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Magic Moments > 2003 > The 2003 Season Premiere Episode 4156

Written by Judith Colquhoun, Directed by Gary Conway

Susan and Karl are remarried. Michelle tells an angry Joe that she did not take a pregnancy test prompting Lyn to confess that she is going to have a baby...

Karl carries Susan over the threshold of number 28 making a crack about how much heavier she is the second time round. They begin to pour champagne and he asks her if she remembers what she called him on their wedding night, playfully informing her that the "Love Machine" is at her service. Obviously enjoying the thought, Susan slinks off to the bedroom when the phone rings. Karl answers it and is visibly shaken to find out it's Sarah, ending the call and smashing his glass when Susan re-enters. Not letting her know who called, he takes the phone off the hook.


Joe and Lyn have returned to number 26 and Lyn apologises for not telling him about her pregnancy. Agreeing that it's a shock, he puts his reaction down to her dropping the bombshell out of the blue. Lyn tells him she hoped he'd be a bit excited and he assures her he is but needs to get used to the idea, especially after assuming it was Michelle's test. Lyn asks if he might get used to it and he offers to celebrate later leaving her unconvinced.

The remaining guests are mingling outside Lassiter's while Libby discusses Max with Stephanie. Steph proposes that Max may be right about going on a date just to shut everyone up prompting Libby to jump to conclusions, primarily that Max likes her. Unsure, Steph thinks he just meant it as a laugh unaware that Max is watching with a smile from inside the hotel. Having broken Steph's resolve, Libby ponders whether Max actually does think they're going on a real date.


Connor walks Michelle over to a bench and Michelle enthuses about the new baby. They turn to talking about the hypothetical baby Joe thought they were having and Michelle asks if he would have stood by her. Connor jokes that he wouldn't get the chance as her father would probably kneecap him.

Back at the Scully house, Joe busies around suggesting they call Lyn's obstetrician but she thinks Karl would be the better option. Thinking about it, Joe wonders if she might not be pregnant and even goes as far as to mention whether they'd decide to keep it but Lyn is quick to assert that she wouldn't think of doing anything else. Joe decides they should make an appointment with Karl and Lyn says she's worried about him. He maintains that he just needs to get used to the idea again and the thought of surviving on one wage as he won't have her working up until her delivery. Lyn interrupts him saying they'll cross that bridge when they come to it but he is just being practical. The house is already bursting at the seems, he needs to turn the sewing room into a nursery... Lyn asks him to stop. The latest fashion is for babies to sleep with their parents and Joe is clearly not impressed by the idea.


Libby walks up behind Stuart at the reception looking for her parents. Stuart insinuates that they made tracks to consummate the marriage and Libby is disgusted -- "They're middle aged!" The pair break into giggles and Libby frets about having the whole night to get through -- she doesn't want to be kept awake. Stuart offers her Toadie's old room which she accepts readily.

Steph helps Max load the Kennedys' wedding presents into the back of his car and he asks if she had a good time which she did. However she has something she needs to ask him and wants to check if he was joking about their date. He unconvincingly confirms that he was and Steph tells him she was worried about the embarrassment of making a mistake. Supposedly glad it's cleared up, she watches Max walk away.


Susan comes out of her bedroom getting dressed and puts the phone back in the cradle. Karl enters and gives her a hug telling her how beautiful she looked. Thanking him Susan suggests they get back to the party when the phone rings and she answers it as Mrs Susan Kennedy. Looking at Karl, Susan coldly greets the caller -- Sarah Beaumont.

Susan tells Sarah that Karl can't come to the phone right now and agrees to tell him she called before putting the phone down. Without being asked, Karl worries that Susan won't believe him and she wants to know what about. He assures his wife that he hasn't spoken to Sarah in years and doesn't even know what she wants. Susan supposes that whatever it is must be pretty important as that's the second time she's called including the 'wrong number'. Karl sheepishly confesses that when he took the first call he was completely happy and worried that if he mentioned Sarah it would ruin everything which it now has. He'll do whatever she wants but Susan doesn't know. What she does want to know is why Sarah's calling.


Night has fallen as Susan piles up cakes from the wedding for her and Karl, mentioning that it will take them ages to finish them. Karl jokes that it will leave plenty of time for other things and the air turns frosty. He fills the gap by suggesting gardening and Susan mentions buying a new rosebush in order to mark the occasion. Karl wasn't sure today was still so special for her causing Susan to crack and ask that he ring Sarah. If he finds out what she wants they can deal with it once and for all.

At number 26, Joe and Connor play darts in the garage and the topic of conversation quickly moves onto Lyn's pregnancy with Joe dismissing it as he's trying not to think about it until it's definite. He thanks Connor for taking care of the place and apologises for jumping to conclusions about he and Michelle. As if on cue, Michelle arrives promising not to come in and interrupt their secret men's business. Connor assures Joe that he doesn't need to worry about the pair of them.


Michelle walks into the kitchen where Lyn is making a salad. Michelle says that's fine and gives her mother a hug, congratulating her on the baby. She thinks it's thoughtful what with her not being the youngest any more and getting practice for further down the track. Lyn points out it will be hard work before breaking down into tears. Michelle wants to know what's wrong and Lyn mentions how she wasn't very keen when she first heard about it and Joe isn't so keen. Michelle puts it down to shock assuring her mother that it's okay and giving her another hug.

Over at the Kennedy house, Karl finishes up on the phone with Sarah and Susan asks what she wanted. Karl replies that she and Peter have split up and Sarah was simply looking for a reference for a job. Relieved, Susan gives him a hug and an apology telling him she doesn't care any more. She loves him and nothing is going to come between them.


Connor and Steph sit on the ute in the Scully driveway as Michelle tells them about Lyn's crying. She puts it down to hormones but doesn't think it would hurt to give some extra support. It's not going to be easy if the baby's born during her VCE especially with Jack and Lori living there too. Connor ponders moving out and Steph jokes that it's down to Michelle's Year 12 neurosis. She thinks Michelle may be blowing it out of proportion but Michelle still thinks they should convince Lyn it's a good thing. Connor adds that Joe wasn't particularly enthusiastic and probably just needs to get used to the idea. They all make a pact to do extra work around the house and make out the baby is the best thing since sliced bread.


At number 30, Libby helps Stuart wash Bob, disgusted by the smell. He suggests she think about what Karl and Susan are up to but she wants to change the subject before she's sick so he brings up the uni ball. If she still wants to go, she should take him. Libby seems surprised but he thinks it's perfect as Flick's away and he's bored. She also needs someone who's not going to hit on her. Persuaded by the idea, Libby agrees to it and thanks him before Bob shakes water all over the pair.

The Scullys are gathered for their dinner and the kids make good of their promise to wax lyrical about the baby which seems to brighten Lyn's mood. Connor jokes you'd need at least a dozen children to get a commendation from the Queen but Lyn coldly remarks to Joe that there's not much chance of that. Steph continues that they're well above the national average. Lyn hopes she's just fit enough for it all because she's tired already. Michelle assures her she'll have so much help that it will be a breeze.


The next morning, Connor dishes out a fry up for Michelle as Joe and Steph enter commenting that it's going to be a hot day. Connor tells Michelle that they should go for a swim later when Lyn walks in after a bout of morning sickness. Connor and Michelle decide to go and eat in the lounge room so as not to make it even worse. Joe remarks that Lyn always did get it bad and that black tea with lots of sugar always helped -- of course there's no reason to see Karl now. Lyn doesn't want black tea, she just wants him to sit with her. She reminds him that the baby thing was his idea originally and that they changed their minds but it's not as if they never thought about. She just wants to know why he's so unhappy about it but Joe denies feeling that way. Lyn couldn't bear it if the baby came between them and bluntly asks Joe if he wants the baby or not.

Outside in Ramsay Street, Stuart helps Libby push Ben home deciding to go to an old haunt of Drew's in order to pick up a tux for the ball. They greet Steph who pulls her paper out of the bush, disgruntled that it's the wrong one. Libby points out Max who's got the wrong paper too and goes over to Steph to swap. As Libby and Stuart watch intently, Max and Steph joke about the pyjamas they're wearing. Max is about to go but hesitantly gets round to asking if they should just go to dinner. Libby is aghast when Steph agrees and suggests they do it tonight. They set the date for seven thirty and Max turns leaving Steph beaming.



Notes: The new season saw a brand new set of credits make their debut. The opening was a contemporary update of various title scenarios of old while the closing utilised stills from the episode. However in the UK, the BBC began the new season with squeeze credits to display a specially shot set of ECPs promoting the official website. Additionally the colour of the credits changed to blue.

The first scene was bumped to this episode but was originally intended to finish the 2002 Season Finale with Karl receiving the call from Sarah. It was decided at the last minute that the somewhat depressing twist did not fit with the tone of that episode and therefore started off the new season.

Comment: A fantastic start to the year which came as a breath of fresh air after the lacklustre 2002 season particularly given Susan's regaining her memory. Sarah's call was the perfect way to create trouble for the newlyweds while the close knit family feel of the Scully baby storyline was reminiscent of the Neighbours of old.

Summary by Jay. Captures by Karl