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Magic Moments > 2003 > Lyn's Discovery: Part Two Episode 4271

Written by John Davies, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 30/06/03, BBC One: 20/08/03

Summer tells Max that she took the $100 from his wallet to give to the Salvation Army and that she thought it was the right thing to do, but he tells her that it’s still stealing. Watching old home movies, Joe & Lyn comment on how slim her mum was whilst pregnant with her, whilst as Valda comes on screen, Joe comments about her weight, but Max innocently points out that she’s pregnant, leaving Lyn & Joe reeling in realisation...

At Number 26, Lyn is standing numbly in the kitchen as Joe enters to see if she’s alright. She says that she is, as Max brings the pots through from the lounge, commenting that he didn’t know that Valda had any kids. Busying herself, Lyn tells him that she doesn’t talk about it much, due to how things were back then, before offering him a cuppa. Max says that he better get back to see how Steph’s getting on with Summer, but thanks her for the evening as it was fun. As she offers Joe tea, a bewildered Max makes his exit, wishing her happy birthday for tomorrow, before Joe begins to talk about the home movie, struggling to get to the point. Still busying herself, Lyn decides that the last thing she needs is a cup of tea and heads off for a bath as Joe finally manages to say that Valda was pregnant.


From the hallway at Number 32, Summer eavesdrops on Steph who is in the lounge with Boyd. She scolds him for letting Summer take the blame for stealing the money, but he says that she offered and that he doesn’t care what she thinks. Steph suggests that maybe he’ll care about what his Dad thinks, but Boyd asks why she has to tell him, however Steph has no intention of being the one to tell him, Boyd will be. As Max returns home, he asks how things are, to which Steph answers fine, he suggests that she head home as he may have put his foot in it with the home movies. As Steph asks if he told her Mum that she looked like her Nan, as she hates that, but he explains that it was more to do with Valda and asks if Steph knew that she had a child. As Steph tells him that she doesn’t, he says that Valda was pregnant in the home movie, but Steph explains that it would be her Nan, however he confirms that it was definitely Valda and that her Mum didn’t say much, reiterating that she ought to return home. Realising what Max is implying, she hugs him and tells him that she’ll call, before exchanging a knowing farewells with Boyd, leaving Max bewildered again.

At the hospital, Jack is visiting Valda, who is complaining about the food. Jack continues to make small talk, apologising for the food and explaining that Joe & Lyn will be coming to pick her up tomorrow so she won’t have to put up with it for much longer, to which she comments that he won’t have to keep visiting her just because he feels that he has to. As Jack makes excuses, saying that he doesn’t want her to think that he doesn’t want to visit her, Valda says that it’s alright; she’s been his age, even if it was a lifetime ago. As Jack apologises again, she points out that he’s sorry for a lot of things today, which he again apologises for. Laughing, Valda says that she appreciates him coming to visit her.


Back at Number 26, Joe is washing up as Steph asks if Lyn has said anything about Valda before, but Joe tells her that he doesn’t think she knew as she was pretty shocked. As Lyn returns from the bathroom, Steph asks if she’s ok to which she replies that she is, but had the bath a bit too hot, before brushing off Steph’s further attempts at discussion by commenting on Joe having done the dishes. Determined to finish her sentence, Steph blurts out that Max said something about Valda being pregnant, but is instantly scolded by Lyn, who tells her that it is none of her business and certainly none of Max’s. Stunned, Steph gestures for Joe to follow her as she heads into the laundry and asks him what is going on and what it means, but Joe says that he doesn’t know, suggesting that they leave it for now and wait until she comes to them.

Returning to the kitchen, Joe offers to help Lyn, but she says that she’s alright, whilst Steph explains that she needs to advice on Boyd, explaining about him letting Summer take the blame for the stolen money. As Lyn asks what Max did about it, Steph explains that she hopes that Boyd is there telling him as they speak. Lyn tells her that she hopes that Max acts quickly as it’s best not to let that kind of thing go unnoticed, before continuing to waffle on about lying and how Michelle went down that path once...


In the kitchen at Number 32, Max tells Boyd that what he did was lower than low and that he can forget about keeping the shoes now, but Boyd seems blasé about it all. As Max asks if Boyd really thought he’d get away with it, his son explains that he did, he wouldn’t have done it otherwise. Telling Boyd that he’s starting to run out of choices as he’s being rude, surly and now untrustworthy, Max asks his son to tell him if there is anything bothering him, rather than bottling it up before finding a way to get back at him. Boyd explains that it isn’t about him, asking if he can go, so Max sends him to his room, to which Boyd asks where else he would go.

Back at Number 26, Lyn is standing in the lounge, replaying the footage of a heavily pregnant Valda. As Joe joins her, asking if she was unable to sleep too, Lyn comments that Valda must have lost the baby, which is why she never talks about it, before wondering if she’s confused and it is actually her mum, Connie as people used to say that they were so much alike, especially when they were young. As Joe confirms that it is Valda, Lyn sits down, saying that the film is so grainy that it’s difficult to tell, it’s so old and film doesn’t last very long at all. Joining Lyn, Joe tells her that he thinks that she needs to consider the fact, but is interrupted as Jack walks in from the bedrooms, asking if everything is alright. As his Dad tells him that it is, Jack looks at the screen and is stunned to see that Valda is pregnant, however Lyn changes the subject, telling him that she can’t sleep as the baby is kicking before going into the kitchen to make them all a cup of warm milk.


At the hospital, Valda is also having trouble sleeping and turns on the light to look at the photo of the Scullys that is by her bed. Picking it up, she takes a closer look, before hugging it and turning over.

The next morning at Number 26, Jack gets up to find Steph & Joe in the kitchen and asks where the birthday girl is, however Joe explains that she was gone before he got up. As Jack wonders why his Mum’s not there to open her presents, Steph suggests that she might have had to go to work early for a wedding or something. Jack’s pleased as it’ll give him time to get a card at least. As Jack raids the fridge, Steph confronts Joe and asks if Valda is Lyn’s mother. Stunned, Jack turns around as Joe says that it would seem that way. As Jack asks if they’re joking, Steph wonders if Lyn has gone to see Valda and asks if they should call Valda to let her know of what Lyn has learned, but Joe says that it’s not a good idea as Lyn will have her own way of handling it, they should just wait and see what it is. Steph wonders if Lyn doesn’t want to face it, but Joe tells them that she will, reassuring himself as he does, she’s just in shock. As Jack asks what they should do about Lyn’s birthday, Joe tells his children that they should just see what happens and be there for their mum.


Back at the hospital, Valda is preparing to leave as a nurse Nicola Hodder enters, surprised to see that she’s still there. Valda explains that it’s her niece’s birthday, so her family have probably taken her out to spoil her rotten, before asking if she’s in way, which she’s not. As Valda says that they shouldn’t be much longer, Lyn walks up to the door, looking in at Valda before turning around, walking away.

At the Salon, Lyn walks in to find it decorated with balloons & streamers, soon receiving a comment from Gino about her lateness, before her colleagues appear bearing a cake and more balloons. Trying to act pleased, Lyn jokes with Gino about her age, saying that you’re only as old as you feel, to which he responds or who you’re feeling, although if Joe is her age it’d be just like getting herself. Forcing a smile, Lyn thanks them all again.


At Number 32, Steph explains to Max that her Nanna & Gump aren’t her Grandparents, Valda is her real Grandmother and that she doesn’t know who her real Grandfather is, nor Lyn her father. Thinking about it, Steph decides to go to the Salon to make sure that Lyn is ok, however Max convinces her that her mum probably needs time to sort it out in her own head before she talks to someone about it. Steph says that she could call her Grandfather, or Henry, she’s not sure what to call him anymore, but Max tells her to leave that to Lyn, the best thing she can do is wait and see how things go. As Boyd enters, Max stops talking, so he tells them to at least wait until he’s left the house to talk about him, but Steph explains that they were talking about her family as Max frogmarches Boyd out of the front door.

Out in the street, a taxi pulls up to the Scullys’ as Max tells Boyd to stop his attitude as he’s been nothing more than a self-centred prat and he’s had a gutful. Telling his son to smarten himself up, Max asks if he understands, to which Boyd says that he does, before being sent inside to apologise to Steph. Meanwhile, Valda has emerged from the taxi and begins to wheels her case up the drive.


Inside, Jack is writing out his Mum’s birthday card as Valda calls out from the door, asking where the birthday girl is. As a confused Jack greets her, still not knowing what to say other than hi, Valda hugs him before wandering around the house looking for Lyn & Joe. Jack explains that they’re out somewhere, to which she comments that they’re clearly not at the hospital picking her up as they were supposed to, but assumes that the birthday celebrations have gotten in the way of it. As Valda asks if Joe has taken Lyn out for lunch, she’s shocked to hear that he thinks that she is at work, before suggesting that she might go down to the salon to give Gino a piece of her mind for making Lyn work on her birthday, before reassuring Jack that she’s only joking, plus it’s actually a good thing as it means that she can get a head start of her surprise birthday dinner. Asking if Steph is in as she wants her help, she soon eyes up Jack after learning that she isn’t, however he makes an excuse about having to get the cake. As Valda tells him not to worry as she’s going to make one of Lyn’s childhood favourites, Jack makes a quick escape, leaving Valda wondering what is going on.

At the Salon, Joe arrives to see Lyn, who Gino explains has refused to take the day off, despite his offers and hopes that Joe can talk her round. Joe thanks Gino and heads over to Lyn, who explains that she’ll be there for at least the rest of the afternoon, but despite Joe’s efforts to convince her to take the time off; Lyn just busies herself with clients and tells him that she’ll see him tonight, watching as he leaves.


Outside at Lassiter’s, Jack has found Joe and explains about Valda and her plans for a big birthday dinner. Joe asks what he said to her, to whom Jack replies that he said nothing, but he wasn’t exactly cool about it and Valda is suspicious. Joe says that he’s sure that his son did his best, but Jack comments that Lyn is going to have to talk about it soon, the longer she leaves it the harder it’ll get, but Joe reiterates that they have to follow her lead. Jack agrees, but wonders what they’re going to say to Valda.

At Lou’s Place, Steph is taking her anger out on the dartboard, so Max takes her into the office. She explains that Michelle & Flick called but she didn’t know what to say to them, before apologising for unloading on Max. He tells her not to be sorry, that’s what he’s there for, however she begins to waffle about how she could go and burden Libby about it, however feels that she should keep it within the family, although Libby wouldn’t say anything to anyone, but Max tells her that after everything she’s gone through with his family, it’s a relief to have the focus shift for a change. As they hug, Steph tells Max that she doesn’t know what she’d do without him, to which he says the same about her.


At the Coffee Shop, Boyd is berating Summer for sucking up to Steph, but she says that she didn’t have to stick up for him. Boyd tells her not to bother next time, he doesn’t need her help or any of them and wishes they’d all leave him alone. As Boyd leaves, Max walks in through the other door and having seen him leave, wonders what’s wrong with a forlorn Summer. She explains that Boyd hates her, crying as she tries to tell Max about it, but he says that Boyd doesn’t mean it and that she ought to have seen some of the fights he had with her Aunt at her age, but they never really meant it, telling her that Boyd will come around eventually.


Back at Number 26, Jack & Joe return to find that Valda has decorated the house with streamers. She tells them that they’re not allowed to eat anything as she wants to surprise Lyn first, before asking why Joe wasn’t there to pick her up from the hospital, then wondering where Lyn is. Joe explains that she’s still at work, to which Valda comments again about Gino not letting her off early, before changing the subject to the cakes she’s made and how Lyn has been on at her since she came to Erinsborough to make her a jam roll, so she’s made two, one for tonight and another for tomorrow, suggesting a family picnic. Joe says that he doesn’t think that would be a good idea, as Valda waffles on about how both she & Lyn love picnics, but as Joe assures her that Lyn won’t want a picnic tomorrow, Valda wonders what’s wrong. As Joe begins to explain about the home movie they watched from Easter 1957, Valda nods in recognition as Joe tells her that Lyn knows, they all do.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Lyn Scully, Joe Scully, Max Hoyland, Stephanie Scully, Boyd Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Jack Scully

Guest Cast: Joan Sydney as Valda Sheergold, Shane McNamara as Gino Esposito, Jodie Flockhart as Nicola Hodder

Trivia Notes
• References to Henry & Connie O’Rourke
• Notably, the episode focuses mainly on the Scullys, with the Hoylands as part of that through Steph. It also features the lounge, hallway and kitchen of Number 32, somewhat of a rarity due to studio constraints
• References to Henry & Connie O'Rourke and Michelle & Felicity Scully
• Max mentions his sister, whom he regularly argued with when she was Summer's age
• As the home movie was from Easter 1957, just before Lyn was born, we can surmise that Lyn was born in June that year and is therefore celebrating her 46th birthday
• Lyn’s favourite cake as a child was a jam roll

Summary by Callum