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Magic Moments > 2003 > Michelle's Departure Episode 4238

Written by Michael O'Rourke, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy

Tahnee thanks Nina for standing up for her, but Nina tells her they're not friends and the only reason she knows how it feels is because Tahnee was the one bullying her. Nina arrives at Michelle's going away party and spots Tahnee, Lori and Taj having a seemingly good time as she looks on sadly...

In the pub, Connor is wrapping a present for Michelle. He asks Lou if the present is OK, wondering if it should be a bit more romantic. Lou tells him that the present is fine, although he isn't the best to know about romance. At the Scully house, Steph spots Lyn doing the washing up and tells her to go spend some time with Michelle. Lyn goes to the lounge tells Michelle that she is very proud of the speech that she had earlier made. Lyn begins to dance with Michelle, as Jack and Nina go over to get a drink, where Taj and Lori are standing. Jack makes a joke about Lyn's dancing, and Taj and Lori awkwardly laugh.


Back at the pub, Connor is still wrapping Michelle's present. Valda tells Connor he should get to the party, and has a look at the present he has bought. She clearly doesn't like it but Lou tells Connor to ignore her. As Connor is leaving Valda tells him that it is a good present... as it's the thought that counts!

Jack and Lori sit on the couch and talk about Lori being back on her feet. She jokes she'll be hitting the clubs pretty soon. Jack offers to help wheel Lori out to get her home, but Taj takes over. On the way out, the wheelchair runs over Lori's sweater. Nina picks it up and shyly gives it to Lori, who gladly thanks her.


At the Kennedy house, Taj and Lori talk about how Lori upstaged Michelle by standing up and walking although Lori swears she didn't intend to. Taj says nothing Lori does surprises him anymore. He kisses her on the cheek and leaves.

The part is over at the Scully house and everybody lounges about. Connor takes Michelle to the kitchen and gives her her present, a pair of ear muffs. Michelle loves them and goes to show Lyn, as Nina comes in. He tells her that if she needs a distraction from Jack she should get back to what she's really good at: singing. He leaves Nina to thoughtfully consider his words.


Later in the night, the Scully family sit around the table talking about Michelle's past. Lyn remembers a time when she and Joe forgot to pick up Michelle, noting on how stubborn Michelle was when they got to her. They say she got her stubborn streak from Joe, but Michelle says she prefers to call it an 'independent quality'. Lyn notes how far Michelle has come, and where she'll be at that time tomorrow, starting to cry. Jack uses this as a time to leave, followed by Steph and Valda. Michelle asks Lyn for one last favour...

Out on the street, Connor is siting on the kerb. Michelle comes outside and sees him there. Asking where she's headed, she points to his place and he says he's going there too. They walk over to number 30 holding each other.


Connor and Michelle walk into the lounge of number 30 holding mugs. They begin to talk about their history together since they met, and about what their futures may hold, all throughout the night.

A new morning has risen and Lyn is anxiously sitting at the table with Steph. She seems uneasy about letting Michelle spend the night with Connor although Steph says that she did the right thing because she needed to let Michelle say goodbye. Michelle arrives back, and tells the two that she doesn't need to be driven to the airport because Connor is driving her. Lyn is a bit shocked but Michelle says they both don't want a huge teary scene at the airport. Lyn sadly agrees that it'd be a bit embarrassing. Michelle goes off to have a shower, and Steph comforts an upset Lyn.

Nina arrives at the pub, asking Lou if she could become a singer there. He reminds her of what happened last time, and tells her that all the entertainment he's tried has never worked at the pub. He suggests that she try somewhere with a younger image.



Nina is alone in The Coffee Shop when Taj comes in. She tells him about what happened with Lou, and that she's giving up. Taj tells her that Lori wasn't able to walk just by giving up, she fought for it, and that's what Nina has to do.

Nina re-enters the pub and asks Lou yet again if she'd take him on. He tells her again that entertainment at the pub just doesn't work. He doesn't doubt her singing capabilities. She tells him that maybe he just has hired the wrong entertainer, and all she wants is a chance. After pulling a sad face, she wins him over, but is shocked when he tells her that she will be performing that day in a few hours.


Lori is studying at number 28 when Jack arrives. He gives her some of her old dance CDs, and asks if she'll save a dance for him in the future.

Nina arrives at the pub apologising for being late. He tells her it's OK and sets her up at the keyboard. He introduces her although many of the pub members are not interested. Her song plays over the rest of the episode...


Taj is helping Lori to walk in the park, and they sit down at a bench. She is happy that soon she will be able to do things for herself. She also explains to Taj that she isn't at Michelle's farewell as it is a family thing and she has to get used to not being part of the Scully family anymore. Taj says that she's an amazing person, and Lori is afraid he is about to kiss her. Taj is stunned saying that they're only friends, and Lori is relieved while Taj jokes that she wishes he would.

In the street, Connor loads the last of Michelle's bags into the car. All the girls are crying, as Michelle says goodbye to Jack, Steph and Valda.


She hugs her mum goodbye and Connor tells her they have to go. She gives a final goodbye and hops in the car, waving off to her family. The car then stops, and reverses back. Michelle hops out and says she forgot the most important thing in the world to her: her mum, and she wants Lyn to go to the airport with her. A teary Lyn hops into the car as Michelle waves goodbye to her family on the street.



Notes: Delta Goodrem's In My Own Time was played over the final two scenes in this episode.

Summary by Joe. Captures by Karl