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Magic Moments > 2001 > Matthew's Arrival Episode 3731

Written by Ben Marshall, Directed by Richard Sarell

Flick receives another note after the fashion show with a polaroid of Joel, suggesting that her stalker was there, watching. Paul thinks that he and Nathan could train together, Nathan then shows Paul the steroids heís been taking.

In the football club car park, Paul walks with Nathan to his car. Nathan tries to claim to Paul that you only ever hear about the negative side of steroid use, but that they simply can help you to reach your full potential more quickly. Paul says that the side effects of the steroids have been proven and that heís heard they can make people psychotic. Nathan argues that the only side effect heís experienced is having a bigger chest size and as long as you inject safely, youíll be fine. Paul mentions that it could be seen as cheating, but Nathan assures him that itís just topping up the natural chemicals in the body and he also mentions that the club only wants their team to win, so theyíll turn a blind eye to any abuse that goes on.


At number 24, Tad is in the kitchen, on the phone cancelling the gig he was going to play so that he can look after Madge. Madge listens in from the lounge room and, as he finishes the call, she tells him that he shouldnít stop having fun on her account. Tad brings Madge something to drink and some biscuits, and asks if he can be smuggled into her case when she and Harold go to Paris. She didnít realise that he was all that keen on travelling, but he explains that some of the music coming out of France is great. He starts talking about music and Madge has no idea what heís saying. She tells him that she doesnít really understand modern music, as it doesnít seem to have any chorus or melody. She asks Tad to explain the fascination to her, telling him that spinning records is hardly an art form, and he rushes off to get some equipment and prove her wrong.

At the Coffee Shop, Karl and Harold enter and Karl asks how things are going. Harold says that he and the boys are fine, and that Tad is something of a godsend. Paul and Nathan walk in and Harold says that heís on his way home now. Karl asks about Nathanís shoulder and Nathan insists that heís fine. Paul and Nathan then sit down and, once Karl is out of earshot, Paul asks Nathan how he avoids the doctor spotting track marks when heís examined. Nathan explains that heís just careful where he injects and he doesnít go overboard, so the muscle gain isnít too obvious. Paul still isnít sure, but Nathan thinks itís all hypocrisy, after all, people drink coffee, smoke and take drugs to cure illness. Paul seems to accept this.


At the pub, Karl is buying some wine and tells Lou that he and Susan drank the í74 Grange. Lou is annoyed that he wasnít there, and Karl cheers him up by announcing that heís entered him for the Perfect Pub competition. Lou doesnít seem to bothered, and admits that nothing seems to really matter in the wake of Madgeís diagnosis. Karl realises how close Lou and Madge are, and Lou hopes that she realises how much sheís loved. Karl tells him that he should spell it out to her, but Lou feels awkward about that, especially how Harold might feel. Karl tells him that it might make him feel better, and suggests that he write something down.

At number 26, Flick is sorting the washing when she spots a note thatís been pushed under the door. It says ĎThe Yellow Beach Hut, Sunset Bay, you and meí and Flick smiles, thinking itís from Joel. Paul then knocks at the door and she shows him the note. Paul isnít impressed and points out that Joel could send her a brick wrapped in newspaper and sheíd love the gesture. He asks if he can talk to her about football and she almost sends him away, before sitting down to listen. He tells her that itís about drugs and she begins to take him seriously. He explains that someone at the football club uses steroids and thinks he could be a great player if he really went for it. He asks Flick whether he should inject steroids.



Back at the pub, Lou is serving a young guy who tells Lou that he can improve his profits in return for a free round of drinks. Lou thinks itís a con and takes the money anyway as he listens. The guy says that the beer stinks and the lines need cleaning with a special solution of 6 parts water, 3 parts vinegar, 2 parts honey. He assures Lou that itís true as his uncle runs a pub and tells Lou to try it and if it works, he gets a free beer. Lou then goes to clear some tables, as the guy takes his tray of drinks to his friends. He approaches Lou again and assures him that itís not a con. Lou asks him if heís new in town and he explains that his dad just got a job there and heís taking a year out before uni. He introduces himself as Matt Hancock and they shake hands, with Matt telling Lou that if he ever needs barman, heís the man for the job.

Back at number 26, Flick is telling Paul that heís stupid to even consider taking steroids, as sport is about fitness and fun. Paul explains that heís a skinny kid and will get knocked around unless he bulks up a bit. He starts reeling off all of Nathanís arguments as Flick tells him that what heís proposing to do is illegal, dangerous and wrong, not to mention cheating. Paul insists that they all do it on the team and that this could be his one chance to make it onto the senior team and make a career for himself. He mentions that Madge would be proud, but Flick thinks that she wouldnít if she knew he was taking drugs. She tells him to talk to Harold or Karl, but Paul scoffs at that idea. She suspects that he just wants someone to agree with him, as heís already made up his mind about what he wants to do.


At number 28, Karl is playing The Right Prescription tapes loudly, as Dahl throws around the papers on the coffee table. Karl goes to stop him, when Harold arrives to show Karl a newspaper article about a miracle gene therapy. Karl says that he has some information on it in a medical journal, which he gives Harold to read.

At number 24, Tad is telling Madge about the music in the 70s and how it developed into what he listens to now. Madge wonders how he managed to get a C in history when heís talking about music that was popular before he was born. Paul arrives home and Madge then asks Tad about why people in the music scene take drugs. Tad insists that itís only some people and if heís doing his job right as a DJ, people wouldnít want to be popping pills. Madge asks Paul if heís ok and mentions that he put on quite a performance on the football field that morning. Madge asks if itís Paulís dream to be a football star and he rushes off to do some laundry. Madge asks Tad if he knows why Paulís down, and Tad jokingly says that itís typical of teenagers these days Ė selfish and useless round the house.


Back at number 28, Karl is trying to tell Harold that the newspapers simply lazily report on any press releases. Harold thinks that the genetic treatment could help Madge and Karl agrees that maybe one day, it could. Harold wonders if Madge could become part of the trials but Karl says that itís only small numbers of people with inconclusive results. He tells Harold that the purpose of the press release is to raise the company profile and shares so they can do more research. He assures Harold that if anything comes along, heíll be the first to know about it. Harold apologises, saying that heís just vulnerable at the moment.

At the pub, Matt is collecting some glasses and tells Lou that he had a waiting job but the restaurant went bust. He asks Lou about work, and Lou offers him a couple of hours behind the bar to see if heís any good. Matt sees his friends off, telling them that heís scored a job, but thereíll be no freebies. Matt then asks Lou if he can help with the letter heís writing. Lou insists that itís private, but that heís getting nowhere fast. Matt tells him to remember the K.I.S.S principle Ė keep it sweet and simple.


At number 26, Flick answers the door to Tad, whoís come to collect a CD. She asks if heís seen Joel and he explains that Joel was just heading out. Sheís happy with this, explaining that theyíre off for a secret rendezvous at Sunset Bay. He says that the secret is safe with him Ė although half of Erinsborough already seems to know anyway.

In Louís office, heís looking through some old photos when Matt comes in, explaining that heís talked some customers into drinking single malt whisky instead of the cheap stuff. Louís impressed with how much Matt knows and he gives him some specially reserved stuff. Matt suggests that he gets the customers to put in a few nominations for the Perfect Pub competition. Matt asks Lou how the letter is going and Lou admits that itís not going well. He then sends Matt back to the bar and tells him to bring a couple of glasses when he comes back, so they can celebrate his new job.


At number 24, Paul and Tad are assuring Harold that theyíll look after the house whilst he and Madge are in Paris. They both insist that they just want them to have a good time. Madge tells them that she doesnít want them to have any parties while theyíre gone or sheíll rip their heads off. Harold then practises his French as Paul heads off to do some more training. Madge wonders if Paulís still being bullied at the club, but Tad doesnít think so, remembering that Paul seems to have buddied up with Nathan.

As football training begins, Paul is telling Nathan that taking steroids is cheating. Nathan isnít impressed as Paul asks him how many team members take them and he points out to Paul that he trusted him by telling him in the first place. Nathan explains that the team are going to win this season, whatever it takes and continues to try and tell Paul that steroids are just a part of that. Nathan warns Paul that heíd better not say anything to anyone, or things could get very ugly for him.



Flick is walking along the beach at Sunset Bay, as someone watches her. She walks over to the yellow beach hut and knocks on the door, calling out to Joel. Nobody answers and she goes in. As she walks in, a large shrine suddenly lights up on one of the walls and she is shocked to find that itís dedicated to her.

Summary by Steve