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Magic Moments > 2001 > Louise's Departure Episode 3898

Written by Michael O'Rourke, Directed by Robert Meillon

Susan asks Evan for all the details on the alleged bullying incidents that are threatening her career. Harold tries to convince Lou to take Lolly back to Erinsborough, but he canít face it.

At the caravan park, Harold is trying to tell Lou that itís not too late Ė he could still win an appeal against the courtís decision, but Lou isnít so sure. He asks Harold how can it be good for either him or Lolly for them to be separated. Harold has no answer.


At the salon, Lyn is reminding Flick how to behave around the clients. They then start to discuss Louís predicament when Steph comes in, ready for her job interview. Lyn and Flick arenít impressed with her appearance and they decide to do her hair and make-up for her. Flick sits her down and starts checking her hair for lice.

At the Hancock house, Susan calls in and asks Evan if she can sit in on his student interviews. Evan agrees, but says that the kids must be free to talk about whatever they want to. After Susan leaves, Maggie thinks that his relationship with his boss might actually be improving. As Leo comes in, Evan catches him and says that he wants him to attend the interviews, reminding him that it might mean that he wonít have to leave Erinsborough High, so Leo reluctantly agrees.


At number 22, Joe carries Lolly in and lays her down on the couch as Harold helps Lou brings his bags in. Joe tells Lou to take care and Harold tells Lou that he needs to snap out of his depression as arrangements need to be made for Lolly before the Allens collect her. Lou seems close to tears as his friendís words finally hit home.

At the salon, Lyn and Flick seem satisfied with what theyíve done to Steph but sheís not impressed. Joe arrives and starts telling Lyn about Louís little disappearing act, before he spots Steph and goes over to her. He looks at her in shock and asks if itís really her, but she shakes her head and Lyn looks disappointed.


At the pub, Steph is waiting for Patrick Connelly, her interviewer, to arrive and a guy on another table keeps looking at her. When Patrick comes in, heís a bit surprised by her appearance as sheís not exactly what heíd been led to expect.

At number 22, Lolly wakes up and Harold gives father and daughter a moment alone. Lou tells her that she is going to be living with John and Sandy from now on, but heíll still visit her and talk to her on the phone. He asks if she thinks itís a nice idea, but she shakes her head and they hug.


At the salon, Flick is on the phone chatting to a friend whilst making a mess of sweeping the floor and Lyn takes the phone from her, gives her her wages and tells her to go home and think about whether she seriously wants to be a hairdresser.

Back at the pub, Steph isnít impressing Patrick, who seems to think she might be a bit girly to work with a bunch of men. Steph insists that this isnít the way she normally dresses, but he says that heís heard enough and leaves. As Steph sits down, some guys start getting rowdy and the other guy, who had been staring at her earlier, tells them to quieten down and he says that heís having dinner with his mum. Steph isnít happy about the guy defending her but is stunned when he calls her Steph and wonders how he knows her name.


At the garage, an upset Steph is removing the make-up and chatting to her dad when Joeís rig pulls up. Steph is surprised when the driver is the man she met at the pub Ė his name is Mitch and heís Joeís new boss. As Joe checks the truck, she asks Mitch how he knew her name. He says that heíll explain everything if she buys him a beer.

At number 32, Maggie finally manages to get Leo to admit the truth Ė he wasnít being bullied and was only being hassled because he messed up his essay scam, so he brought it all on himself. Maggie is furious, since Evan is about to speak to the school council about the bullying that is apparently rife at Erinsborough High.


At the pub, Steph and Mitch are having a drink together and he explains that he saw her at Warrinor, when she was there visiting Woody. Steph is shocked Ė both that he knew Woody and that he was in prison. He then asks her how Woody is and when they can catch up with each other.

At the school, Evan is about to explain his anti-bullying campaign when Leo comes in and says that he needs to speak to him, urgently. Evan tries to get him to leave, but Leo insists that he has something important to say to his father.


At the pub, Mitch is apologising to Steph, not having known that Woody died a few months ago. Steph seems happy to have someone around her who knew Woody and can tell her more stories about him. He tells her that Woody described her as someone special, but says that he has to leave now. Steph says that sheíd like to see him again.

At number 22, John and Sandy have arrived, and Lou is trying to reassure Lolly that sheíll be happy with them. Lou asks her if thereís anything else she wants to take, and she asks if she can take him. Sandy then takes Lolly out to the car and John quietly apologises for everything thatís happened. He takes Lollyís stuff with him and goes outside. Harold then comes in and asks if he wants to go out with them, but Lou shakes his head.


At the school, Evan is annoyed with Leo for taking so long to reveal the truth and tries to find out if heís lying. Leo assures him that he wasnít being bullied. Evan wonders why Leo has no friends, but Leo says that he does, but only ones outside of school, as nobody at Erinsborough High wants to know him since heís a teacherís son. Evan wonders what on earth heíll tell everyone now.

At number 28, Karl is cracking open a bottle of champagne to celebrate Susan being cleared of the bullying allegations and having her tenure renewed for another year. She suddenly breaks the news that sheís thinking about not applying anyway, and having a bit of a change next year.



Outside in Ramsay Street, Lou has decided to go and say his goodbyes to Lolly. She gets into the car and he tells her to be a good girl and gives her a picture of him to keep by her bed. He gives her a hug and then Lou watches Lolly waving back at him as the car drives her out of Ramsay Street. As she disappears from sight, Lou breaks down in tears.

Notes: Lolly makes a few brief appearances in the weeks that follow, but this is essentially her departure from the show.

Summary by Steve