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Magic Moments > 2003 > Sky's Return Episode 4303

Written by Megan Herbert, Directed by Gary Conway

Karl tells Susan that everybody makes mistakes, and that Libby needs her support right now. Susan says that she has to be realistic, and that Susan could end up in court over this. Tim tells Toadie that they can’t afford to lose clients, but Toadie promises that it won’t happen again. Karl assures Libby that Susan will forgive her, but Libby says that’s never going to happen...

Susan is at home on her own, setting the table for dinner. She starts to lay three places, before stopping and removing two of them.


At Grandpa Tom’s farm, Karl tells Libby that Susan has high expectations for people, and that she forgave him for his mistakes in the past. He assures her that she’ll just have to tough it out and Susan will come round.

Susan sits down on her own for dinner, when the phone rings. She goes to answer, before hesitating then picks up. It’s someone asking her to do a survey, and she says she’s about to sit down to eat.



At number 24, Harold is making dinner, when he goes to get something from Valda to show Lou. He brings back the fan she sent him and assures Lou that he’ll probably receive a gift in the next few days. Harold turns round to see a young girl in his kitchen. He asks her what she’s doing, and she plays along, saying she’s a girl guide selling cookies, and she came in the back door to show how resourceful she is. Harold goes to call the police, but the girl says that she can’t believe her own grandfather doesn’t recognise her. She tells him she’s Sky Mangel and he’s delighted to see her.

Lyn is at number 26, in the lounge room, and calls Joe in to give her a massage, to speed along the birth of the baby. He says no, and tells her that he doesn’t feel very well from the spicy food he had yesterday. She is sympathetic, until she finds an empty saucepan and realises he's all the food himself. She tells him she’ll have a peppermint tea and storms off.


Harold tells Sky how great it is to see her. He asks if she flew to Erinsborough from Kalgoorlie, and she tells him that it was quicker than walking. He asks if Joe Mangel is with her, and she says he isn’t, unless he hid in her backpack. She tells him that Joe’s out mustering stock with Toby, and remarks that Lou and Harold seem very close. She tells him she’s in the school of the air and can do it by correspondence, before asking if her room has an en-suite.

At number 30, Toadie has fallen asleep on the couch, when there’s a knock at the door which wakes him up. It’s Tim, offering to give him a lift to work. Toadie explains that he fell asleep last night while watching a reality tv show, and starts getting himself ready. Toadie offers to make them a coffee, but Tim tells him that they should get one on the way, and Toadie can go take a shower and have a shave…


Harold and Lou are discussing Sky’s taste in music in the Coffee Shop, when Tim and Toadie come in to order their coffees. Lou goes to sit down and have breakfast, with a parcel he’s received from Valda. Meanwhile, Tim and Toadie are discussing a divorce case, and Tim is stressing how important it is, when Harold comes over with a muffin for Toadie. Toadie has a go at Harold, telling him that he didn’t even order it, before getting up and walking out. Tim cancels the coffees and goes after him…

Susan is leaving the house to go to work, when Lyn comes over for a chat. Susan says she has nothing important to do at school, but it helps keep her mind at rest. Lyn invites her in for a coffee and a muffin, but then Karl arrives home. He asks Susan if she’s skiving off, but she takes offence and tells him that can have the odd morning off if she wants. Karl tells Susan how upset Libby is, but Susan says that Libby isn’t a child anymore and that she’ll have to deal with the consequences of her actions. Karl says that if she acts like this much longer, Libby won’t want to know.


Lou finishes breakfast, and Harold comes over, trying to find out what was in the parcel. Lou hasn’t open it, and so Harold gives up trying to find out and explains that he’s contacted Joe Mangel about Sky. Sky comes in and overhears them, and tells Harold that she can give him the emergency number, so Joe can be contacted and verify her story. Harold tells her not to worry about it.

At number 26, Susan is telling Lyn how shocked she is by Libby’s actions. She explains how proud she was when Libby decided to teach and she felt like she’d really succeeded as a mother. Lyn tells her she’s done nothing wrong, but she’s being too hard on Libby. Susan says that she can get this lecture at home, but Lyn explains that she can’t condemn Libby for making a mistake.


Tim and Toadie are discussing the divorce case with their client, and Tim leaves for lunch. Tim is preparing to leave, while Toadie recounts the details of the case, and begins to discuss the division of assets. Tim is satisfied, and leaves.

Lyn is chatting to Susan from the kitchen, but when she goes over, she finds Susan crying. She asks Lyn why all of her loved ones continue to betray her. Lyn tells her she’s being crazy, but Susan says that she loves Karl and Libby too much to hurt them, even though she’s had the opportunity. Lyn assures Susan that nobody’s setting out to deliberately hurt her.


Toadie continues to discuss the case with the man, who explains that he wants to keep his beach house as it’s where he spent most of his time with his mistress. Toadie is disgusted, and tells the guy that the way he’s throwing away 20 years of marriage for a cheap fling is disgusting. He then storms out of the office.

At the pub, Lou shows Joe the ‘Greetings from Broome’ picture from Valda. Joe asks about Sky, worried that she might be Jack’s type. They notice Toadie at the other end of the bar and are worried about him. Just then, Tim comes in and asks Toadie how things went, as their client could give them a lot more business. Toadie looks worried as Tim goes off to get some menus.


Joe is telling Lyn about his gourmet cooking class. He explains how Karl told everyone that Joe stirred the pasta with a metal spoon. Meanwhile, at number 28, Karl is telling the same tale to Susan and explains why you shouldn’t use a metal spoon to stir pasta. Back at number 26, Lyn tells Joe that she’s always used a metal spoon, so she must be an idiot too. Karl tells Susan that when Gabriel asked them the best way to dress a turkey, Joe said “once you’ve plucked it, isn’t it undressed?” and starts laughing. Joe tells Lyn that the turkey comment was intended as a joke. Meanwhile, Susan isn’t as amused by it as Karl was. Back at number 26, Lyn tells Joe that maybe Karl has a lot of stress in his life at the moment, but Joe won’t hear a word of it.

Karl asks Susan if anyone said anything about her morning off, but Susan says that they didn’t. He tries to make light of it, but struggles to change her mood.


Harold gets home to find Sky watching tv, he tells her that Kerry used to sit like that on the sofa. He suggests that they go to the movies, then remarks about the strong smell of smoke in the house. She says it’s incense, but he says it smells like marijuana. She is surprised that he knows what it smells like, but goes off to her room nonetheless.


Tim is banging at Toadie’s door, and asks him why he said the meeting went well. He explains that Spaulding has handed over all his business to another firm and that he’ll do anything to help Toadie get through his grief, but he will not allow him to take the business down with him. He tells him to take a couple of weeks off to pull himself together…

Summary by Steve