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Magic Moments > 2002 > Max's Arrival Episode 4074

Written by Ray Kolle, Directed by Tony Osicka

Darcy is told that based on Penny’s testimony, he’s been charged with inappropriate conduct and will require a female chaperone for the next three months. Karl asks Harold about his feelings towards Rosie…

Harold is trying to iron out the letter, when Dee knocks out the door. She explains that the ‘for sale’ sign has been taken down from number 30 and Lou has decided not to sell, so she came to thank him. Harold explains that Lou isn’t back yet, and he had no idea that it was going ahead. She tells Lou to drop by when he gets back. Harold goes back to the ironing board and finds that he knocked the iron over in his rush and the letter is ruined.

Rosie and Summer are in the Coffee Shop, waiting for Libby and Boyd. Summer goes to chat to Nina, who is talking about famous singers and wishes she could be one. Ray comes in and asks what they’re up to. Summer says they’re having a girly chat, so he leaves them to it and Nina smiles as she watches him walk away.


At the surgery, Karl comes in to find Darcy packing away files in his office. He says he’s not prepared to practice with a chaperone and it will ruin his reputation. Karl tells him he’s making a huge mistake, but Darcy doesn’t want to ruin the practice. He insists that he’s made up his mind and he has stuff to do.

Back at the Coffee Shop, Summer is claiming that she’s going to be famous and Rosie is pleased, as it’ll mean she’ll be able to be kept in style when she’s older. Libby and Boyd arrive and Libby says that Boyd’s doing really well. She says that she has to get going. As Libby leaves, Summer is about to go and order drinks, when their father, Max, suddenly walks in. The kids are thrilled to see him and he hugs them both, but Rosie looks completely shocked.



Outside the Coffee Shop, Karl and Dee are discussing the situation with Darcy. Karl suggests that Dee would make a great chaperone, but she isn’t so keen on the idea. Karl begs her to reconsider, and she admits that she does admire Darcy professionally and the extra money would come in useful. She wonders if she'll have the time and asks for some time to think about.

At number 22, Drew arrives home with some paperwork for Libby to do. He asks if she wants to take a trip out, but she claims that she has too much to do. Drew reminds her how much Steph needs her support right now, but Libby doesn’t seem keen to go. He says that he should be getting back and Libby looks concerned about the situation with Steph.


Max explains that he popped into the shop to grab a cake and didn’t expect to find them all there. Rosie says that he should have let her know that he’d be visiting. Max explains that he wanted it to be a surprise. Max gives gifts to the kids – Rosie seems unimpressed. He gives some chocolates to Rosie, and suggests that they all go out together for dinner. Rosie reminds Summer of her doctor’s appointment, but Max says he wants to take her, as he wants to speak to the doctor. Harold comes over and Max introduces himself, before mistaking Harold for Lou, “Rosie’s boyfriend.” Summer corrects her father, while Harold looks awkward.

At the surgery, Dee tells Darcy about Karl’s offer for her to be chaperone. Darcy is furious, but Dee says that she’s professional enough to put the past behind her. He says that it doesn’t matter, as he wouldn’t want to work with her watching him. Dee tells him that it would be a terrible shame to waste all of his training. He claims that he’ll lose all of his female patients, but Dee tells him that there are plenty of women who admire and trust him and wouldn’t let something like this ruin it. She reminds him that it’s his decision, before leaving.


At the garage, Libby and Ben arrive to visit Drew and drop off the paperwork. She tells him that things have been fairly crazy for a few weeks, but she wants it all to get back to normal now. He agrees, and she says she’ll pick up a video for later. He says he might be home late. They kiss and Libby leaves.

At the surgery, Karl gives Summer a couple of lollies and Max asks her to wait outside while he chats to Karl. Karl explains that his colleague at the hospital diagnosed Summer with Long QT syndrome, after testing her for epilepsy and narcolepsy. Max says that his wife died of a suspected heart attack, but Karl says it’s not possible if they had the same thing. Max says he just wishes he could have done something, but Karl tells him that it’s not his fault. They talk about Max’s work on the oil rigs and Max admits that it’s great to see the kids. Karl asks Max how long he’ll be around, and Max says it’ll be a while, probably.


The Hoylands are at the pub, and Summer and Boyd are playing pool, trying to get Max to watch them play. Rosie comments that Boyd is exactly like Max was at the age, and Max comments that he’s surprised his mother can remember, as she was always working then she went off “soul-searching”. She asks him about his plans and he says that he might have to go back to the rigs. Rosie tells him he might fit in in Erinsborough and he thanks her for looking after the kids. She tells him that the kids need him now, and he should stay. Max goes over to talk to the kids, while a worried Rosie watches them.

At the surgery, Karl is recording some case notes, when Libby and Ben come in. Libby has brought Karl some food for dinner and he explains that he’s meeting a lawyer tomorrow. Libby is worried that it’s going to come to divorce and they hope that she’ll eventually remember how much she loved him. Karl hugs Libby, then Darcy walks in and apologises. Libby leaves, and Darcy thanks Karl for all of his recent support. He says that he’s decided to give Dee a try as his chaperone.


Ray is at the Coffee Shop, chatting to Harold and waiting for Nina to arrive to do the cleaning. She walks in and Ray explains that he was waiting for her. He tells her that she’s the most beautiful girl in Erinsborough and is worth waiting for. He gives her his number and asks her for a date.

At number 24, Harold and Rosie walk in and she explains that Max has taken the kids to the movies, so she wanted some company. She admits that she’s worried that they’re going to be disappointed if Max takes off again. She admits that she hates seeing him make the same mistakes that she did. He tells her that she’s more than made up for her past mistakes, by looking after Summer and Boyd, and Rosie thanks him, telling him that he’s a very good friend to her. He asks if she’s heard from Lou, but she hasn’t. Harold wonders if Lou might have been in touch, via a letter, that might have gotten lost in the mail…


Nina is standing on the bridge outside Lassiter’s looking at Ray’s number, and she says to herself, “You’re the most beautiful girl in Erinsborough, did you know that?”. She then looks at her reflection and screws the piece of paper up.

At number 22, Drew arrives home from work. He apologises for being so late and she says it’s fine, but she was so hungry she had to eat her dinner. She tells him to sit down and she’ll heat his up. The phone rings and Drew answers; it’s Steph. He tells her to come over in about half an hour, and Libby looks annoyed. She tells Drew that she doesn’t want Steph in the house, as she was the one who got her arrested and she feels terrible. Drew goes to call Steph back.


Max arrives at number 24 to pick up Rosie, and apologises for being late, but he took the kids for a milkshake after the movie. He says that they’re asleep in the car now and he thought they could have the next day off school to spend with him. Rosie isn’t impressed, but then Max says that he’s thinking of coming back permanently, but he needs to make more money. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to make the same mistakes she did – the children need him right now.


Summary by Steve