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Magic Moments > 2003 > Trixie's Arrival Episode 4351

Written by Andrew Muir, Directed by Gary Conway

Jack and Connor argue over Nina in the pub. Izzy invites Jack over to her house while no one is at home.

Izzy gives Jack his shoes back, and Jack asks if there’s anything he can do for as her ‘handyman’. Izzy thinks the name “love doctor” is more appropriate. They start to kiss but they hear Sky and Boyd coming through the front door. Jack quickly runs out the door and Sky and Boyd notice that Izzy looks flustered. Izzy says she’s been working out, to which Boyd responds, “Have you been doing sit-ups? Your hair’s all messed up at the back”. Sky and Boyd are about to go out the back but Izzy quickly stops them and asks them to talk to her.


Out the back, Jack is quickly getting his shoes on but is met by Bob. He hears Toadie’s voice calling from next door looking for Bob. When Bob barks out, Jack runs away quickly but Toadie sees the back of him climbing over the fence.

Izzy is making fun of a story Sky has told when Toadie knocks at the back door. He comes in and tells them he saw a prowler jump over their back fence. Izzy tries to brush it off saying it was probably some kid getting his ball, but Toadie assures them all that it was bigger than a kid. Sky notes that Izzy doesn’t seem very worried, to which she replies that she lived in Sydney so things like this happened all the time to her. Everyone but Izzy goes out the back to look for the prowler.


At the pub, Connor wants to keep Lou company but Lou is trying to get rid of him. Connor shows Lou an offer for something to buy in the paper but Lou is disinterested. He shows Lou another offer, but Lou says that while he appreciates what Connor is doing, all he’s doing is being annoying.

Connor has gone to Harold to ask about Lou, and Harold thinks that Lou is pretending to be down to get sympathy off everyone else. Connor disagrees and thinks that Lou is honestly feeling sad and lonely and is worried about him. Harold agrees to go see him.


Jack is sweeping in the street when he sees Nina walk past. She tells him not to talk to her, but he says all he’s doing is saying hello. He asks what she’s doing here, and she tells him she’s “here to see Connor, my friend”. Jack calls Nina pathetic, as it hasn’t even been a week since they broke up and she’s already with someone else, but Nina retaliates that at least she waited until they HAD broken up and tells him to grow up. Jack warns Nina that Connor isn’t the type of guy she thinks he is. Nina tells Jack that either was he.

Inside, Nina tells Connor that her parents have split up. She is angry that, by trying to protect her and not telling her, they have hurt her even more than the truth. Connor tells Nina that although is really bad, he needs to tell her something.


At the pub, Lou is telling Harold that he is fine and wishes his friends wouldn’t talk about him behind his back. Harold tells him Connor is only concerned. Harold asks for Lou to cheer up, and suggests calling Lauren, wondering if Lou is depressed.

Connor has told Nina about Lori’s pregnancy, saying that Lori is completely ignoring him and not talking to him at all about the baby. Nina says they both need a really big cheer up, and Connor asks if they can still go see her mother perform. She hugs him, and Connor jokingly warns not to hug him in front of Jack because he scares him.


Back on the street, Toadie is warning Jack about the ‘robber’ at number 32. Nina and Connor emerge, and Nina thinks that Jack shouldn’t be able to get away with what he’s done. She walks up to him and tells him that if she though she would judge Connor over Lori’s pregnancy, than Jack really doesn’t know her at all.

In his office in the pub, Lou picks up his phone and calls Lauren, but hangs up at the last minute.


Sky and Boyd are still talking about the stalker. Boyd jokingly says he bets it was “the doctor in the ballroom with the candlestick”, which leads Sky to believe that Izzy is having an affair with Karl. Unfortunately, Izzy was listening from the hallway. Izzy warns Sky of the trouble she could cause by spreading rumours, and tells her to think before she opens her silly schoolgirl mouth in the future.

Nina and Connor are at a hall waiting for her mother, and Nina worries about the number of empty seats. Connor tells her maybe it’s a slow night. Nina’s mother, Trixie, arrives on stage and begins performing. She is trying her hardest without her partner, and when she asks for the audience’s help to respond to her questions as part of the show, no one does. Connor decides to go along with her ct and support her. Her first joke however falls flat, worrying Nina.



After the performance, Nina introduces Trixie to Connor. Nina tries to comfort her mother saying things will get better tomorrow, but Trixie says that there will be no tomorrow as her show is being cancelled. Nina says that once Trixie and her father, Nick, are back together the show will take off, but Trixie says that there is no chance of a reunion between her and Nick. Lou wonders if Trixie would be able to perform for him at the pub, and Nina says she thinks she will…

Later at the pub, Nina and Connor take Trixie to the pub. Trixie says that her ‘Nini’ will become a star one day, and Connor agrees. Lou comes out and suddenly sees Trixie and is shocked, asking Nina to get her autograph. Nina says she can do better than that and introduces them.


Izzy and Sky are at The Coffee Shop, when the phone rings. It is Jack on the phone, and Sky starts to listen in. Izzy is flirting with “Dr. Love” on the phone, only leading Sky to believe it is Karl. “Does the good Dr Kennedy make house calls to all his patients, or only the cheap, skanky ones?” she asks. Izzy drags Sky into the kitchen and tells her that she should not be interrupting on her phone calls, and it was not Karl, it was the baker whom she was flirting with to get cheaper focaccias. Telling Sky not to worry with adult concepts, she leaves to serve customers. Sky then picks up the kitchen phone and rings the baker, learning that it wasn’t him whom Izzy was talking with before.


Trixie, Lou, Nina and Connor are all thinking up songs for Trixie to sing at the pub for her performance the next night. Trixie starts reminiscing about her travels around the world, and remembers the Sambas she did in Rio and Columbia. Lou suggests she do a little sneak peek of the Samba for them there, she says that her legs aren’t what they used to be, but she gets up and does her “Trixie Tucker Triple Step”, and they all laugh looking forward to Trixie’s return to the stage…

Summary by Joe