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Magic Moments > 2002 > Lori's Arrival Episode 4138

Written by Marieke Hardy, Directed by Gary Conway

Toadie tells Dee he wants to break up with her because she’s lying to him...

Toadie explains that when she keeps things from him, he’s naturally going to assume that something’s going on. Dee can’t believe that Toadie would be willing to just end their relationship without even trying to figure out what was wrong, but he says that he has been trying to figure out what’s wrong for weeks. He says he’s in love with her, so she can tell him what’s wrong, or he’ll just think it’s something he’s done. She claims what it is isn’t his fault, so he asks what it is. She tells him something happened at work that she’s been too scared to tell him…


In the Scully garage, Jack and Connor look through some magazines, and Jack comments that maybe they’ll be seeing Nina in the magazines soon, in a boob tube or something similar. He wonders how she’s able to write such amazing songs, he’s never been able to understand how someone can do something like that. Joe comes down and talks to the two; about how every man should have his own shed, and that the garage is a place for him to escape. Joe says it’s a place without the three W’s – Women, Work and… “Whatnots”, Jack adds. Joe says they should talk about whatnots with each other, but Lyn comes down. She says dinner is ready, and that she’s definitely not bringing it down.

Nina is on the phone to her mum upstairs in the Scully lounge room with Michelle. After hanging up, she explains that she’s annoyed that her parents are so excited about her entry in the “Undiscovered” contest, as they are the type who hang out back stage at a talent quest, miming every word, but Michelle can’t relate. Nina explains her parents are really into performing, and that she was in beauty pageants before she could even walk. Michelle doesn’t think that having parents who think you’re beautiful is too bad, but Nina says she just wants normal parents like Michelle’s. Just at that moment, however, Lyn storms through the door (nearly hitting Nina), and screams out “I swear Michelle, if your father doesn’t stop this bizarre obsession with the garage I’m going to move him down there permanently!” while walking into the kitchen. She keeps going on, and Michelle asks if Nina really wants parents likes hers.


At number 30, Dee has told Toadie about Cookie assaulting her. He asks why he didn’t tell her earlier, but she says she wouldn’t tell anyone because no one would believe her. He says he believes her, and she says she knows, but he didn’t know how he’d react, because he was so angry when Ray made a move on her. She says they can’t do anything about the situation because it’s too far over their heads, and it would be too hard. Dee thinks maybe she gave him signals, but Toadie disagrees and says he wants to take Cookie to court. Starting to cry, Dee says she doesn’t want to, she just wants to forget it.

Lyn and Joe are watching football, and Lyn gets annoyed at how involved Joe is with the game instead of with her. She tries to talk to Joe about Karl and Susan, but he isn’t listening. Jack and Connor come in and start watching too, annoying Lyn.


Cookie arrives at the Hospital carpark, and finds Toadie there waiting for him. Toadie walks up to him and calls him disgusting, sarcastically saying how it’s impressive that he takes advantage of women. Cookie says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but Toadie ‘reminds’ him about cracking on to Dee. Cookie claims he is innocent, and that he isn’t to blame for all nurses’ crushes. Toadie grabs Cookie’s coat, and Cookie tells him to go home before he does something he’ll regret. Toadie tells Cookie that they will bring him down.

At The Coffee Shop, Nina is explaining to Jack, Connor and Michelle about how her parents are still going on about her singing career, and now they want her to drop school because it’s distracting her. Connor tells her not to worry because her parents only have her best interests at heart. Jack tells Nina that she shouldn’t give up a good education for her music, because the music industry is very cut throat, and she could e giving it up for a dream. Michelle and Connor remind Jack that he left school for his soccer career, but Jack tells Nina she shouldn’t get into it too fast, before storming out.


Dee wakes up to an empty house at number 30, and when Toadie comes in she asks where he’s been. He tells her he didn’t do anything, but she knows he saw Cookie, and says that it’s just going to make things worse. Toadie says all he did was speak to Cookie, but Dee just wants them leave it. Toadie doesn’t think that’s a wise idea, because if she doesn’t stop him then Cookie will move on to someone else. Dee wonders why someone before her couldn’t have stopped it, and Toadie says maybe they didn’t have enough courage. Dee decides to get Cookie.

At the Scully house, Lyn has decided to go out with Joe for a jog, and is stretching with him. He says he jogs alone, and Lyn says that he does too much alone lately. There’s a knock on the door, and Joe thinks that Lyn’s invited someone else, but when he opens it, it’s Jack’s girlfriend, Lori. Lyn is surprised to see her because Jack didn’t tell them she was coming. Joe says that if they’d known she was coming they would’ve picked her up form the airport as she must be exhausted, with Lyn saying she wished she looked that good after such a long flight, but Lori says it wasn’t that long. She decides to go see Jack at The Coffee Shop, and Lyn mistakenly calls her Laura. Lori leaves, and Lyn says to Joe that she no longer needs to go on a jog, because her heart rate is up.



At the hospital, Dee and Toadie get ready to go tell about Cookie. Cookie sees them and asks what they’re doing here, and Toadie says they have an appointment.

At The Coffee Shop, Connor and Michelle list some pros and cons of Nina chasing her music career. Lori walks in and recognises Michelle from photos, introducing herself, and asks where Jack is. They tell her that he’s most likely gone back home, so she decides to buy a cake to take home. Connor tells her to avoid the cake with coconut because Lyn hates it.


Dee is being interviewed and feeling very awkward. When they’ve finished, Dee tells Toadie that reliving it was a bit hard, but she has grounds for a complaint. She has decided to make a formal complaint, which means that she will have an investigator, and representatives. Toadie says that having the complaint out in open will tarnish Cookie’s image for sure.

Connor and Michelle are discussing Lori when Jack walks into The Coffee Shop. He sits down with Nina, apologising for storming out, and says that he does think she should think about it some more. Michelle and Connor tell Jack that Lori is in the country, and that she’s gone to talk to his parents. Jack quickly rushes off.


In the Scully kitchen, Lyn (scraping coconut off her cake) is talking with Lori. Lori says she only knows people by photos she’s seen, and that she was expecting Lyn with a ‘funny frizzy perm’, adding that Lyn must’ve had quite a few styles over the years. Lyn continues to call Lori ‘Laura’, and Joe emphasises her name, saying that Jack will be glad to have her around. Lori says she wanted to be around to support Jack, which confuses Joe and Lyn, wondering why he needs any support. Joe and Lyn try to find out what it is, and Lori says that he was terrified to tell them his news, but is shocked to learn Joe and Lyn don’t know anything.

Dee and Toadie are having lunch at the pub, saying that he is so proud of what she’s done. She says all she’s got to do now is get through the next nightmare. Cookie arrives with some friends, and Toadie asks Dee if she wants to go somewhere else but she says she has as much right to be here as he has.


Lori has told Lyn and Joe the news, and they are a bit shocked, and wonder why Jack didn’t tell them. Lyn and Joe go to the kitchen, and Jack bursts through the door. He tells Lori that he hopes she hasn’t said anything yet, but Joe says it’s a bit late for that. He tells Jack to sit down for a talk…

Summary by Joe