy it all is, and how difficult it is to get through this whole mess. He says that if they’re going to be friends, then the party is the sort of thing they need to get back to doing together. He says Susan will be disappointed if she doesn’t come, so she says she’ll see him there.

Billy arrives at number 32 and Anne senses that there’s something wrong. He explains how upset Caitlin was, and Anne is annoyed that she went running to him. She explains that she doesn’t want to be Caitlin’s friend or her enemy and then she mentions Sydney. Billy is annoyed with her for bringing all that up again and he apologises again and again. He says he’s sick of being the bad guy and won’t go with her to visit Ben, before storming out.

. . .

Lou is trying to convince Madge about keeping the jukebox in the pub, and he says that Harold won’t like all the loud music in The Coffee Shop. Harold says whatever Madge wants is fine with him and so Lou and Madge start building on their offers, until Madge offers the kids three months’ rent-free. Lou decides that he can’t top that offer and the kids agree to take their business to The Coffee Shop.

At the surgery, Karl heads home to help Susan prepare. Sarah says the party is a really sweet idea and he heads off, leaving Sarah to lock up.

. . .

Lance is pushing the jukebox into place in The Coffee Shop and Harold comes over. Toadie asks him if he has any requests and he suggests Brahms. Toadie says that he’ll choose before putting a piece of music on full blast. Harold insists that it’s too loud and makes Toadie turn it down. Anne comes in and asks Caitlin why she told Billy all that stuff earlier and Anne asks for some space so she and Billy can work through their problems on their own.

. . .

At number 28 that evening, Karl asks Billy if everything’s ok and he says he’s in love with both Anne and Caitlin at the same time. Karl tries to offer advice, but Billy says Toadie has suggested that he volunteers as a human guinea pig. Harold apologises for Madge’s absence due to illness. Karl quietens everyone down and makes a speech about how proud he is of Susan, and makes a toast to his wife. She says how touched she is and how lucky she is to have such a great family and friends. Sarah looks dejected and Karl asks her if he can get anything for her. She says she’s fine, and that it was a very nice speech. She tells Karl how lucky Susan is to have him.

Summary by Steve