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Magic Moments > 2002 > Angie and Kev's Return Episode 4106

Written by Ray Kolle, Directed by Gary Conway

Stuart tells Toadie that he kissed Flick the night before and he thinks he’s in love with her. Chloe tells Darcy that he’s the only bright spot in her life right now, as John has told her he wants a divorce.

At the pub, Stuart is playing pool when Flick comes in and gives him the details for a limo job with one of the hotel guests. He wants to make sure she’s not risking her job, and asks her to set up a meeting for him with Chloe, as he wants to make her an offer and see if he can undercut the usual limo service.


At the hotel reception, Flick gets back as Toadie is finishing a phone call to Dee, who’s in Tasmania at her grandmother’s birthday party. Toadie wonders what a joint party with the Rebecchi and Bliss clans would be like, then mentions a botched booking for earlier that day, that left Chloe in a bad mood. Chloe then walks in and Flick approaches her about a meeting with Stu. Flick argues that the usual limo service is very unreliable, but Chloe says that whatever service she decides to use, it’s really none of Flick’s business. She then walks out to take a call, and Flick is left disappointed.

At the pub, Susan and Darcy are having a drink together, and Susan is talking about her counselling sessions, saying that she feels like she’s been making real progress recently. Darcy is pleased as she says that a lot of her old memories are coming back, and asks if she still wants the divorce. Susan asks if they can change the subject, as Libby and Karl keep asking her the same question. Darcy apologises and says that he’s been thinking about it all day, as John has asked Chloe for a divorce too. Susan is shocked, but Darcy quickly points out that it’s not because of him, but he doesn’t know how to take the news. Susan thinks that Darcy’s problem is that he’s incapable of being “just good friends” with a woman, and Darcy says that maybe that’s the case, but right now, he needs advice. Susan tells him to be her friend if he just sees her as one.


At number 32, Summer is bored as Boyd sits watching a horror movie with his mates from the team. Summer starts complaining that the film’s too graphic and they’re making too much mess, so Boyd sends her out, but just then, Max gets home. Summer runs to tell her dad what’s going on but he defends them, saying that it’s fine for Boyd to have his mates over, and even suggests that they order a take-away. Summer is shocked.

At the Lambert mansion, Darcy pulls up outside and knocks on the front door. Chloe answers and asks him what he’s doing there. He says that he wanted to check that she was ok, after she was so upset earlier about the divorce. He asks if she wants some company and she invites him in.


At number 30, Stuart answers the door to Flick. She says that she was unable to organise a meeting with Chloe, who was offended at Flick telling her how to run the business. Stu thanks her for trying and he says he’ll approach her himself, but Flick doesn’t see much point. She’s about to leave, but Stu stops her and says that this situation is crazy. He asks her inside. Stu asks her about her feelings for him, but she says that she doesn’t want to hurt Steph, so they need to avoid seeing each other. He says that’s impossible and leans in to kiss her, but she stops him. He suggests that they should talk to Steph about the way they feel, so Flick says she’ll do it that evening, on her own. She leaves and says she’ll call Stu later.

Outside the pub, Angie and Big Kev are bickering about his shirt not being tucked in and her having lipstick on her teeth. They walk in and are shocked to find that Toadie has arranged a surprise party for their 30th wedding anniversary. Angie wishes she’d been told that it was a party, so she could have “frocked up”, but Toadie reminds her that it was meant to be a surprise. Lou is delighted to see Angie and Kev back in town and asks then what their secret is, but Angie avoids the questions and goes off to talk to some of the other guests.



At number 32, Max, Boyd and Summer are cleaning up after the fish and chips and Max says that it’s great not to have any plates to wash up. Summer says that she used a plate, and Boyd tells her that blokes don’t worry about things like that. Summer accuses him of being a pig and says that he should doing the tidying up as they were hit mates. Max sends Summer off to bed, as Boyd tells his dad about a Clint Eastwood marathon on tv later. Max says that they can stay up and watch, but when Summer asks if she can join them, he says that she’s too young and she unhappily walks away.

At Chloe’s place, she thanks him for staying for dinner. She says that, as well as losing a husband, she’s lost a business partner and has to host a luncheon the next day. She complains that John was never interested in the hotel – he’d rather play the stock market. He then suggests that he stay and help her with the luncheon, just as a friend. She says that she’s not interested in an affair, and he insists that he isn’t either. He tells her that she’s a wonderful woman, but he isn’t there to complicate her life any further.


At the pub, Angie is making a big speech about Kev never buying her an anniversary gift, like a sports car. Everyone is laughing as Kev then says that he might buy her a driver too, to take her away from him. The laughing dies down as Angie says that she’d love a break from the diner. She then says that she has a surprise – she’s bought Kev a lotto ticket with the numbers all being the dates of their kids’ birthdays, not that he’d ever remember those either. Toadie quickly stands up and thanks everyone for coming to the party and Lou announces that the bar’s still open. Angie gives him a hug as Toadie looks very awkward about his parents’ behaviour.

On Ramsay Street, Flick is out walking Harvey and Stu is walking Bob and then run into each other. She explains that she tried to talk to Steph, but couldn’t do it, as she can’t risk the idea of Steph never talking to her again. Stu tells her that this isn’t the same as Marc – he’s just friends with Steph. Flick says that it might still look like she’s stealing him away, so they need to stay as far away from each other as possible.


Max and Boyd are watching the movie and Max says that he remembers watching these movies with his dad many years ago. Summer gets up and comes in, saying that she can’t sleep and could make them some popcorn. Max says that she’s not old enough and says that next time, when there’s something on that she wants to watch, she can stay up.

The next morning, Max follows Summer into the Coffee Shop, with her complaining that she hardly slept as he and Boyd were making so much noise. She says that she needs a coffee and Max suggests a babycino, but Summer that it’s just froth for babies. Chloe comes in and finds Flick sitting at a table. She asks to join her and apologises for snapping her head off the day before, but she had personal problems and shouldn’t have taken them out on her. Flick agrees to organise a few quotes and a meeting with Stu. Meanwhile, Toadie comes in, on the phone to Dee, and sits with his parents. After ending the call, he explains that Dee’s grandmother has been taken ill following the party, so Dee’s going to stay on in Tasmania. Kev and Angie wonder if they’ll get a chance to meet her, and Toadie hopes she’ll be back soon.



At Chloe’s luncheon, Darcy is chatting to some women about interior design, when Chloe calls him away. She tells him that he’s been quite a hit with some of the ladies and takes him to introduce him to some more guests.

At the garage, Stu is singing along to the radio when Flick comes in and catches him. He reminds her that they’re avoiding each other, but she says that she has good news – Chloe is considering him for the limo service. Stu is thrilled and hugs Flick.


Back at the luncheon, Chloe thanks Darcy for helping her and he says that he’s made quite a few contacts. She goes to check on the food, and Darcy spots some of the women laughing and winking at Chloe. He walks off and Chloe spots him, asking him what’s wrong. He says that he wanted to help her, but he’s not going to act as some kind of toyboy.

Summary by Steve