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Magic Moments > 2003 > Nina's Departure Episode 4361

Written by Chris Hollow, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy

Serena is embarrassed as her parents take her away from her conversation with Taj, reminding her that they don’t pay private school fees so she can skip school and chat up older boys. Trixie tells Lou that she doesn’t want to lose her new-found closeness with Nina when Nick returns home, and Lou says that he has a proposition for her…

On Ramsay Street, Nina and Trixie are unpacking their belongings, with the help of Lou and Connor, as they move into number 22. Meanwhile, Taj is moving his stuff into the Kennedy house, when Sky and Serena spot him and run over for a chat. Serena tries to make excuses to go over to the house later that evening, but Taj says that he’ll be going out to a club later. Serena thinks that sounds like fun and Taj reminds her that she’s still three years to young to get in. Jack returns home from a run and spots Nina, then sees Izzy coming out of her house to bring in the newspaper. He waves at her, but she shoots him a filthy look before heading back inside. Instead, Jack walks over to Nina, who is sympathetic about Steph’s illness. Jack then spots Connor helping with the moving and comments that he seems like he’s trying to move in on Nina, before running off, leaving Nina unimpressed.


At number 24, Serena and Sky are doing the housework and Serena is trying to find out more about Taj, before suggesting that they join him at the club that evening. Sky isn’t convinced, pointing out that they’re both grounded, to which Serena reminds her cousin that she thought she was rebellious.


At number 22, Trixie and Lou chat about the lovely picnic they had, and Trixie decides that she’s going to cook Lou a big thank-you dinner as soon as she and Nina are settled in the house. Connor then comes in, with some more boxes and a plant, and Trixie thanks him, calling him Colin. She drops some not very subtle hints about Connor and Nina’s blossoming relationship, but he insists that they’re just friends, and Trixie wants to hear all about Jack, her daughter’s ex.

At number 28, Taj gives the Kennedys some gifts to thank them for letting him move in – chocolates for Susan and a bottle of wine for Karl. He realises that he’s done something wrong and is embarrassed to realise, as they swap gifts, that Karl is on the wagon, but they insist it’s not a problem and he wasn’t to know. Susan decides that she and Taj can have it with dinner, but Karl isn’t sure about that idea and he and Susan bicker, as Taj awkwardly remains silent.


At number 24, Serena is still going on about joining Taj at the club, pointing out that her parents are out at the Serbian club and Harold’s with the Salvos that evening, so they’ll never know. She decides that she’s going to go anyway, with or without Sky.

At the Coffee Shop, Izzy is pleased when Harold thanks her for her hard work and admits that he couldn’t have asked for a better partner in the business. Jack then walks up to talk to Izzy and she quickly takes him to the other end of the counter, where he tells her about his friend’s beach house which they could have to themselves for a few days. Izzy turns this offer down and Jack is confused about the mixed signals she’s giving out. She reminds him that she wants a no strings relationship and he keeps forgetting that, before noticing Harold watching them intently and quickly walking away from Jack.


At number 22, Harold turns up with a casserole for Trixie and Nina, as a welcome to the street. Trixie is concerned that it looks like she’s taking advantage of everyone’s generosity but Harold says that Lou wouldn’t be helping her like this if he didn’t think she was worth it.

At number 28, dinner has just ended and Susan asks Taj if he’d like some more wine, before Karl announces that they don’t have to drink it all at once and takes the bottle over to the counter. He then goes to get ready for Trixie’s gig at the pub as Susan makes sure that Taj is settling in and says that it’s important to them that he’s comfortable. Karl calls out, asking if Susan has seen his guitar, but Susan whispers to Taj that it’s ok, he’ll never find it.


At the pub, Jack is standing at the bar, as Connor checks the mic. Jack asks how Connor likes running around after Nina and her mother, just as Trixie walks in and introduces herself. She tells Jack that she knows how he treated Nina and about the cheating. Jack doesn’t look too pleased by this confrontation, but Lou interrupts and takes Trixie to show her the dressing room he’s made in the office. She’s delighted with it and, when he asks her if she’d like anything else, she would a quick massage.

Later on, the gig is over and everyone is very impressed. Trixie then makes an announcement, thanking Lou for everything he’s done for her and Nina. She kisses him. Meanwhile, Jack is standing at the bar and notices Izzy flirting with some guys.


At the club, Serena walks in and is happily surprised when Sky turns up too. She admits that she couldn’t let Serena do this alone. They spot Taj chatting with a group of guys and decides that they should go to the bathroom so that they can walk past him. The plan works and Taj asks then what they’re doing there – Serena says they’re just having a look at the club and might catch up with him later on, before walking off.

Later on, a guy named Jason approaches Sky and Serena, having been watching them earlier in the evening, and asks if he can buy them a drink. Sky quickly turns him down, and gets annoyed when he starts with some cheesy chat-up lines, so she mentions that their boyfriends are just outside parking their Harleys. Jason smile fades and he walks off. Sky then points out to Serena that she should go and talk to Taj now – strike while the iron’s hot. They’re then approached by another guy and Sky snaps at him, until he pulls out a police badge and asks to see ID. They pause briefly, then run out of the club.


Outside, Sky decides she’s had enough, but Serena wants to wait and see if Taj comes out, as she needs to talk to him. Sky says that they’ll never get back in and she wants to go home, but Serena insists on staying and waiting. Sky walks off, unaware that Jason, in his car, is following her. She eventually notices and he starts talking to her, but she tries to ignore him. He asks if she wants a ride home and she tells him to get lost and he drives off. Serena, meanwhile, is pleased when Taj appears and she says that she was waiting for a taxi. He asks what happened, and she explains how the cop caught her and Sky has gone home now. Taj offers her a ride back to Ramsay Street.

Outside the front door of number 26, Serena suggests a coffee but Taj says he doesn’t want caffeine so late at night. Serena says that they could have something else but he says no, he has a lot of study to do at the moment. As she goes, she makes sure that Taj isn’t going to tell anyone about her being at the club. Taj then goes inside where he catches Karl drinking some of the wine. Karl acts shocked and Taj apologises for scaring him. Karl lies that he was getting something for a headache that was keeping him awake, as Taj goes to bed.


Sky is still walking home when Jason drives up alongside her again. He asks her to get in the car but she speeds up, trying to get away from him and ends up dropping her phone. She runs off without it and hides behind some bins as the car lights finally disappear.

Summary by Steve