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Magic Moments > 1998 > Ben's Departure Episode 3085

Written by Margaret Wilson, Directed by Gary Conway

Hannah is shocked by the dress of Julie’s that Phil’s given her. Amy photographs Peter Gable. Libby receives a threatening phone call...

At number 32, Amy tells Anne and Lance about what she saw and photographed. Anne says that it’s better than nothing but it still doesn’t prove anything about Gable and Kennard. Amy tells Lance about tickets she has for the ballroom dancing competition, but Lance says he can’t come as he’s visiting his dad. Amy asks him to change his plans, but he says he can’t, as Ben’s also having his leaving party tomorrow.

. . .

Susan tells Libby she must take the phone calls very seriously, but Libby says she isn’t sure. She asks her mum not to tell Karl and Susan says that they have to call the police.

At number 30, Ben tells Nick and Caitlin that his name is now off the lease, and there’s a new sub-clause about Bob staying there. Ben realises that Caitlin is going to miss him and he says he thought he was just her bossy big brother. She says she’ll miss him and he says he’s only going to Sydney, but he’ll miss them both. Nick asks what they’re doing for the send-off and Ben says Ruth is organising something in number 30’s backyard.

. . .

At number 32, Lance and Anne are telling Ben about their visit to their dad. They explain how their dad always tries to organise things for them to do and Ben says that it’s typical parent behaviour. They tell Ben how they’d have liked to have spent some more time with him before he leaves, but Ben tells them not to change their plans on his account. They explain that they’ll be back for the party, and Ben says he’ll miss them both. He says it was all a big drama when he first turned up, but he’s glad it all worked out and that they’re as much a brother and sister as Nick and Caitlin.

The police officer asks Libby about the time of the call and what was said, but she isn’t quite sure. He tells her to keep a record of the details of any other calls. He suggests changing the number and putting a trace on it, but that may take a while. Susan realises that there’s very little they can do and the policeman apologises, suggesting maybe talking to the man they suspect is making the calls. The officer leaves and Susan tells Libby she must drop this story now, as it’s no longer a game.

. . .

The following morning, Amy meets Lance and Anne outside number 32 as they’re going to catch their bus. She asks Lance to change his mind, but he says he can’t and that he’ll see her at Ben’s farewell. Just then, Joel rides up on his bike and Amy asks him if he has any plans. She won’t reveal where they’re going, but she won’t say and they make plans to meet that afternoon.

Ruth is adjusting Hannah’s dress when Ben comes into the kitchen, having just got up. He asks if he can help, but Hannah says that she won’t have someone who changes spark plugs touching her dress. Ruth tells him to prepare some prawns for his party, although she says it’s not really fair for him to have to work for his own farewell. Ben mentions to Hannah about her date with the school spunk and Ruth remembers when she lost out on a date to a pretty girl at school. She remembers how she tried to steal the boy back at the school formal, but he turned her down.

. . .

At number 30, Joel brings Caitlin a drink, telling her she wouldn’t have much of a career if she’d been seriously injured. He tells her she needs a back-up career, as sports isn’t a very secure thing to do. He explains that if the sport doesn’t work out for him, he’s going to be a marine biologist.

Susan arrives at number 26 and tells Phil about all of her problems. She explains that Lou’s advertising of the pub on school computers has been a huge headache. She then talks about Libby’s threatening calls and that the police can do nothing. She says that Libby isn’t prepared to drop the story and that her stubbornness is clouding her judgement. Just then, Ruth and Hannah come in, with her showing off her new dress.

. . .

Libby is showing Drew her moped and he says he can fix it, whenever she can bring it in. He asks her if she’s planning a quick getaway, and she says she’s just being cautious.

Caitlin and Nick are preparing food at number 32 and wondering who might have reported them to the landlord. They suspect Ruth and just then, she comes home with Phil. They talking about trying to top one of Toadie’s parties and she says she wouldn’t want to disturb the neighbours. They realise that it wasn’t Ruth who dobbed them in, so Caitlin then suspects the Bishops. She says she’ll never shop at the Coffee Shop again, but Phil tells her not to be so hasty. He suggests asking Madge and Harold and trying to sort things out before it all gets out of hand.

. . .

At number 28, Drew goes off to wash his hands, while Joel tells Libby about his date with Amy. Libby tells him to watch himself as she’s always plotting something. Joel leaves, and Libby offers Drew a drink of water. He asks for a favour; if she can help him make something for Ben’s party. They have a look at some of Susan’s cook books. He says he got lucky coming to Erinsborough, what with all the nice people, mentioning Sarah. Libby says that she wishes she got to see more of Sarah, but she’s having some relationship problems at the moment. Drew asks if she’s going out with Kim Howard, but Libby thinks they’re just friends.

At number 30, everyone’s in the pool. Anne tells Ruth about their visit to their dad, while Drew arrives with a big cake. Lance is wondering where Amy has got to and that she should have arrived by now.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Joel is shouting Amy a drink. She says that she didn’t think he’d enjoy ballroom dancing, but Joel says that she had nothing to worry about.

Libby is printing out a draft of her story and Susan is annoyed with her. Libby blames Susan for making her grow up with strong principles. Libby asks for her mum’s advice and Susan says she’d probably do the same thing given the circumstances.

. . .

Amy and Joel arrive at the party and Lance is annoyed with her being late. Ben is very understanding, but Lance isn’t at all happy. Joel offers Ben good luck, before leaving. Amy is annoyed with Lance for being so rude and Lance accuses Amy of chasing other guys. Ruth tells them to go elsewhere to argue, so they do.

Joel arrives home, just as Libby and Susan are heading off to the party. Joel explains the situation with Lance and Amy, and Libby says that she warned him.

. . .

Lance and Amy go into the kitchen at number 32 and he accuses her of wanting to be with other guys. She says it was just an afternoon with a friend, but he isn’t convinced. He says she keeps talking about what a spunk Joel is and that right now, he doesn’t trust her.

. . .

. . .

Nick grabs everyone’s attention and says that Ben wants to make a speech. Ben thanks everyone for putting up with him, especially Ruth, whose life he disrupted so much by coming to Erinsborough. He explains how much he’ll miss her. He tells Nick that if Caitlin gets too much, then he’s on his own. He says he’s had an incredible time in Erinsborough. He tells everyone about searching for his mother and how everyone stood by him when he was in hospital. He says that he’ll never forget any of them and they sing ‘for he’s a jolly good fellow’. Anne goes over and asks Lance if he’s sorted things out with Amy, and he says that they broke up.

Summary by Steve