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Magic Moments > 2003 > Lori's Departure Episode 4282

Written by Elizabeth Packett, Directed by Chris Adshead

Connor tells Lori that he wants to go to the abortion clinic with her, but begs her to reconsider her decision to terminate the pregnancy. Lyn tells Joe that Henry is on his way down, to surprise her...

Connor tries to talk Lori out of going inside the clinic, but she is adamant that this is something that she has to do. He then says he’ll go inside with her, but she gets annoyed with him, explaining that this is something that she’s capable of doing on her own.


An excited Summer runs into number 32, shouting that she’s won first prize. Max and Boyd are bewildered, until she explains that she’s won a course of riding lessons from a pony magazine. She reads out the haiku poem that won her the competition and Boyd is surprised that her effort got her the first prize. Summer then realises how lucky she is to have won and wonders if she should give the prize away to someone less fortunate. Max tells her she should just enjoy it, but she says she’ll give it away to Lisa. Boyd tries to talk her round, but she insists she must do the right thing.

Lori is filling in the forms at the clinic, but after signing, she has a change of heart. She screws up the piece of paper and walks out. When she gets outside, she spots Connor waiting in his ute, so she runs off in the opposite direction.


Lyn is looking through the cupboards for some biscuits to give her dad, and decides to go down to the shops. Joe tries to get her to calm down, but she’s a nervous wreck, unsure how she’ll handle seeing her dad. Just as she opens the door, she finds him on the doorstep and is speechless as he gives her a hug…

Nina and Jack are walking through the schoolyard when Lori turns up and asks to speak to Jack alone. A disgruntled Nina walks off, and Lori tells Jack that she needs a couple of favours – some money and a ride to the airport, because she wants to go home.


Lyn sits down for tea with Henry and asks why he didn’t call first. He explains it was just a spontaneous thing, and she says that she called his neighbour as she was worried when she couldn’t get in contact. Lyn continues to potter around then says she has to go to the shops, but Joe insists that he’ll go. He meets Steph on the way out and drags her back outside to give Lyn and Henry some privacy. Outside, they see Lori and Jack waiting with all of her bags. Joe asks Jack what’s going on and he says he can’t really talk about it now, but will explain later. Joe asks if they’re running away together, but Jack insists that isn’t the case.

Connor is still waiting outside the clinic and decides to go inside to see why Lori’s taking so long.


Lori and Jack are sitting on the kerb, waiting for her cab to arrive. He asks what she’ll do when she gets home, but she says she’ll think about that when the time comes. Jack says that she should talk to Connor, but she says she just wants her mum. She wishes she’d just gone home sooner. Jack asks why she didn’t, she glances at him and says that she doesn’t really know.

Lyn is telling Henry about the nursery and how kind the neighbours have been. He asks about her health and she says she’s fine. He wants to know what’s bothering her and she explains that she’s a bit stressed about Valda, and that they’ve fallen out. Henry isn’t surprised, saying that Valda was always difficult. Lyn says it’s been particularly difficult lately, and Henry cuts in, saying that he misses Connie too.


Max and Steph are at the pub, discussing Lyn’s situation. Max says that she should just go with the truth, as it’s the best option in the long run. Steph asks how Boyd is, and Max explains that they had a long talk about Claire dying and everything and he seems to be coping a lot better these days.

Lori’s cab arrives and Jack puts her stuff in the boot. She asks him to speak to the Kennedys for her and tells Jack goodbye. They hug and he tells her to take care and to keep in touch. She gets in and mouths ‘I love you’ to Jack, who fails to respond. Just then, Connor speeds into the street, asking where Lori’s gone. Jack points to the taxi leaving, but stops Connor from pursuing it.




At number 30, Jack gives Connor a letter that Lori left behind. Jack then leaves while Connor reads it. In the letter, Lori apologises for her behaviour and says that she’s got to be back with her family. She also tells him not to try to track her down. Lori is tearful as her taxi takes her away from Ramsay Street, to the airport.

Lyn and Joe are at the pub, and Lyn explains how difficult it is to tell Henry what she knows, as he’s so old and frail. She decides that it’s going to be a lot easier to just pretend there’s nothing going on and save all the heartache.


Nina asks Jack what was going on with Lori, but he says he can’t tell her. An angry Nina protests that Lori was her friend too and she wants to know that she’s ok. He says she’s gone home to New Zealand, to her family and she’s having a terrible time at the moment. Nina is impressed that Jack is honouring his promise to Lori.

Lisa calls Summer at number 32 and Boyd mentions the horse-riding lessons. Summer hangs up and explains that she hasn’t had the right moment to give Lisa the news, but Boyd thinks she just wants to keep the prize for herself. Max comes in and tells Boyd to stop teasing his sister. Steph is happy when a much brighter Boyd offers her a taste of his milkshake.


Lyn and Joe arrive home to find Henry asleep on the sofa. Joe goes to turn off the radio, but Lyn stops him, explaining that it’ll wake him up. Joe says they need to talk and turns the radio off. Henry asks how the doctor’s appointment was, but Lyn says she didn’t have one, she just needed to get out. She then confronts him with what she knows – that he isn’t her father and that Valda is her mother. She asks why he never told her any of this.

Comment: This episode marked the end of Michelle Ang’s six month stint as Lori and it was an excellent way to say goodbye to the character. With so many loose ends, it’s great that the character has returned for more than one guest stint. The momentum of her farewell was beautifully maintained with all the drama in the Scully household.

Summary by Steve