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Ben's Christening / Rosie's Arrival
Episode 3958

Written by Judith Colquhoun, Directed by Adrian Holmes

Lou and Karl are discussing arrangements for the christening tomorrow and Karl asks how much of a fuddy-duddy the minister is - Lou explains he hasn't actually spoken to him yet. Maggie bumps into Karl and Susan at the Coffee Shop and mentions seeing Elly at the dance marathon, before realising they didn't know she was there...

Drew is leaving the flat when he notices a young lady trying to get into the flat upstairs. He runs up there and asks her what she's doing. She says she's just minding her own business, but he accuses her of trying to break in.


Karl tells Susan that the minute Elly wakes up, he's going to let her have it and force Liz to make other arrangements. Susan says that might be difficult with Liz in Stockholm and tells Karl to go to the greengrocer to get more asparagus and another lettuce. Just as he goes, Elly comes out and asks if Karl has gone. Elly says she couldn't face another fight, but Susan says she's going to get one anyway. Elly claims that going to the dance marathon may have been wrong, but she did it for the right reasons. Susan tells Elly she went too far and proved she has no respect for either her or Karl and that if she wants to live in their house, she has to adapt. Elly then goes to get ready for the christening.

Drew is embarrassed when the woman shows him her lease, and he goes on to introduce himself. She spots his security badge from the club and says he was just acting like any professional security guard would. He explains that he's just doing it part-time as he has a new baby and she says she'll have to go and get the right key from the landlord. Drew tells her that Nigel, the last tenant, used to keep a spare key in the letterbox and he finds it for her, offering to help her move her stuff in.


Drew carries her boxes up, asking about her musical tastes, since Nigel used to play drums all through the night. She says she only ever played recorder in primary school. She thanks him and he goes on to tell her about the christening today, but that she can meet Libby and Ben soon.

Michelle is just getting up and Lyn tells her the day is almost over. Michelle claims she didn't sleep well and Lyn says it wouldn't have been very easy to sleep at a dance marathon ' she's spotted the tag on her hand. Joe comes in and Lyn tells him about the marathon. He tells Michelle that she isn't to have any more contact with Elly. She can't understand what she did that was so wrong, because it was a charity fundraiser, but Lyn says that she disobeyed them and went behind their backs. Joe gets off the phone and says his dad's on the way here from Mick and Di's - he says Lyn'll have to go to the christening on her own.


Everyone is gathered outside the church and Lyn comes running up, apologising for Joe's absence. Lyn spots Ben in his gown and comments on how handsome he looks. She brings up the dance marathon issue and neither Lyn nor Susan seems to know what to do about punishing them. Just then, Libby and Drew come along with a lady, who Susan explains to Lou is the minister. Libby introduces Rosie to her parents and Drew introduces her to Lou and Lyn. Rosie suggests they get started and Libby mentions that she's adding the middle name Ian, after one of her editors who inspired her and passed away yesterday after battling cancer. Harold arrives just as everyone is heading into the church.


Terri is at the medical centre, trying to get in, when Darcy spots her and asks if he can help her. She says she needs to see a doctor and he explains that it's closed for family reasons. She says it doesn't matter and he tells her to come back this afternoon.

Michelle tells Joe that she doesn't have that many friends - he mentions Bianca. She says that it wasn't long ago that Bianca's mum was banning her from seeing Michelle, an idea that Joe said was stupid at the time. Joe says this is different and that Elly is a bad influence. Michelle claims that she is capable of independent thought, but he isn't budging. Just then, there's a knock at the door - it's Joe's father. Michelle says she bets Joe's dad never treated him this badly, but Joe says she hasn't got a clue what she's talking about. Michelle answers, and Joe's father, Pat, mistakes her for Felicity. Pat's surprised at how grown up she is and Michelle says she hasn't seen him since she was seven. Michelle invited him in, but there is obvious tension between Joe and his father. Michelle wants to know where Pat has been this past few years, but he says there's plenty of time for that. Michelle goes to make tea and Pat says it'll be good to see Lyn again. Joe says he could have seen her anytime ' he knew where they were for the past eight years.


Rosie makes her speech at Ben's christening: "And so we are gathered here today for a very special occasion. To welcome this child into the world and into our Christian community and as Ben will soon discover, it's a far from perfect world. Indeed, so far from perfect, that some people won't even bring a child into it at all. That's not a theory I subscribe to, for as troubled as it is by catastrophes of all kinds. By war and poverty and injustice, this world is still a pretty wonderful place to be. And how much the world needs its children, Ben, and all the others, with their energy and optimism, their imagination, their dreams. Our children are our gift to the future. How important then is our task of caring for them, nurturing them and surrounding them with love, so that they in turn will know how to care for and love others. You are here today, all of you, but especially Ben's parents and his godfather, to promise that you will do your best by him. And it is, I can assure you, an awesome responsibility, because no matter what we do in this life - no matter how clever or talented or fortunate we are - there is no job more important than that of raising a child. Ben Ian Kennedy Kirk, I baptise you in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.'


Joe tells Pat he just wishes he'd known where he was, just so the kids could have kept in contact. He says that the kids get on well with Lyn's parents, it's a shame it couldn't have been the same for him. Pat claims he just had to chase the work, but Joe says it's no excuse, he then asks what happened with Mick and Pat claims that Mick's changed. Joe asks why Pat is there, Pat insists he's trying to change. Michelle brings the tea in and Pat says it's great - Michelle says her mum taught her to make it like that.

Libby and Drew thank Rosie for the beautiful service. Rosie is impressed that they haven't heard a peep from Ben all day. Harold tells Karl and Susan that he won't be able to join them back in Ramsay Street as he has to visit a friend, but they thank him for finding Rosie. Darcy asks when the photos are being taken, as he has to go back and open the surgery, Lyn offers to take them so Darcy can go. Elly is sitting to one side and they all ask her to join in the family shot. Lyn asks for one with just the young ones and Susan comments that Elly looks happy to be part of a family. She asks Karl when he's going to give her her marching orders, he says he'll do it when the time is right.


Back at Number 28, Drew tells Libby about Terri, their new neighbour. Drew says she's nice and Libby will like her, Libby says she'll like her if she likes babysitting. Lyn says she has to go, but Susan tells her not to rush off. Just then, Michelle comes in to see Ben in all his finery. Lou suggests that Libby and Drew open his gift - it's two books, a Bible and a book called How to Succeed in Business. There's also an envelope containing some shares for Ben. Elly and Michelle go to one side and discuss their punishment, but Lyn overhears and asks Elly is she heard Rosie's speech today. She tells Elly about parental responsibility and how parents are there to form their kids into responsible adults. Lyn explains that the rules are there so the parents can sleep at night and they just want to show they love them. It makes Elly and Michelle think about how they've been behaving.


Terri is on the phone, telling someone that the surgery was closed, but that 'Tyler' was there and was pretty much the guy she was expecting. She says she'll try to hook up at the club tonight.


Lyn is pleased to see Pat and he says she hasn't changed a bit. She tells them that the minister was fantastic at the christening. Lyn goes to make coffee and Joe follows her. He tells Lyn that Pat seems to want to get to know his grandkids, but he can't just turn up and expect an instant family.


Libby and Drew are just arriving home and Drew takes Ben into the flat. Meanwhile, Libby sees Terri getting out of a flash car at the end of the driveway, all dressed up in a short dress. Libby says hi and Terri is very short with her, so an unimpressed Libby goes running into the flat shouting 'Drew!'

Notes: This episode was dedicated to the memory of scriptwriter Ian Coughlan, who also serves as the inspiration for Ben's middle name.

Summary by Steve. Captures by Karl