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Magic Moments > 2000 > Anne and Bill's Reunion Episode 3503

Written by E.W. Johnson, Directed by Chris Adshead and Gary Conway

Daniel asks Tess if her can move into Anne's room once she leaves. Dione wants to discuss their relationship with Joel and he says he's having a great time. Dione them walks into the back garden of number 30 to see Joel and Carrie kissing in the pool...

Joel notices Dione standing by the gate and jumps out of the pool, saying he can explain. Dione doesn't want to hear it and runs away from him, into the house. Joel and Carrie chase her, and Toadie is stunned as the three of them come running through the house.

. . .

Tess is helping Daniel to move in and telling him how great the neighbours are. Just then, Dione, Joel and Carrie come running out into the street, quickly followed by Toadie. Dione doesn't want to listen to any of their excuses and storms off, while Daniel wonders what sort of place he's moved into. Joel goes back inside.

Inside number 32, Tess tells Daniel it's not normally like this, but then backtracks and says there have been a few incidents, so he asks her for a quick rundown. She tells him about the fire at the millennium party, the feud between Joe and Karl and about Harold interfering in everyone's lives. She then mentions Amy cheating on Lance and also that Steph sometimes crashes there. She then says it's not always like that - sometimes it's so quiet you wouldn't think there was a problem in the world.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Harold isn't pleased about Don McCreadie's suggestions to have the waiters on roller-skates at Grease Monkeys. Lou wonders if Harold will have any say in the matter. At one of the tables, Lance is telling Anne how much he'll miss her. Toadie comes in and asks when Anne's farewell party will be, but she insists she has too much to do to have a party. Toadie then tells Anne to avoid number 30 because Joel has been caught two-timing Dione and Carrie.

At number 30, Joel and Carrie are worried that Dione will never forgive them, but that she has every right to be furious with them. Carrie is worried because she and Dione have been friends since they were kids. She tells them that it has to stop and Joel apologises, but she says she doesn't want to talk about it and leaves. He looks at himself in the mirror and is disgusted.

. . .

Daniel stops sorting his stuff out and she checks with him that he's only moving in for a few weeks. He goes to get something from the car and Anne comes in, saying she's sad about leaving Erinsborough. Tess says she'll really miss her and Daniel comes in with a big, ugly picture.

Harold tells Lou that Merridy came in and she was very nice, contrary to Lou's opinion. Lou says he's changed his opinion of her, but Harold says he has a lot in common with her. Harold realises how much Lou likes Merridy and starts teasing him, saying he should tell her how he feels.

. . .

Toadie and Lance arrive back at number 30 to check if Joel's dead. They tell Joel that they did warn him, but he's in no mood for it. They say they're going to go and organise a farewell for Anne, since she said she didn't want one.

Anne has just finished arranging the last of her things when Joel, Lance and Toadie burst in with champagne. Anne mentions Joel's situation and he's not happy that Toadie has told the entire street. Lance quickly ends their argument and Tess says she wishes she had some nibblies for the party, so Joel volunteers to go and get some. After he's gone, Anne tells Toadie to have a little sympathy for Joel.

. . .

Carrie is sitting outside the Coffee Shop when Dione walks up. As soon as Dione sees Carrie she turns around, where she sees Joel coming towards her. She tries to storm off again, but they both stop her. Joel says it was just an attraction that got the better of them and Carrie says it was stupid. They both say how sorry they are and she says she thinks they're only sorry they got caught. She asks if it was the first time and when they are both silent she goes into the Coffee Shop. Joel follows her in and tells her he doesn't blame her for hating him. He asks for one minute to explain, then she never has to see him again. She agrees, and he tells her he's not a sleaze, and he can't believe he's let everyone down, he says he really cares for her. She says she knows he's not a sleaze, but he really needs to grow up.

. . .

At Anne's party, Lou arrives with more champagne. Lance gives Anne a present - a framed picture of the two of them. Joel gets back with the food and Toadie apologises for giving him such a hard time. Anne then gives Lance a gift too - the same framed picture! They say that they love each other. Toadie gives a speech about how much they all love Anne, how much they'll miss her and her support.

Later that evening, the phone is ringing at number 32. Tess rushes to get it before Daniel does, incase it's Brendan. However, it's Bill and Tess explains that Anne isn't there - she's just popped out and she'll pass the message on. After she gets off the phone, Daniel asks why she rushed to get the phone and she explains that if Brendan heard another man's voice, he'd get a bit funny. She tells Daniel that she'd prefer to answer the calls in future.

. . .

Bill is at work, when Greg Mast appears and asks Billy for a chat.

Anne gets on the train and sits down.

Greg and Bill chat outside the workshop about Anne. Bill says he thinks something funny's going on because he hasn't heard from Anne in days. Greg says she's a woman, so she could be up to anything.

Anne nervously sits on the train.

Greg asks Bill to go down to the station to pick up some wood that's coming in on the train from Brisbane. Bill agrees, then Greg tells him to take the rest of the day off after that.

Anne is trying to read on the train, but can't concentrate.

. . .

Bill stops to help a woman named Aggie, who has a flat tyre. She asks if she's keeping him from anything and he says 'just some wood'. She tells him not to let Greg hear him talking like that, and he says if she doesn't say anything, he won't tell Greg what she got up to last Saturday night.

The train pulls in at the station and Anne gets off but she can't see Bill anywhere. She phones Greg to explain and is worried that he hasn't turned up. Just then, Bill arrives at the train station and asks the attendant whether the cedar wood has arrived yet. Bill's worried, until he spots Anne waiting for him. He rushes down and hugs her. He tells her how much he's missed her and asks how long she's staying. She says she's there for good and that she's transferred up there. They both say they'll be together forever.

. . .

. . .

Notes: Both Bill and Anne's last words were "Together forever"

Summary by Steve. Captures by Karl