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Magic Moments > 1999 > Tess' Arrival Episode 3395

Written by Ian Coughlan, Directed by Robert Meillon

Karl and Susan are visiting a counsellor, and he confesses that he kissed Sarah at her wedding. Susan explains that she was tempted to leave with Martin.

Drew and Libby are following Steve’s car and she thinks he might be going home, so they’ll have to sit outside his house and wait. Drew thinks that they should pretend to be lovers, but Libby isn’t impressed with this suggestion.

. . .

Joel and Toadie are at the pub, and Joel is thinking about signing up for a club that recreates medieval battles. He asks Toadie if there’ll be any girls and Toadie assures him that there are bound to be plenty.

Back in the car, Libby is explaining that she just needs one photo of Steve on a building site, then they can go. Drew reminds her that he will actually have to do some work at some point.

. . .

. . .

Teresa Bell is at the school, waiting to be interviewed, when Susan calls her in. In the office, Susan introduces her to everyone, and explains that Madge Bishop from school council is running late. Everyone sits down, when Madge suddenly bursts in, explaining that she had to see the police about the break-in at the Coffee Shop last week. Madge starts disrupting everything by making coffee and throws Teresa off course. She says it’s fine, and she’s had a few problems of her own to deal with today.

Libby and Drew are back at the garage, and she tells him that she might need him to drive her again later that afternoon, as the scooter isn’t suitable for following someone. Lou comes outside and warns Drew about being late, and tells Libby that she’ll suffer too, as Drew is using the business to build a nest-egg. Libby is quite surprised by this news.

. . .

Maurie and Bill are in the Coffee Shop, talking about Sam, and Bill is shocked to hear that he’s still in a coma in hospital. Maurie gets up to leave, as Karl walks in. Bill asks his father about the counselling session and Karl says that they’ll talk about it later. Bill gets upset and walks out.

Tess is explaining her ideas about teaching, and Susan and Madge are very impressed. Tess then starts talking about how she doesn’t really need the money, but would like to have some independence from her husband. Susan says that it’s not really of the school’s concern, but she can understand somebody wanting freedom within a marriage. Tess then leaves, while Madge apologises to Susan for being late. As they’re talking, Susan knocks a cup of coffee over her skirt and gets quite upset about it. Madge asks her what’s wrong, and offers to make her lunch, so they can have a chat.

. . .

. . .

At the garage, Lou gets back and is pleased that Drew is finally managing to get some work done. Drew asks Lou if he would keep their private discussions to himself, and Lou apologises, but says that he’s had a few more offers on the garage. Lou says that they can re-adjust things to a partnership, but Drew says he wants to own it all. Lou gets angry, asking if Drew doesn’t trust him. Drew wants to know why he keeps changing his mind about the garage and how much control Lou would want. Lou starts to get worked up and breathless, and Drew forces him to sit down and take it easy for a minute.

Susan arrives at number 24 and is very impressed with the spread that Madge has put on for lunch. They talk about Teresa and wonder how she would cope with Tad and Paul. Madge mentions Tad’s essay and Susan admits that she hates it when people let their personal problems affect their work. She says that it’s just something that she and Karl will have to sort out between themselves.

. . .

Karl is at the garage, while Drew explains what happened. Karl says that Lou is going to have to calm down and get some proper rest, or his health problems are going to get a lot worse. Lou says that he can’t turn his back for five minutes without people trying to take over his businesses, but Karl warns him he has no choice, and tells him to go to visit Lauren and Mason.

Susan arrives home and finds Karl already there, wanting to talk. He asks how the interviews went, and tells her about Lou’s problems. She says that the whole time, she knew things weren’t completely over with Sarah, and he says it was just the situation with the counsellor that made things seem worse. He tries to say that they’ve wiped the slate clean now, but Susan says that it’s going to take a hell of a long time before things can be back to how they were. She storms out of the house in tears.

. . .

Madge is outside the Coffee Shop wiping tables, when Lou sneaks up on her. He asks her if she’s spoken to anyone about the robbery, telling her that she seems a bit jumpy. She gets annoyed with him, and he apologises, explaining that he’s been told to take a holiday. He tells her that he doesn’t like being told what to do, but she encourages him to go away for a while. They have a hug.

Karl is at home, writing a note for Susan. He picks up his bag and walks out of the house.

. . .

Drew and Libby are following Steve again and Libby assures Drew that criminals never expect to get caught, so he won’t notice them following. She tells him to go a bit faster, or they’ll lose him.

Susan gets home and notices the note on the table, explaining that Karl has gone away for a few days and will be fine.

. . .

Libby and Drew pull over as Steve’s car stops opposite a building site. Steve gets out and starts talking to Maurie Ryan, who calls over Bill. Maurie explains that Steve’s a consultant on the building project, while Libby takes photos of her brother and Maurie accepting money from Steve.

Summary by Steve