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Magic Moments > 2003 > The Lost Episode Episode 4175

Written by Anthony Morris, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy

Ruby seems reluctant to take on Harold's errand to take $1000 in cash and buy him a new stereo. He's adamant, and says that mentioning Lou will get a discount. Rosie is reading her map at a car roadside when she sees a distraught Ruby leaving a building. Ruby sees her and flees. Rosie looks at the building and realises that it's a gambling arcade...

At Lassiter's lake, Rosie speaks on her mobile phone to Harold about the stage show, trying to broach the subject of Ruby. As she is about to tell him, she sees Ruby, and breaks off, telling Harold she has to go. A contrite Ruby tells Rosie that needs to speak to Rosie professionally as a minister. Rosie asks if it concerns Harold; Ruby admits it is and apologises for creating a conflict of interests, but she has a confession to make.


Boyd and Daniel are at the fence in Harold's garden, spying on the Scully bathroom. Boyd wants to play cricket as they've seen nothing in an hour, but Daniel wants to stay. Harold sees them in his garden and, looking intrigued, walks over. Daniel thinks he's seen Lori bathing and Boyd wants to see too. Harold coughs deliberately and the boys are caught offguard, and lose their balance, falling from the fence. Harold asks what they are doing and Daniel claims they are looking for a cricket ball. Harold remarks that it must have been quite a hit. Boyd stammers that they were looking for a ball, but noticed that the nearby trees were full of birds. Harold seems interested and asks what birds they have seen. Boyd claims ignorance, saying that he and Daniel are new to birdwatching. Harold can't believe his luck - two new follow birdwatchers in the area. He invites them inside to see his library of birdwatching books, and refuses to take "no" for an answer!


At the lake, Ruby explains how her addiction to gambling has grown - she now loses hundreds of dollars at a time, but continues to gamble in the hope of winning it all back. Rosie asks when Ruby first realised she had an addiction. Ruby says it was when she realised she only wanted to win to have money to gamble again. Rosie says that admitting the problem is the first step to recovery. Ruby says she wants to deal with it, and accepts a number for a counsellor from Rosie. Rosie asks how Ruby is financing her habit. Ruby claims it comes from her pension, which is why she can no longer pay her rent. Sometimes she doesn't have money to eat, and her savings are gone. Seeing Rosie's sceptical expression, Ruby asks if she believes she was involved in Harold's recent break-in. Rosie says she needs to know the truth, and that Ruby needs to face up to the damage she's caused. Ruby says she wants to conquer her addiction for Harold's sake, to be a better person for him. Rosie says Ruby should tell him, but Ruby refuses, telling Rosie she cannot break her confidentiality as a minister and tell her friend either.


At Number 32, Max is in the living room, speaking to Daniel's father on the telephone. Max says he feels the boy has missed his father and that it's helped the pair to spend time apart. Summer enters as he speaks and listens to the conversation. Max says he's been happy to help Daniel and they agree that the boy will return home the following morning. Max hangs up and Summer asks if Daniel is leaving. Max says he is, and that Daniel's father seems to have addressed his problems. Summer is sceptical, but Max says he is having counselling and making an effort to reform. This seems to reassure her and he suggests she helps him wax his surf board in preparation for a trip to the beach. He wants to teach Boyd to surf and Summer to ride a boogie board. Summer seems unimpressed, making petty objections. She comments how lucky Boyd and her are to have Max in their lives. Max is touched - it's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to him.


Back at Number 24, Boyd and Daniel sit in horror - Harold is in full flow, explaining the minutae of ornithology, much to the covert amusement of Lou, who walks in as they talk. Harold proudly explains that Boyd and Daniel have been bitten by the ornithology bug - the bug that renders one boring, in Lou's opinion. Harold archly explains finding the boys in the garden and Lou is quick to catch his drift and take up the thread. When asked what bird he was looking for, Boyd uneasily points out an example in Harold's book - "the old silver crested tit", Harold exclaims helpfully, as the boys begin to giggle. Harold explains it's not a local species, but he's organising an expedition next week, and insists the boys join him - it should only take a few hours. Lou brightly congratulates the boys - they're getting to spend all afternoon just wasting their time.

At Number 28, Karl is fighting with a blender full of fruit, which refuses to work. Susan suggests it has too much fruit in it - Karl scowls and asks what she expects to find in a fruit juicer - house bricks? Susan mellowly suggests taking some of the fruit out, at which point Karl snaps, dumping the entire contents in the sink. Susan tries to placate him, but he's lost to conspiracy theories, blaming his mood on work. Finally calming down, he agrees to try again, following the instructions.


Meanwhile, the Hoylands are arguing over dinner. Max suggests take away, which Boyd and Summer clash over too. Daniel, as it's his last night with the family, chooses fish and chips, and the kids leave to fetch it. Rosie arrives to speak with Max. They sit down and she explains she needs advice over a problem. Without mentioning names, she fills Max in and explains the conflict of interest. Max suggests informing a third party, but Rosie points out that it violates privacy and could lead to a severe professional reprimand. Max doesn't have any solution.

Ruby brings Harold's new sound system to Number 24 and he is surprised how long it's taken and how much it's cost. Lou enters and he and Harold joke about their little ruse with the boys. Lou admires the system but is shocked at the price, as his friend at Erinsborough Bulk promised him "mates rates" for Harold. Ruby impatiently explains that her choice was cheaper, which leaves Lou suspicious, though he quickly hides it. Ruby changes the subject and they begin unpacking the box.


That evening, Karl sits gobbling chocolates. Susan is unimpressed that they're liquor chocolates - breaking their no alcohol pact. Karl insists they are barely alcoholic, but Susan refuses to budge. She asks him if giving up drink has been harder than he expected. Karl explains it's just a habit, which he's beat, sarcastically adding some "cold turkey" shaking.

Boyd watches the living room, as Max wanders into the hall. Boyd explains that he woke up and Daniel had gone, sitting in the living room alone. Max assures Boyd he'll speak to him and sends his son back to bed. Max asks Daniel if he's excited about going home. Daniel seems noncommital. Max assures him that his father wants him back, and that he wouldn't have addressed his problems if he didn't care. He tells him everything will be fine. He tells Daniel he's an honourary member of the family. Daniel asks if he can come to the beach with the family and Max says he can.


At the Coffee Shop, Rosie and Lou are having breakfast. Ruby, acting as waitress, presents Lou with a low-salt, low-protein "post-transplant" breakfast - Lou exclaims that suddenly everyone's a doctor. Once Ruby leaves, he confides in Rosie that Ruby paid a ridiculous sun for the sound system, as his arranged price at Erinsborough Bulk was $300 less. Rosie doesn't seem surprised and suggests he might want to discuss it with Harold.

In the Coffee Shop kitchen, Rosie asks how Ruby's trip to the counsellor went. Ruby says she'll contact him tomorrow. Rosie protests and warns her to see the counsellor, confess to Harold, and to do it soon. Rosie vows that she won't see Harold's trust abused. Ruby retorts that Rosie can't say anything to him.


At Number 32, Daniel wants to make a final trip to the Scullys' window, but Boyd is unsure, Harold's bore-therapy having apparently made its mark. Boyd agrees, and as the pair make to leave, they bump into Max, who tells Daniel to finish his packing. Summer is leaving to see a friend and makes her goodbyes to Daniel. He says he'll be glad to stay again and gives her a little kiss on the cheek. Summer is elated and says they'll miss him. "Some of us more than others," Max smirks. Max and Summer leave and the boys get ready to slip away.

At Number 28, Karl has made Susan brunch in apology for the "Battle of the Juicer". He claims that work has gotten on top of him, but she knows better and assures him that he can discuss anything with her. He thanks her.


Back in Harold's garden, Boyd and Daniel peer over the fence. Looking through the binoculars, Daniel is sure he can see Steph in the shower. As they chatter, Max wanders into the garden looking for them. He announces that not much progress is being made on Daniel's packing and the pair turn around, shocked. Max sees their guilty expressions and asks what they are doing. Boyd reels out his birdwatching story, while Daniel adds the search for the missing cricket ball for good measure. Max is unimpressed and holds his hand out, demanding the binoculars. They are handed over and he crosses the fence to see what the boys were watching. Looking over the fence, Max asks if the window is the Scully bathroom and peers through the lenses. Max looks horrified and realises that Stephanie is in the shower. "I do not believe this," he says tersely, looking down at the boys. "What don't you believe?" cuts in a gruff voice - it's Joe Scully! Joe looks around at the window and as he sees Max holding the binoculars, a frown spreads across his face. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" he demands, as Max looks on, lost for words.


Notes: On February 14th 2003, for the first time in the show's history, Channel Ten broadcast the wrong episode of Neighbours. Instead of the scheduled episode, 4175, episode 4176 aired instead. To avoid further confusion for viewers, the network opted not to broadcast the lost installment. This decision did not alter the BBC or New Zealand screenings, which marked the first time any episode of the show had premiered in a foreign territory.

Summary by Stuart. Captures by Karl