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Magic Moments > 2003 > Carmella's Arrival Episode 4378

Written by Linda Stainton, Directed by Tony Osicka

A meeting about plans for the school formal goes badly. David breaks the news to Serena that they can no longer afford to send her to Eden Hills Grammar.

At number 24, Serena says that she doesn’t have the uniform for the high school, but Sky says that it doesn’t matter, as the last few weeks of the year are uniform optional. Sky then points out that the situation isn’t all bad – there are boys are Erinsborough High, but Serena is concerned that everyone will know she’s from Eden Hills Grammar and treat her differently. Sky says that nobody will care, except possibly Erin, and Serena asks if that was the girl who had all the great ideas for the formal. Sky says that her ideas weren’t good – she wanted to make the formal too formal, and tells Serena that she’ll introduce her to the “cool” kids.


At the pub, Lou is telling Trixie about Rocco when the man himself comes in, and Lou introduces him to the woman soon to be known as Trixie Carpenter. Rocco is impressed that she’s spending time with her future father-in-law, until she points out that she’s marrying Lou. Rocco quickly congratulates them, before asking for a private word with Lou. Trixie attempts to join them, but is told that it’s private. Once alone, Rocco and Lou start talking about their daughters, and Rocco mentions that his daughter, Carmella, is proving problematic, and he’s beginning to think that he’s spoilt her. He says that she’ll be going away to a finishing school in Italy the following year, but until then he’d like her to earn her own living and learn a few lessons about life.

The next morning, at number 24, Sky and Serena are preparing to leave for school, when Sky suddenly realises that she’s forgotten her science project. She tells Serena to go and tell the bus driver to wait. Meanwhile, Lil reminds David that it’s their horse’s first race that day. David says that they can’t afford to keep it on, and will have to sell their share in it, but she says that they’ll still own it for the first race, so she wants to place a bet. She decides to check her coffee grounds, claiming that they’ll be honest with her and sees a horse shoe.


On the bus, Declan sits down next to Summer and gives her a necklace, with a silver pair of boxing gloves on it. Some of the boys on the bus starting calling them lovers, and Summer shouts at them that she and Declan are just friends. As Summer gets up to change seats, Serena boards the bus. Erin looks over to her and asks her if it’s her first day. As Serena replies that it is, Erin welcomes her and the bus leaves for the school.

At the pub, Lou is introduced to Carmella Cammeniti. Connor appears and nervously says hello to Rocco before leaving. Carmella follows him out, claiming that she’s left her purse in the car. Rocco is grateful to Lou for giving his daughter a job and says that if he ever needs a favour in return, just to ask. Lou asks why he can’t find her a job within his own family, but Rocco says that relatives would be too soft on her – he needs Lou to treat her like a proper worker.


Outside the pub, Carmella has caught up with Connor and is chatting to him about her dad wanting her to find a job. Connor says that he first had a job at 12, and Carmella asks him what Lou is like. Connor says he’s a good boss and they agree to try and have fun. Rocco has been watching them and he comes over and angrily asks his daughter what she’s doing – she should have started work by now. He sends her inside to see Lou, before Connor nervously tries to tell Rocco that his daughter seems nice. Rocco warns Connor off Carmella, saying that she’s the only part of his life that’s perfect and untainted.

The bus pulls up outside the school and the kids start to get off. Serena and Erin have hit it off and are chatting about their shared love of Charmed, and Erin seems impressed with Serena's knowledge of celebrity gossip.


Back at the pub, Carmella is playing pool, as Trixie asks Lou if he’s ever going to make her do any work. Lou assures her that he’ll get round to it shortly, so Trixie asks him if he’s scared of Rocco. Lou insists that he isn’t and he calls Carmella and Connor over to him. Carmella fails to listen when Lou talks to her, and Trixie chastides Carmella for her bad manners at not answering. Lou brushes it off, claiming that Carmella’s just shy, and orders Connor to teach her how to make cocktails. Connor is reluctant, but Carmella asks him what Rocco said to him. Connor insists that it was nothing, and Carmella asks him why he’s nervous. He says that he’s not.

At the school, Serena is chatting to Erin and friends, when Sky comes along, annoyed with Serena for not making the bus driver wait, and claiming that she had to walk in the rain. Sky then notices that Serena’s chatting to Erin and drags her away, saying that Erin is two-faced. Erin approaches them and wants to know what Sky is doing – she explains that she’s talking to her cousin. Erin checks with Serena that this information is true, before walking away, saying “sorry… you’re cool, but… nah”.


At number 24, Lil shows David a photo of him and Kerry that she found hidden away in the bookcase, before saying that she’s made a few calls about jobs. David doesn’t want her to work, but she says that she wishes she’d done this months ago – back when he should have told her about the problems with the business. She then reminds him about the horse race and says that she’d like to go to the pub and watch it. David explains that he’s starting a new job, but might be able to come along. When Lil asks about the new job, David is cagey, only saying that it involves lots of fresh air.

At the school, Serena reminds Sky that it was her who told her to try and make friends. Sky says that that didn’t include Erin. Serena says that Erin is friendly and there was no harm in them just talking, but Sky asks her why she didn’t mention that they were cousins, wondering if Serena is ashamed. Serena isn’t that she isn’t, and it just never came up in conversation. Sky then explains that she’s going to meet friends at the Coffee Shop to talk about movies. Serena says that she was talking about movies with Erin, but Sky says that it won’t be “those sorts of movies”.


At the Coffee Shop, Summer sees Declan sitting alone and goes over to apologise for moving away from him on the bus. She says that his friends put her off, but she’s not going to let that bother her anymore. As Sky says that it doesn’t matter what other people think of them being friends, the boys walk past again, calling them lovers. Meanwhile, Sky is introducing Serena to her friends – they’re all there to discuss the films of Virginia Wiedler. Serena isn’t interested, watching Erin and friends at another table. Sky asks her if she has a favourite old movie star, but Serena says she doesn’t, but she loves old movies like Pretty Woman. Sky isn’t impressed.

At the pub, the horse race has started and Lil is watching, along with Lou, Trixie, Connor and Carmella. Carmella tells Connor that she can show him some of her dad’s horses if he’s interested, but Connor weakly says that he’s a vegetarian and walks off. David comes in and watches with Lil as the horse wins. She says that she wishes she’d put a bet on now, and David says that he did and that, now she’s a winner, she’ll be easier to sell. Harold then approaches David and reminds him that betting isn’t the solution. David agrees but says that it was only a small bet. Lou then calls out that, to celebrate the win, the drinks are on him.


On the bus, Summer is looking at her new necklace, before looking over at Declan and smiling.

At the school, Sky and Serena are walking past Erin and her group of friends, and Serena looks over at them. Sky tells her just to join them if she’s that desperate, but Serena says no. She tells Sky that Erin is actually smart and works at the supermarket, so she’s going to help Serena get a job there too. Sky asks her how Erinsborough High compares to Eden Hills Grammar, and Serena says it’s fine, but wonders where the drama centre and swimming pool are. Sky smiles and welcomes her to public education.


At the pub, David is telling everyone about recycling and how they should put out their bins, when he has to leave for his new job. Lou thinks that Karl has competition for his wheelie bin obsession. Harold says that David can be a bit of a fusspot, and Lil looks at him and wonders where he got that from. Carmella asks Connor about Trixie, mentioning that it’s weird for her to be marrying Lou, and wonders how old Lou is. Connor is about to comment that Trixie probably has plenty of younger girlfriends, but stops himself. Carmella tells him just to be himself around her and say what he means, but Rocco then arrives and Connor quickly walks off. As Carmella leaves with her father, she winks at Connor.


Outside the supermarket, Sky and Serena, along with Erin and her cronies, are in the car park, when Erin spots David pushing some trollies. She laughs about him doing that job at his job and Serena is extremely embarrassed. Erin calls out to David and tells him that he missed some and, as he looks up, he spots Serena. He’s about to wave, but stops himself when he sees that she’s trying to pretend that she doesn’t know him.

Summary by Steve