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Magic Moments > 2001 > Woody's Departure Episode 3757

Written by Lyn Ogilvy, Directed by Richard Sarell

Lou washes his painkillers away down the drain. Woody asks Steph to enter into the witness protection programme with him…

At number 26, Steph is shocked and asks how she’s going to stay in touch with her family if she’s in witness protection. Woody tells her that there will be no more contact with anyone – they have to give up everything and everyone from their old life. He tells her that all the rules would apply to both of them if she joined him. She asks him if they have any other options, but Woody explains that the police don’t seem to think so, and that probably won’t change for a few years. He tells Steph that he loves her and asks her to at least think about it. She says that she needs time, but he says that they haven’t got that luxury as he’s leaving the next morning.


At the Coffee Shop, Jack, Flick and Michelle find their parents. They ask how things went in court and whether they’re finally free of the police guarding their house. Lyn and Joe explain about the threats made by Kev Kelly toward Woody and that the police will have to stay for a little bit longer, just as a precaution. Michelle wishes that Woody had never come to stay.

At number 22, Lou gives Lolly some food then goes into the lounge room to talk to Drew. He thanks him for being so patient lately, with his addiction. Drew says that it’s easy for these things to take over someone’s life. Drew offers his support and agrees to go with Lou to his Narcotics Anonymous meeting that evening. Drew then compares Lou’s situation to Lance’s problem with gambling.


At number 26, Steph has explained to the rest of the family that Woody will be leaving to go into witness protection. As Woody explains to them what will happen, he also thanks them all for putting up with so much over the past few days. The others leave so that Steph can chat alone with Joe and Lyn. Lyn feels terrible that Steph might never see Woody again, and Steph chooses that moment to tell her parents that she might be going with him. They’re shocked and hope that she’s going to stay, but she explains that she’s seriously thinking about it.

Sitting by the driveway outside, Jack asks Woody if he’s asked Steph to join him in witness protection. Woody says that he has, and Jack isn’t sure that it was the right thing to do. Woody agrees that it probably wasn’t and Jack points out that it would kill Lyn if she could never see Steph again.


At number 30, Lou turns up with Lolly, to apologise to Toadie for his recent behaviour. Toadie says that it doesn’t matter, but Lou offers to pay for a barrister to defend Toadie in his court case. Toadie explains that he can’t accept and it’d be too late anyway, as he’d never find someone with 48 hours’ notice. He reminds Lou that he shouldn’t feel guilty and offers him a drink. Lou then asks Toadie if he’d mind looking after Lolly that evening, as he has “a hot date”.

At number 26, Lyn and Joe are furious with Steph and tell her that she can’t go. Steph reminds them that it’s her decision and that Woody is “the one”. Lyn tries to tell her what she’ll be giving up by leaving, but Steph says that she’ll be giving up a lot more if she doesn’t go with Woody. Joe says that Woody has been using all of them, but Steph reminds him that she’s the one who made Woody go to the police and got him involved in this whole mess. Lyn begs Steph not to go, but Steph says that she has to.


Later, Jack and Woody return to the kitchen and Joe says that Steph is going to leave with Woody. Lyn is furious with Woody for even asking and Joe tells him that if he loved Steph, he wouldn’t put her in this position. As they argue, Steph tells them all to stop.

At number 30, Toadie is trying to do some study, but Lolly isn’t restless and is bored of colouring in. Toadie suggests that they play hide and seek, and Lolly runs off and he says he’ll count to 50.


At number 26, Flick and Michelle have found out about Steph leaving and are shocked. Steph tells them that it doesn’t mean that she’ll be gone forever and she doesn’t want to lose her sisters, but she loves Woody. Michelle storms off to her room, telling Woody as she goes that she hates him. Lyn gives chase, then stops and asks Woody if there really is no other way, asking him how his mother is going to feel. Woody says that his mother washed her hands of him when he went to prison and she won’t care where he is. Lyn realises that she isn’t getting through so she turns and tells Steph that if she’s going to do this, she must be 100% certain that Woody is the one for her, as it’s too big a risk to take otherwise.

At the N.A. meeting, Lou explains that he got addicted slowly and started going to his doctor all the time. He explains that he only realised what was wrong when he caught Lolly giving her dolly a pill to put it in a better mood. He says that now he’s hit a brick wall and he doesn’t know what to do. Everyone claps.


At number 22, Toadie carries Lolly in and lays her down on the couch. Lou checks that she wasn’t too much trouble and tells Toadie that he’ll chat to him tomorrow. Lou then sits down and shares a cuddle with Lolly.

At number 26, the Scullys are having dinner and Flick gives Steph some family photos to take away with her. Woody then stops her and says that they’re not allowed to take any personal items with them, as it might reveal their former identity. It’s only then that Steph realises what she’s giving up by going into witness protection.


Early the next morning, Lyn is racing around waking everyone up and announces that Steph and Woody have gone without saying goodbye. She then spots them out in the street putting stuff into a car. Everyone runs out the door.

In the street, the whole family is rushing towards Steph and Woody, just as Steph is breaking the news that she can’t leave with him. She hopes that things go well for him and he says that he loves her and will miss her and will never forget her. They share a hug and a kiss before a sad Woody gets in the car and goes. Lyn hugs Steph as the car drives out of Ramsay Street.



At number 22, Drew is having breakfast with Lou and Lolly. Drew chats about his drumming neighbour, and Lou says that the meeting made him realise how lucky he is to still have his family, his businesses and his self-respect. He announces that today is the start of a new life. He tells Lolly that they can go to the park and to the movies.


At number 30, Lou and Lolly call in to see Toadie, who looks like he hasn’t had any sleep as he’s been studying for his court case. Toadie hopes for a miracle and Lou tells him to have a shave and get some sleep. Lou says that they’re going to the park and the movies. After they leave, Toadie sits down and stares at the pile of books in front of him.


At number 26, Jack is on the phone as Lyn comforts a depressed Steph and tells her to take the day off. Steph asks Lyn to phone work for her and goes out for a ride on the bike. Jack hangs up and says that it was his old, local team, the Kingsmore Rovers. Lyn is delighted that Jack will be staying at home and Joe asks him if it’s what he really wants. Jack quietly replies that it is.

Summary by Steve