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Magic Moments > 2002 > The 4000th Episode Episode 4000

Written by Christopher Gist, Directed by Tony Osicka

Lou assures Rosie he is looking forward to coming to dinner and kisses her, unaware that a fire is starting in the church. Chloe admits defeat to Stephanie and gives her blessing for the wedding...

A party is underway for Steph at Number 26 and whilst Dee and Libby play around with the wedding veil, Lyn is making snacks in the kitchen. She tells Flick to look at her sister as she's so happy. They enter the living room to the girls' gushing and Dee impatiently asks when Marc is going to turn up referring to him as the 'most beautiful man in the universe' - a phrase she has adopted from Steph herself. Lyn asks if they haven't met Marc yet and Dee says no, Steph's been hiding him from them and bragging. As Flick watches quietly, Lyn denies that Steph is bragging and Dee accuses her of perving on the son-in-law. Lyn denies this but on Dee and Libby's goading, admits that he has a 'top bum'. Steph is embarrassed quelling them by mentioning that Marc's plane landed an hour ago so he should arrive soon. Lyn is panicky that Marc must not see the veil, and Steph just wants to wear it for a little while. As Libby laughs, Steph asks why prompting her friend to enthuse about the marriage and house and possibly even a little friend for Ben although Steph thinks she's getting ahead of herself. Declaring herself Nana Lyn, Lyn hugs her daughter telling her she's going to make the most gorgeous children and Dee agrees. Preturbed by the conversation, Flick decides to go and visit the Hancocks surprising Steph by not waiting around for Marc. Lyn suggests joining her in a little while as Flick leaves the house with a sigh.


The fire is blazing in the church as Lou tells Rosie that she is the best thing that's happened to him in a long time. She interrupts him as she can smell burning and they look down horrified to see smoke coming through the vestry door.

Mal follows Harold through the door of Number 24, making small talk about the Hancocks' sendoff, but Harold cuts him off asking what he wants to talk about. Mal states that he received a call from Dorothy Stevens informing him that Harold made a counter off for the Coffee Shop lease. She obviously expects them to enter into a bidding war and Harold replies that he hopes it won't come to that - perhaps Mal should withdraw from the race. Mal smugly ponders that he may have underestimated Harold causing him to agree.


Flick is walking past the church and sees the fire raging inside unaware that Lou and Rosie are choking in the vestry, desperate for help. She takes out a mobile and reports that the Anglican Church on Church Street is on fire, before spotting Lou's car parked outside.

Karl is sat at home making a model aeroplane as Mal enters and immediately voices his surprise at his son buying the Hancock house. Mal counters that he hasn't had much of a chance to tell him but assures that he got a good price joking that in London you wouldn't even get a hamburger for what he paid. Karl thinks Mal has been very kind as Evan and Maggie were more than happy with the price they got but he questions why Mal bought a family sized home. He agrees to be his son's agent when asked but is surprised that he won't be living there. Mal scoffs at the idea as Catherine would be horrified at the prospect of returning to Erinsborough. This makes Karl defensive who sarcastically agrees, commenting that the area's such a hole after all. He agrees that Mal is in town for business but also to spend time with his family provoking Mal to ask what his problem is. In a measured tone, Karl explains that when Mal returned he thought it would provide the opportunity to be a family again but it's not like it was. Mal disagrees as it's great to be back. When Karl mentions him living in a hotel, Mal states that he'd love to move back in only to be reminded that it's entirely in his hands. Mal doesn't think his business dealings with Harold should affect their relationship but Karl warns him he needs to think about it a lot more.


Flick runs into the church as Lou gives Rosie a handkerchief to stop her choking. She calls out for Lou from the back of the church and hears the pair clammering on the vestry door. Dropping to her knees, she crawls through the flames to the far end of the church and unlatches the door warning Lou and Rosie to get to the ground. Choking on the smoke, the group crawls precariously through the fire as the emergency services arrive and help them out. Lou complains about his eyes as he and Rosie are taken to the ambulance and given oxygen masks whilst Flick regains her breath.


Marc has arrived at Number 26, and is surrounded by the remaining women. Steph introduces him to Dee who says that it is nice to meet him and that he's been subject of much gossip and rumour lately. Marc is embarrassed as the women giggle and gag Libby before she can continue the joke. Steph leads Marc into the kitchen as Lyn shouts after them that they'll be waiting in the lounge room. Libby wonders if he's the most beautiful man in the universe and Dee thinks there's no competition excitedly noting that his eyes are so green.

In the kitchen, Steph has her arms round Marc, who tells her he loves her and didn't bring her anything back from his trip. She is glad he remembered and he was scared of receiving another hammering like the last time he bought her a gift. Steph reminds him that it's not presents she wants and kisses him.

Pouring a glass of wine, Dee calls through to hurry the couple on and Libby reminds them it's rude to smooch when you've got guests.

Steph shouts back that she'll be there in a minute and kisses Marc again. He moves to leave but she pulls him back saying that there's something she has to tell him and she hopes he's going to like it - she thinks she's pregnant.


Mal has returned to Number 24 and tells Harold that he knows there's a lot more than just business going on here. Harold is glad and supposes that he has spoken with his father. Mal confirms this, on top of the 'Vicar of Dibley' having a go at him. Out of the blue Mal offers Harold $10,000 out of goodwill, supposing that it's fair, but Harold refuses, angrily replying that they're not in the least bit 'sorted'. He reminds Mal that back in the UK, ten grand is only a third that figure and asks if that's what he gives people he rails out of business. Mal is surprised that he's throwing the offer back in his face but opening the door Harold states that in order to lose his business he'd need to be offered a lot more, confusedly putting forward $100,000 as a starting point. Mal counters that he should be doing this for nothing and he should start becoming a bit more reasonable but Harold responds by telling him to get out and watches angrily as he leaves.

Dee tells a shocked Lyn that they should blow bubbles at the wedding reinforced by Libby who says that it's all the rage.

Underwhelmed by his reaction, Steph asks if Marc's happy and he replies that he is, leaving the kitchen to get some champagne. Steph chases after him to warn him that she hasn't told the others yet. Libby interrupts that she hopes they're not going back into the kitchen but they do just that. Marc wonders if it's just a false alarm and Steph thinks maybe, maybe not.

Mal is on the phone at Number 28, surprised that the company are sending someone over to deal with the situation. He ends the call and tells a quizzical Karl that he's having problems with his 'moron' of a project co-ordinator. Slamming his things down angrily he announces that he's been taken off the job.


Harold has turned up at the Scully house to bring news of the fire and Libby wonders how it started. Lyn decides to go to the hospital and Dee offers to accompany her. As she grabs her things, Lyn asks why Felicity was there as she should have been going to the Hancocks', but Harold doesn't know and quickly leaves to see Lou. Lyn thanks him for letting them know and signals for Libby to take care of Steph and Marc.

Karl brings a cup of coffee to a still furious Mal who laments that he needed time to corner the Australian market and there's no point in calling his boss back as he's a moron who's just past it. The only people who do any good for Cuppa Diem are people his age and he feels like going down there and punching the guy in the head. Karl interrupts suggesting ringing him back but Mal ignores himcomplaining that he's waited years for this opportunity and one little mistake pushes him off the job.


Lyn and Dee return home with Felicity in tow insisting that she's fine. Dee warns that her eyes and throat will sting for a while as Steph enters from the kitchen to welcome the hero back. Bashfully Flick replies that it was nothing but Steph reminds her that she only saved Lou and Rosie. Flick asks if Marc has gone but he's just gone off to buy some champagne. As if on cue Marc enters saying that he'll pop it in the fridge so they can toast the hero. Dee wonders if Flick's up for trying her bridesmaid's dress on but Lyn wants her to rest and Libby who is already in hers receives an enthusiastic response from Lyn who leads her off for a proper fitting followed by Dee. Steph tells Flick that she informed Marc of her pregnancy. He was overwhelmed at first but then went off and brought all the


Lou and Rosie are sat spluttering on the sofa at Harold's, who brings them hot drinks. Rosie asks how Lou's feeling; he replies that he never wants to be that close to a fire ever again. Timid, Rosie supposes that she should go back and Lou reassures her that she can take it easy as the fire brigade are still there. Breaking down, Rosie sobs that they were so lucky but she doesn't know how it started. She'll probably have to have everyone under a tarpaulin on Sunday. When asked if he saw anything Lou says no he was out the back with Rosie and Harold wonders why. Rosie cuts in that Lou was bringing things over to the church and conversation quickly moves to its restoration. Harold assures Rosie that he's at her disposal if she has any fundraising ideas and she thanks him before looking at a guilty Lou.

Karl asks Mal what he's going to do now but he hasn't got a clue - maybe he should start up another handyman business. Karl won't be giving any advice on that but Mal corrects him. He won't be telling him what to do. Sighing, Karl replies that he only ever tried to help him run his business more efficiently. Mal was never bothered though that Handy Sam's wasn't a world beater because he always knew that one day he'd really make it. He's surprised that Karl denies ever doubting him but Karl continues to ask how many people in their twenties own their own home, a home that he and Catherine could move back to. Mal is quick to state that he's not going to be a loser but Karl doesn't think it's a bad thing Cuppa Diem cut him off. Ignoring Mal's protests that he was just taken off the project, Karl accuses him of pretending there's a good reason to be over in London away from his family. Here we go again, Mal retorts. He knows Karl would love it if the company actually fired him because he's always believed his son to be a no-hoper. Does he know what it's like to be told by his father that he's no good? Karl says yes and Mal replies that maybe he's just a bit better at it than his dad. Or maybe he's not as thick-skinned as Karl is. Sarcastically thanking him for the comment, Karl leaves.


It's early the next morning and Flick is on the phone telling someone that she needs to see him. After arranging a meeting and ending the call, she is shocked when Steph appears and brushes the call off as an old friend from school. Steph wonders if she wants to bring someone to the wedding but Flick cuts her sister off causing her to change the subject and ask if she wants to hang out today. When Flick declares herself too busy, Steph mentions that she's going to take a test to confirm the pregnancy one way or another. She feels really blessed like it's a good omen about her and Marc's life together. She loves him so much. Flick half-heartedly states how happy she is for Steph before leaving for her appointment.


Bleary eyed and still in her night clothes, Dee answers the door of Number 30 to Steph who blurts out that she can't keep it a secret any longer - she's pregnant. Flustered, Dee asks if she knew last night and if she's done a test prompting Steph to whip one out of her pocket. She hoped that Dee could confirm the result for her when it's done and the two hug, squealing with excitement.

Mal enters from his bedroom and asks Karl if he slept okay but he didn't, not really. Karl accepts an offer of coffee and asks what Mal's plans are for the day. He replies that he's just got to pack his bags and Karl is about to leave but Mal calls him back telling him he loves him. Karl wants to know why he can't return to Erinsborough but Mal doesn't want to give up and asks Karl's advice for what he'd do in the same situation. Confirming that Catherine loves it in London, Karl just doesn't know. Mal apologises for last night but Karl didn't realise how angry he was at him being in England. He only had twenty years of his son's life and he thought they'd be more. Mal denies that his parents have done anything to make him stay away - he always assumed they knew it was for work. Karl replies that he only wanted what was best for him but he's not selfless enough to just let him go and he is threatened by Mal's success. When he was Mal's age, he was just a struggling intern who didn't have two cents to rub together. Reminding Karl that he loves him, Mal states that it's hard being away and pulls him in for a hug.


Flick is waiting at Lassiter's Lake as Marc arrives and says that they have a lot to talk about. Flick thinks they should have talked ages ago but she doesn't know what's going on. Everything just seems so wrong. She never thought she'd say this but she's in love with him and tells a stunned Marc that she thinks he's in love with her too.

Notes: This episode marked the end of the 2001 production block. A party and press call was held at the studio to mark this milestone, attended by many Neighbours alumni, past and present.

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Summary by Jay. Captures by Karl