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Magic Moments > 2002 > Sindi's Arrival Episode 4050

Written by Don Battye, Directed by Nicholas Bufalo

Dee tells Toadie that he’ll get married one day. Karl admits to Darcy that he just wants his wife back...

At the surgery, Darcy is on his mobile, talking to Penny and telling her how much he misses her, but the line breaks up. Karl comes out and, when Darcy suggests going home, Karl says that he has plenty of paperwork to be catching up on. Darcy tells him to take a break, but Karl refuses and returns to his office. Libby then comes in with some food for her father, who appears again and tells her that he’s perfectly capable of cooking for himself. He apologises for snapping, and Libby tells him that Susan’s fine. Karl admits that he’s feeling terrible, especially with the police on his back. Libby tells him to at least have a break and have something to eat.

At number 30, Dee walks into the kitchen and Toadie is listening to earphones. She pulls them off and tells him that they need to talk. He tells her that he doesn’t need her pity, but she tells him that if she’d kiss him out of pity, it wouldn’t have felt the way it did. He’s worried about how it’s changed everything, but she accuses him of enjoying being in his comfort zone. He says that if he went out with her, it wouldn’t take much for him to lose everything, so he’d rather be friends.


At the pub, Darcy bumps into a girl at the bar and she falls, spraining her ankle. He explains that he’s a doctor, and takes a look at it. She seems to be in a lot of pain, so he offers to take her next-door to the surgery and strap it up. She’s happy to go with him and he keeps on apologising. Meanwhile, Joe and Lyn are laughing at Darcy’s new method of drumming up business and enjoying the free meal that Rosie gave to them. Lou comes over, asking if they’ve seen Rosie, when Libby comes in and asks the three of them if they can help her out with a huge favour – something she’s hoping will help Karl feel a bit better…



Darcy helps the girl into the surgery, when Karl appears and asks what’s going on. He helps Darcy get her into the office, and both of them try to take the blame for the accident. Karl tries to help, but Darcy says that he can cope on his own.

The following morning, at number 24, Lou gets up to find Boyd preparing some pet food for Roxy the fox. Boyd says that the animal shelter are coming to pick Roxy up, and Lou assures him that it’ll all be fine. Boyd thanks him as he leaves.

At the surgery, Lou arrives to see Karl, asking him to go to the golf course with him. Karl is reluctant but Lou won’t take “no” for an answer. Outside, Darcy, Joe and Lyn are waiting to counter all of Karl’s excuses. Karl continues to refuse, saying that he’s grateful for what they’re trying to do, but he wants to be around in case the police call with news about Susan. He says that golf is the last thing he feels like doing, before going back into his office.


At the golf course, Lyn, Joe and Lou are playing. Lyn and Joe are arguing about all of the balls he’s lost in the water, then he hits another one, which also goes into the lake. Lyn is about to play, but then she admits that she isn’t in the mood, as she’s thinking about Karl. Lou says that now they’re here, they might as well play golf. Lyn manages to miss her first shot.


At the Coffee Shop, Dee sits with Libby and coos over Ben. They start talking about what it’s like to be married and have kids, and Dee asks Libby if she was ever friends with any of her boyfriends before they started dating. Libby says that it was like that with Darren. Dee asks if she loved him and Libby admits that she thought she did at the time. She wishes that they’d stayed friends now, because they knew everything about each other first. She admits that it was different with Drew though – like there was an energy between them.

Darcy is having lunch with Sindi and he asks her what she does for a living. She says that she’s a booking agent for a travel company and that she’s currently checking out Lassiter’s. He starts flattering her, telling her how wonderful she must be at the job. She then asks him to help her back to the hotel, as her ankle has gone quite stiff. Darcy tells her that it won’t be a problem and gets the bill.

Back at the golf course, Lyn is still struggling to even hit the ball, which Joe and Lou are very amused by. Joe then messes up his shot too. Lou spots Karl arriving on a golf buggy – he says that the cops told him to stop harrassing them, which made him rethink his plans. Karl proceeds to make an excellent shot from the bunker and Lyn hugs him.


At the pub, Darcy receives the bill and they prepare to leave. Sindi then asks him if he’ll come back to her room and have a drink. Darcy says it’s very tempting, but he has a lot of work to do. She asks if he’s married and he says no. She then leans over and kisses him and he admits that he wasn’t expecting this. He tells her that he’s in a relationship and he feels very deeply about his girlfriend. Sindi then turns on him, asking why he was flirting with her. He says that this has made him realise how much he feels for his girlfriend, and Sindi says that she’d glad she could have been of service, before storming out of the pub.

At number 30, Toadie is looking at places to rent in the newspaper, telling Bob that they might have to find him somewhere else to go too. Dee walks in, to get something to eat, and asks if she’s going to be allowed any say about where they move to once number 30 is sold. Toadie then breaks the news that he was planning to find a one bedroom flat and live alone. Dee walks out without saying anything.


On the allotment, Boyd is taking Roxy in her cage and hiding her in an old shed, but someone is watching what he’s doing…

At Lassiter’s Lake, Libby finds Dee sitting on her own. She explains what happened with Toadie, and says that she wishes he’d had the decency to tell her if he didn’t like living together. Libby tells her not to blame herself, but Dee says that she feels stupid. She says that she thought Toadie was different from all of the other men she’s known, and he’s been under her nose this whole time. Libby tells her to do something about it, but Dee admits that she wishes she’d never met him.


At the pub, Lou, Lyn, Joe and Karl are discussing their golf game. Karl says that he’s glad to have had his mind taken off Susan for a while. Karl goes to get more drinks, when his phone rings and he says that he’ll have to go straight away, as Susan has come home…


Summary by Steve